My Life, My Way.

Shyanne was the nerdy good girl. What happens when she comes back to school her junior year and has to face the people who hurt her. Mysterious people and an insane escape from the "wrong crowd".


2. Past

Well I told you how I looked now let's talk about why I left school in the first place.

{Flash Back}

Katie was my bestfriend.

Shane was my boyfriend.

"Hey Kate, what are we doing tonight?" I asked Katie. Kate looked frustrated with me and her reply was,"Shyanne, I had sex with Shane and he loves me, not you. Just leave him alone so we can be happy." I called Shane and asked him to meet me out front, I brought Kate with me so we could talk to him. "Shane what's going on" I asked looking him in the eyes. Kate replied," Shane is leaving you, aren't you Shanie" he couldn't find words to say so I said goodbye and left. I haven't talked to or seen one of them since.

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