My Life, My Way.

Shyanne was the nerdy good girl. What happens when she comes back to school her junior year and has to face the people who hurt her. Mysterious people and an insane escape from the "wrong crowd".


3. First Day

Well its my first day back I got up straightened my hair put on black shorts, a black tank top, a black and white flannel, and my red vans. I went with light make up then headed out the door. I parked my car and walked into the office I asked the lady at the front desk for my schedule.


1 Math 326

BREAK 9:00-9:30

2 English 262

LUNCH 12:30-1:30

3 Musical Arts 222

4 History 301


6 Science 106


My First class, math with

Mr. Porter room 326 as I'm going to the desk I make eye contact with Shane. Well that was extremely horrific.. I never wanted to see him again after math left class as soon as possible and went to the parking lot they're was some guy smoking in the corner so I walked over and asked for one he was hesitant at first but then passed me a cigarette. I smoked about half of it then he pulled out a joint and asked if I'd ever smoked weed I smiled then lifted up my shirt to show him my pot leaf belly button piercing. He asked what my name was and what grade I was in and i told him then asked the same questions his name is Dustin. I looked at him as we smoked and smiled as I exhaled he winked at me and walked away. I smoked another and headed to English with Mrs. Chavira. I walked in and sat next to a girl with black hair she introduced herself as Debra We talked about random shit and she told me she about this asshole Shane and how I need to stay aways from him and his girlfriend... Kate. Of course. I knew she'd still be here.

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