"'I'm not enough for you,' I admitted. 'When you wake up, you wont want me.' He walked me up against the wall and placed his arm above my head.
'Damn it, why do you have to be so difficult? Stop lying to yourself,' he whispered."

Sophia has a lifestyle that includes staying below the radar and daydreaming to herself. There's nothing wrong with that right? She's just a regular girl ready to leave high school and go to college. However, things change after Jamie Vennor, the most popular guy in school, puts himself into a coma after a car accident. Things get weird when two days after his accident, Sophia can see him in the flesh while no one else can.

Together they try to figure out how to get Jamie back into his real body. Sophia's got to overcome being a no one and Jamie, well, he's got his own issues most people don't know about. Who knows, they might not be so different as they once thought.


2. Chapter Two.


  Two Days Earlier    

   "How was your day kiddo?" I ask my little sister, Sydney. She shuffles around for the seatbelt, tugging hard. The belt doesn't pull down because of her pressured yank. I watch her struggle, tugging harder and I chuckle. "Whoa there, superwoman, you gotta do it softly," I inform her before reaching over and gently gliding the seat belt over her small frame. Once I hear a soft click, I return to the wheel.   

     Scrunching her nose in displeasure, she huffs out a wad of breath. For an eight year old, Syd's got more personality than most of the girls at my school.   

     Her hair is all frizz and curls, twirling loops of gold. We share the same blue eyes and frankly, I think that's the only way someone could tell we were siblings. I got Pop's hair, dark and shaggy without groom while Syd got Mom's hair.     

   Thank God that's the only thing she got from Mom.    

   "Horrible! My day was horrible," she answers as I shift into gear and sweep the car out of the pick-up lane in front of her school. "I was coloring all by myself and I swear I wasn't up in nobody's business when Alex stuck a piece of gum to my hair! The teacher helped, me get it out, but it hurt so bad J.J," spit flies from her lips as she tells me this story. Her hands keep moving up and down agitatedly.   


     My eye twitches as I think about this dumb ass kid sticking gum in Syd's hair. With uneven breaths, my foot threatens to slam the brakes. Instead, I keep an impossibly tight grip on the stirring while I redirect my breathing. I wanna choke him. Disturbing images flash over my eyes between the kid and I. The things I would do if he were my age. Calm the fuck down, I tell myself.         


"Well how about we go home and I get you some ice cream or something? That'd gotta ease the pain on your scalp huh?" I grin and ruffle my fingers through her hair, messing it up further.     


 "Ow!" She cries, but transitions into a fit of laughter. "Yeah! Ice cream pooooleeeeease." Irritations lingers in the back of my mind. Every day is a struggle in front of her. I don't know what I'd do if she wasn't around. My life would be so much more fucked up. Some day I'm gonna snap, really snap and I'm praying she's not around for it. The last time she saw me angry, really truly angry, she shook so badly I swore she'd never have to see me like that again no matter how impossible it may seem sometimes.       


 Pulling into the driveway, Syd is already attacking the lock on the door to get out. Somehow I think she's forgotten about the gum in her hair. I haven't. Still, the dance she does on her way through the garage into our home relaxes me.     

   "Mommy!" I hear her shout. Our house isn't large by any standards. It's you know, livable. After Pops passed away, we ended up down sizing to this place, which is closer to family. Aunt Kelly lives like five minutes away so she's a huge help, but because of her nursing job, her hours are crazy. Anyways, it's nothing much. It's got a kitchen, living room, one and a half bathrooms. Two rooms, one master, one regular. I take the pull out couch in the living room.     

   Peeking inside, Syd's attempting to crawl over our mother's lap. Mom's hair is neatly compiled into soft ringlets, so neat people don't see how messed up she is. Ever since Pop's died, something cracked inside her. I was only 10 at the time so I wouldn't really have noticed if Mom was always so not right in the head. Her slender vein traveling fingers hold a cigarette between them. Eying Syd, I watch closely as my Mom wiggles her arm around. One wrong, excuse me, another wrong move and Syd'll get burnt.       

     "Hello my darling," Mom smiles down at Syd. It doesn't reach her eyes.     

