"'I'm not enough for you,' I admitted. 'When you wake up, you wont want me.' He walked me up against the wall and placed his arm above my head.
'Damn it, why do you have to be so difficult? Stop lying to yourself,' he whispered."

Sophia has a lifestyle that includes staying below the radar and daydreaming to herself. There's nothing wrong with that right? She's just a regular girl ready to leave high school and go to college. However, things change after Jamie Vennor, the most popular guy in school, puts himself into a coma after a car accident. Things get weird when two days after his accident, Sophia can see him in the flesh while no one else can.

Together they try to figure out how to get Jamie back into his real body. Sophia's got to overcome being a no one and Jamie, well, he's got his own issues most people don't know about. Who knows, they might not be so different as they once thought.


1. Chapter One.




        Sometimes I like to imagine what my funeral would be like. I'm not sure what it is about the fantasy. Wondering whether or not my friends and family would give a damn and how much they'd give puts me in a somber mood. Not to mention what the community would think about it. How many strangers would send me prayers who'd never remembered talking to me? I can't imagine what my Facebook wall would accumulate to. The school would send out emails about my death, announce the incidence over the intercom during school hours and explain what a loss I was to their family.


     What would people say at my funeral? It's cringe worthy to think about the cliches, the generalizations about what a kind, caring, beautifully smiling girl I was. How quickly would people move on?


     "Attention, Jamie Vennor is in critical condition after a car accident two nights ago. We will continue bring updates from his family. Let us all have a moment of silence for our truly loved student."


      My fingers fiddle with my pencil, resisting the urge to tap it on my desk. I guess the rumors are true then. Last night as I distracted myself from my homework, Facebook suddenly exploded with posts about Jamie, whom I've never spoken to in my 12 years of being in the same school system, and his car accident. Everyone who's anyone knows who Jamie is. There are certain people in this world who just stick out in all the good ways. Jamie has this magical power that pulls people in like magnets.


     Jamie Vennor walks with confidence with a side of a dazzling smile. He's on the baseball team. Not to mention his valedictorian status. Hes president of the debate team. Let's not forget he's in a freaking band.  How do I know all this without preluding to the idea that I'm a stalker? Jamie Vennor is everywhere. Most girls would give up their first child if they could be with Jamie. To me, he's sort of an unreachable person. Even my own mind doesn't have that kind of courage to think about him romantically. 


     Scanning the room, a few girls are practically in tears. The three of them huddle together, holding hands. I move along to a couple of guys sort of shaking their heads, staring at their desks without words. Sure, this whole thing is sad because a person is all banged up, but I don't have any emotional connection to Jamie.


"Thank you, keep praying for Jamie and remember that our counselors are here to speak with any student or faculty member in need of it," the principle concludes before signing off the intercom. The bell for lunch rings and I slip my bag over my shoulder to head for the cafeteria.  




     "What do you think it was?" My friend, Christine, asks the table before jamming an apple between her teeth. I slip into an open seat in front of Natalie who greets me with a smile.


     "I thought they said it was a car accident," Ashley chimes in and then I realize what everyone's on about. Jamie. Apple in hand, Christine swallows before tucking her long black mermaid hair away from her face.       "Yeah, I know, but like was he drinking or speeding or..."


     "My bet's on drinking, it's always drinking especially with the crowd he hangs out with," Natalie answers as matter-o-factly. I keep to myself as I unravel my lunch because this whole thing rubs me the wrong way. Don't get me wrong. Of course I'm curious. The situation is like some crime show, but who wants to be known as the kid in the car crash? If Jamie dies, that's his legend. He also becomes another statistic that scares the crap out of me while I drive. 


     "What about you Sophie?" Ashley asks me, cocking her head to the side. 


     "What about me?" 


     "Do you think he was drinking?" 


     "I don't know, um, he could've slipped, the roads are icy right now," I mumble before nibbling a corner of my sandwich. The girls seem unsatisfied with my answer and carry on with other conversation about the workload in English. 


     "Holy shit, say something!" My head jerks around as I hear a desperate yell somewhere. Something comes over me as practically duck my head down. There's a rotten chill of fear rolling along my spine. Scoping the area, I see nothing except the usual party of people at different tables. 


     "Uh...Sophie, what's wrong? You look a little freaked out," Ashley questions me with knitted brows. Okay, I admit sometimes I swear I hear my name or my phone vibrating when in reality it didn't happen, but that scream was real. So as I raise my head up to face the confused appearances displayed on my friends, I return the favor. 


     "Someone yelled, like really loud. Didn't you hear it?" All their expressions answer my question. That would be a no and I'm suddenly the insane one of the day. Yay me. Coughing, I return to my sandwich. I don't know what that noise was or who did it, but it definitely happened. Some people would be curious, determined, to find out what they heard. Me on the other hand, I have no desire to solve this mystery. Nope. I haven't worked this hard to keep from standing out this long to start now. By the looks of it too, no one else heard it. Everyone is acting normally. There are no quiet tables listening for the next cry nor is there chatters of confusion. 


        Fortunately for me, my friends don't mock or terrorize me for having heard something that clearly didn't happen to them. As time moves forward I begin to believe it was nothing. Although, my memory presents a clear distinct sound over and over again. Whatever. It's fine. Everything is absolutely fine. 


         The bells buzzes, everyone says their goodbyes. I skip the usual walk to Chemistry with Christine and head down the hall to go to the bathroom. Why does that scream still ring and bounce in my ears? There was something more to it than someone being obnoxious during lunch. Something familiar.


         Shaking my head, I stride over to one of the mirrors. My fingers work their way through my brown bangs. They always split up into oily groups of hair. I huff out a wad of air, staring at my greenish grey eyes.  I've never thought my eyes were anything special. They're aren't vibrantly green or ocean blue. Somehow, they meet in a weird in between, desaturated state. I feel like it sort of reflects me, I guess. Nothing exciting ever happens and I'm sort of just living in this constant state of nothing. Maybe next year things will change. I'll be in college. Yeah, my life's gonna turn around. I'm ready for all the heartbreak, happiness, and awkward situations.


        Humming along to myself, I twirl around.


     Suddenly my humming stops and I loose ten shades of my skin tone. For a few seconds I'm taken aback by a guy walking into the ladies restroom, but things get stranger. Standing in front of me are those incredible blue eyes, the dark hair messily draped on his head, and that little dimple woven into his right cheek. 


     "Uh," I try to say something. Wait, did he get out? I thought he was in  critical condition. And if he's out then what in God's name is Jamie doing in this bathroom? 


     "Fuck yeah, you can see me right?!" I can see him? What is that supposed to mean? My eyes glance from side to side. 


     "Uhm, yes, wait, you...aren't you supposed to be in the hospital or why are you in the girls bathroom?" My foot attempts to make a step to the side, ready to run because this has horror movie written all over this. Everyone thinks guy is in a coma while he goes into the girls bathroom to murder his prey. 


     "Wait, don't run, this, I don't even fucking know. You're the only one that can see me, please. Just hear me out." ~~~~~~~~~~~

I hope you enjoyed this first chapter! I really appreciate whoever took the time to read this work. If you have any thoughts or if you enjoyed this at all, please be sure to like and comment (:  

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