My Life, My Way.

Shyanne was the nerdy good girl. What happens when she comes back to school her junior year and has to face the people who hurt her. Mysterious people and an insane escape from the "wrong crowd".


4. Ditching

School went by quickly the first month I only seen Kate once or twice, I was in mostly honor classes and she's always been, well lazy. I haven't talked to Dustin just a few winks and smiles but Shane and I talk were partners in Math. Neither one of us talks about our past. We've changed a lot he's a quarterback dating a cheerleader and I'm, well, me. I was walking to my third period being a total cluts like always and ran into someone falling straight on my butt. He helps me up and introduces himself "I'm Luke." He said blankly while shaking my hand. "Shyanne" I said back we made small talk and laughed until the bell rang after we realized we were both late he asked me for my number I gave it to him then he kissed my hand saying he'll be in contact then leaving on my way to class someone puts they're hand over my mouth and whispers in my ear "Let's Ditch. Now." I don't have time to speak before I'm rushed out the door. After being rushed into a car and speeding off I realize it's Dustin. What the hell is he doing. I start asking questions like "Where are we going?" And "Why me?" He doesn't answer any of them just turns up the music and stays silent. A long 45 minutes later we arrive I smell the ocean I instantly get happier and start smiling. We park and I run to the water he follows behind me. After an hour of splashing and playing around he says "Shyanne, stay away from Luke." looking me dead in the eyes he wasn't the playful guy throwing me in the water 5 minutes ago he was cold hearted and serious. "May I ask why?" I say a little scared. "JUST DO IT!" he yells angrily. I didn't know what to say I just looked at him, shocked.

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