   Syd buries herself against mom, completely calm, at peace. I busy myself in the fridge, popping a few slices of lunch meat into my mouth. "Hey Syd," Mom starts with a persuasive tone. "Why don't you go into your room and get some homework done alright?       

 I hold my breath in that moment because I know something's up now. Syd begins to protest, but I waver myself in.     

   "Syd, you gotta do your homework now so when I get back with your ice cream, it'll be done and you'll have nothing to worry about...And you can't have it until your done I'd hurry," Her mouth dropped open as if that wasn't part of the deal. Nonetheless, she squirms out of her seat and slips and slides over the wooden floors to get to her room.       

     "So sweet-"     

   "Don't, what's up?" I stop my mother and she glowers at me for a full five seconds.   

     "Fine, I wanted to make sure you were free to take care of Sydney on this Saturday. I have a date," she crosses her leg over the other, dragging her lips on the cigarette. I roll my eyes for a second, grabbing a bottle of water when I realize what's going on this Saturday.    

   "What the hell? That's Syd's school play. You promised her months ago, you'd go. Do you have any fucking clue how disappointed she's gonna be when you aren't-"    

   "Language!" She spits at me as if she had any authority over me and my actions.     

   "You can reschedule," I respond, my eyes burning into hers. I imagine the bud of the cigarette seeping into her arm.   

     She laughs, causing me to cringe. My eye twitches, brows knitting together.   

     "Honey, I can hardly reschedule with this man. He's too darling," her voice hits me deep inside. She has no fucking clue. She always does. She's an absolute flake on us. It's one thing to do it to me, but to Syd? Fuck her.     

   "I've gotta go," I mutter, grabbing my wallet from my book-bag.   

     "Awe, sweetie, you really shouldn't get into one of these angry fits over my date. Your father would've wanted me to move on-"    

   "Don't!" I shout, ashamed of how high my voice got. No fucking clue. My breath wavers. I need to get out of here so I march out and it takes everything in me to no slam the door. My surroundings become blury. Everything happens in flashes from the moment I get into the car to the moment I'm on the road. The sky is dim. My hand slams on the stirring wheel causes the horn to go off repetitively. "FUCK YOU!" I cry out, teeth gritting. Banging the wheel over and over again, I lose all focus on the road. No one can understand this without going through it. Every part of my body loses control when I have these episodes. Dammit. God fucking dammit.     

   One moment my world's furious red then it's black. 



 What's that ringing? Groggily, I shift my body around. My hands grab onto cushion. Beep. Beep. Beep. Sounds like a heart monitor or-    

   Air leaves my lungs as I scramble up. Ice cream. Syd. The car. Heart plunging into my stomach, my feet contact with the floor. My vision isn't clear so I stick my hand against the wall and breathe for a few minutes until things become clear. I'm alive. That's what's important here. Allowing myself to check my surroundings, my eyes finally meet a body on a bed.     

   I gape. There's large gashes over my eyebrows. My arms appear blue, black, purple, the whole fucking rainbow on my arm.  My armMy eyebrows. My body. I'm right here and I'm staring at myself on a hospital bed. No fucking way.     

      Nurses start flooding into the room. They check my vitals or whatever. They unplug and hit a lot of buttons.   

     I cough. "Hello?" No one responds. Each one keep going on with their routine. I begin moving, walking towards the exit. Still, nothing. Then, I panic and start running. "Hello?!" I yell into the halls. Staff passes me by as well as what seems like visitors. Come on. Someone. I scour the place until I'm shaking, looking for breathable air. Syd. Aunt Kelly. Were they here? I need to get home. My eyes squeeze shut.       

  I need to figure this out. I open my eyes and my body jerks until I'm crashing against the kitchen counter. How in the world? Now I'm really shaking as I rub my feet against the floor. Home. How did I get home like that? I just thought about it for a second and then I...I... "Holy shit," I mutter. I'm probably in some coma induced dream. Obviously that's what's going on. My fingers run through my hair as I walk around. I find a mirror. I'm wearing a hospital gown.       

 I need a plan. I step over to some drawers I have under my pull out bed. Amazingly, I can change into different clothes. They don't go through me like the I'd assume they would. In the movies the characters have to stay in one outfit. Hustling into a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt, I think about my next move.     

