A wasteland of poetry and short snippets


1. Supernovas

Oh telescope could you see,

beyond the city lights and bustling

cars the galaxies shouting your name.


Don't look away,

Don't even blink,  

Can't you see it?

Can't you see it?


The seconds will pass

and the stars will cross.

Our hearts shooting across the midnight skies,

like fiery rockets blasting and crashing,

falling into the morning sunrise.


Look closer,

Squint your eyes,

Cause there it is,

the supernovas we are

exploding in midair.


We became a battlefield of stars,

bursting with tears,

but the tears weren't water

they were the lights


Then gravity pulled us down,

until we collided with ground.

Falling apart at the impact,

Don't tell me you didn't see it,

That you only ignored it.

But didn't we look so beautiful      

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