My Life, My Way.

Shyanne was the nerdy good girl. What happens when she comes back to school her junior year and has to face the people who hurt her. Mysterious people and an insane escape from the "wrong crowd".


1. Shyanne, Then & Now.

I'm Shyanne I'm 5'2 I have shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. My mother makes me wear dress pants and a Polo shirt every day, and I've gotten nothing less than a 3.6 GPA in the past 4 years. I'm a freshman just starting high school. I'm nervous.. I got bullied all last year..


That was me freshman year. Now I'm a junior and haven't seen or had any contact with anyone for a year. Yes I'm still 5'2 haha. I now have long platinum blonde hair that goes halfway down my back, i have snake bites and a semicolon tattoo on my left wrist my mom freaked it was priceless.


 *Fun Fact this is actually my tattoo.*

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