   School. Someone could see me there? I have no clue where Mom or Kelly or Syd is. If I find someone who knows me, they could see me. I close my eyes like before and picture the run down school building from the outside and then the more progressed inside. One...Two...Three...Four...Five.  

     I'm overwhelmed by the amount of white noise from the chattering students into the lunchroom. I grin a little because this is kind of fucking cool, you know, in a strange way. My sight directs towards my usual table full of the other guys in my band. I see Tommy the drummer, Jack, the pianist, and then the base, Baker. I make a B line for them. Each of them sort of just pokes their lunches.       

 "Guys," I attempt to get their attention. "Guys!" I say louder, but they keep in silence. "Holy shit, say something!" I practically scream. I've never seen them so somber. Usually they mess with each other the entire time. They're stuffing their faces with food on a regular basis and now...well, they just sit there. My head shifts around for someone who heard me yell. Come on. I know a lot of people. Someone must have-  

     Suddenly, I see her. I don't know her, but I see her. This girl ducks her head, which is sort of a weird reaction. I'm clinging onto the idea that it was for me. Her head swings from side to side. She's scanning the crowd. Okay. How should I do this? If she's the only one that can see me, I need her alone. So, I hide away and swarm around to get behind a pillar. Slowly, I make my way to her table, hiding behind people.   

     It feels like forever until the bell rings. Clusters of students get up. The girl mutters a few words to her friend with the longest black hair. I think her name's Christine. I've seen her on the track team before. She heads for the bathroom and I mutter a prayer of thankfulness before following her tracks.   

     Swallowing my pride as she enters the girls restroom, I sweep inside. She's humming as she fixes her hair. A look of sorrow remains on her face, but doesn't match the sound of her voice. It's actually pretty. Focus, I remind myself. She turns around and I'm just standing there like an idiot. By the way she stops, I know she can see me.   

     "Uh," she peeps out.     

   "Fuck yeah, You can see me right?!" I blurt with excitement. I don't even care why it's her, why she's the one. 

       "Uhm, yes, wait, you...aren't you supposed to be in the hospital or why are you in the girls bathroom?" she asks, stumbling with her words. How do I even start to answer something I don't even understand?     

    She flinches.  One step to the side and I knew this girl was going to run for it.    

    "Wait, don't run, this, I don't even fucking know. You're the only one that can see me, please. Just hear me out."   

      I mean, I don't blame her for wanting to run. I'm sort of not my usual self. I'm pretty good at making people stay when I want them to and most people want to stay near me. Maybe I should have just said I was never in the hospital instead of freaking her out. Unfortunately that didn't explain why I decided to waltz into the ladies bathroom. Ah geeze.  


      I'm searching her face for some sort of acceptance that this is really happening. My toes wiggle in my shoes with anticipation. Come on you've gotta give me something. For a few seconds, she's just standing there, shell shocked.

 I don't think I've ever seen this girl around here. Was she new or something? She's got these bangs that frame her face and the rest of her fall leaf hair is pulled up into a high pony tail. Nothings completely neat about it either. Her outfit shifts around carelessly on her body with an over sized collared shirt tucked in and out of dark jeans. I blink a couple times when I reach her shoes. Painted converse. I thought that sort of thing stopped in middle school. My lip twitches slightly in an upward fashion.   


     Dude, shake it off. I need this girl's attention. Right now she's my only hope in figuring out whatever the hell is happening to me.  Pleadingly, I step forward. "Please."  


     "I," she drawls out and I swear there's no more color in her face. The bell causes her to jump. With a shake of her head, I knew I wasn't going to get through to her. "I have to go!" Her voice literally cracks. I've had girls get nervous around me, but I've never quite heard a girl's voice crack. Instantly, she bolts and pelts me with her body in the process. For one second I feel her full force, but then my entire body turns tingly. My hands become blurry, but everything around me stays the same. I twist around to witness a look of horror plastered on her face for a split second then she really runs.




       Deep breaths. A part of me threatens to work myself up. My fingers dice and cut through my hair as I think. Put me in her shoes and I'd be flipping the fuck out. I've just got to get her on my side, somehow. Agitated feelings begin to leave my mind. How the fuck am I supposed to do this? My hand slaps against the wall.


          This girl is my only hope. I'm not gonna let her get away so easily. I'm going to do whatever the fuck it takes.        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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