A wasteland of poetry and short snippets


3. You Need Therapy

I asked you to hand me a box tissues,

but instead you dropped

a bottle of pills in my hands.

You need therapy,

you said to my tear-riddled face,

but it wasn't therapy

I wanted I needed you


Take a notepad

and question me carelessly

of all the things that

you'd forget in next ten seconds.


Don't tell me everything

is going to be okay, that everything is going

to change,


This isn't a magic show

you can't point a wand at my heart

and say abracadabra

with the expectancy for everything to be alright.


That girl needs therapy,

she's going insane. You shouted

as I  screamed your name.


They stole me during the night

and shipped me to a dark paradise,

and I knew I would never come back.


The next morning you awoke

and turned on the news, and there was me

My head under water,

my body drowning in the seas.

It wasn't therapy I wanted,

it was you I needed.  

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