If you're having a bad day read this. If you feel like crap read this. If you feel like no one cares read this. If you just need to feel inspired then please read this.

This is my diary, sort of. This is what I have to say about the struggles in life. The reason I'm posting this online is because; one it's therapudic for me to write it down, and two because maybe I can help others who feel like crap.


3. Alone

Hey guess what? I've got yet ANOTHER chapter for you. This one is about feeling alone whether your actually all alone or feeling as if no one is there.

I tend to feel alone quite a lot. Yes there are people around me who talk to me and are there but that doesn't change how it feels. When no one has your back or you find yourself with no one to sit with at lunch even though you know people you could go talk to. For me I think I feel most alone when no one has my back. When you have to be strong for yourself every single time it can get pretty lonely and depressing. Here's my advice, keep being strong for yourself. I know it gets hard and you feel like you need someone to talk to or cry on but you can't. It can feel like all you want to do is tell everything to this person you know wont even care. Its awful but don't tell them. They are just going to make you feel worse if they don't care. Just keep staying strong. It's gonna suck but remember it wont always be like this. One day you WILL find someone to listen. I promise that you aren't going to be alone with 50 cats. 

When I feel like I just can't stay strong or want to tell someone who doesn't care I find the best thing to do is distract myself; reading, watching tv, going on youtube all really help. It can also make you feel less alone especially when you watch youtubers talk about their lives, it can help a ton. Just keep pushing on cause eventually things WILL get better.

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