"'I'm not enough for you,' I admitted. 'When you wake up, you wont want me.' He walked me up against the wall and placed his arm above my head.
'Damn it, why do you have to be so difficult? Stop lying to yourself,' he whispered."

Sophia has a lifestyle that includes staying below the radar and daydreaming to herself. There's nothing wrong with that right? She's just a regular girl ready to leave high school and go to college. However, things change after Jamie Vennor, the most popular guy in school, puts himself into a coma after a car accident. Things get weird when two days after his accident, Sophia can see him in the flesh while no one else can.

Together they try to figure out how to get Jamie back into his real body. Sophia's got to overcome being a no one and Jamie, well, he's got his own issues most people don't know about. Who knows, they might not be so different as they once thought.


4. Chapter Four.



       I'm shivering as we stand in front of this old, broken down building. Oh God this is a story about my murder. The sign by the doors read, 'WANDER STUDIOS.' Flicking my gaze over at Jamie, he waves his hand to go ahead. I didn't really realize something until now, but he's literally wearing nothing but a t-shirt and jeans. How was he not freezing?


  "Aren't you cold?" I ask as I cautiously take a few steps towards the entrance. With teeth chattering, I walk faster event though this building spells murder house.   


Jamie blinks and looks over himself, dumbfounded. "Huh, I don't really feel anything. There's no chill or warmth," he explains. He moves closer to me and I instinctively hover away from him. He shakes his head with a smug smirk crossing his lips before open the door for me.


  My eyes narrow at his hands before walking inside. "How can you do that?" I ask incredulously. 


  "Do what?"   


"Your hands, how can you hold onto the door? When I ran, I...I went right through you," as I say this, he stops in the middle of a narrow hallway we've walked into.   


"I don't know, this whole thing is weird. Wait, stand still," he mutters and before I have a chance to say something, he grabs my hand. 


  My body stiffens as I try to pull away from the contact. Then I realize I don't have to because a second later, my hand falls, slipping through his fingers. Literally, slipping through his fingers. His hand is blurry like it's been made out of paint this whole time and I smeared it. 


    I felt him though. For a few seconds I felt the heat in his hand, the soft and rough edges of his fingers and palm pressed against me. Then...nothing. 


  "Oh my God," I gasp. He's exactly like what I saw in the bathroom. 


  It takes a few seconds, but his hand morphs back to normal.   


"How about that," he murmurs into the air, still staring at his hand. "I guess I can't touch humans, well, you in particular. I wonder what would happen if it was someone else," he thinks aloud. "Whatever, follow me."   


I'm thoroughly freaked out. Although I feel like if there was one thing he couldn't touch, it would be me. I'm one of those people who wart off any physical contact with other people besides close family. Seriously, it's like I have a sign hovering over my head that says don't touch me.   


Jamie begins to take off and I have this uneasy feeling settling into my stomach. "Um," i begin as I hesitantly follow him into another narrow hallway. There's flyer's and graffiti consuming the walls, which would have been fascinating to look through if I knew where we were. "Jamie?"


   I still haven't gotten used to using his name regularly. 




  "I'd appreciate knowing where we were and what we're doing here."   


"Oh, right," he chuckles softly. "A band I play in practices here. One of their parents are like super invested in this music thing and they rent out a space in here for us after school. They should be here by now, I saw their car parked outside," he explains.    My stomach twists and my heart plunges into the twisty parts. This was too much. "And we're here to...?"


  "You're gonna ask where my Aunt Kelly is, hopefully they have some info," he explains nonchalantly.


I grow paler. See, I have tendency to get nervous around new people, especially ones from my school. While they aren't particularly new new, they set off a red alarm in my mind. I have to face them every day in school. It shouldn't matter, I know, but I've stuck to my small group of friends for a reason. I'm comfortable.   


This is very  uncomfortable.   


"Wait, wait, wait," I panic as we reach the door. Something comes over me and I grab the back of his shirt to pull him back. It works until he smugs into a blur. 


  "What?" He asks as the effects wear off, worry crinkling his eyebrows. "What's wrong?"


    "N-Nothing," I squeak. "I um, well, how am I supposed ask them where your family is when they don't know me?Obviously they can't see you. And if you think for one second I'm gonna go in there and tell them I can see you, but no one else can then you're out of your mind," I breathe quickly, trying to prevent all of this.


    "Alright, calm down, I'm not gonna ask you to do that, believe me. You're gonna be fine, I've got a plan," he pauses then steps closer to me. I've never seen his blue eyes in so much detail. I wanna study them, but my eyes flicker everywhere else. "Are you sure you're alright? 


  "Yeah, of course," I answer, but my voice cracks. Someone shoot me. 


  "Obviously you aren't,  what's going on, Soph?"


  How the heck do I tell him I'm scared? There's no way.


"It's nothing, really, um, what's your pla-"   A door flings open a few feet away from the two of us. I instantly recognize the tattoo skating across his neck. Tommy Prack, the drummer. He's a little on the shorter side, but unbelievably built in his arms. I guess you have to be when you drum. His shoulder length tangly hair stands out among the entire school. It's not exactly my type, but other girls seem to like it. 


   His eyes narrow on me. For a moment I forget he can't see Jamie. 


  "Can I help you?" he asks and then I remember that to him, I'm standing alone. As if I'm a creep he raises his eyebrow in suspicion. 


  My heart races. The tips of my fingers are ice cold. I keep staring at him, wide eyed. My mouth drops to say something, but there's nothing. 


  "Your name, say your name," Jamie pushes me.  


 "Sophia," I blurt, which broadens the confused look on Tommy's face. 


  "Deep breaths, Soph, he's not gonna hurt you," Jamie tries. I'm sure I've completely annoyed him. God, I'm a freak whose no help. "Tell him you're hear to ask about me."   


I swallow and muster up what little courage I have. If this whole situation is supposed to be my calling and I'm some how magically gonna help Jamie, I've made a fool of myself as a protagonist. My books describe brave girls, ready to talk smack. They're feisty and aren't afraid to say what they want. 


  Clearing my throat, I try again. "My name is Sophia, I uh, I'm here about Jamie," I explain and hurt flashes across Tommy's face. His lip quivers as he runs a few fingers through his hair. 


  "Hey, what's going on, why are you just standing-" another guy approaches the hallway. "Hello there," Matt Baker drawls out with wiggling eyebrows and a sly smirk. He's the base player, I think. I saw him in a video once that Christine showed me the week after a huge concert party. Matt's eyes are always half there and half not like he doesn't understand a thing you say. His lips are incredibly full. He's not as filled as the other band members, he's on the skinnier, lanky side.   


"Oh hell no," Jamie sneers beneath his breath. My head jerks towards him in question.   


"What?" I ask, immediately wanting to smack myself.   




"What?"    Matt and Tommy both reply and I shake my head. I could not do that again.   


"Baker, he's a little friendly," Jamie comments and I force myself to stay on Matt and Tommy.   


"Sorry, nothing," I respond. 


  "She says she's here about Jamie," Tommy mutters, ignoring my odd behavior. The tension in the air increases and all I want to do is stare at Jamie for help. I'm no good at this kind of thing. Matt shifts over towards me and I take a step back.   


"Listen, you're pretty and all and I'm sure Jamie would appreciate the whole condolences, but it's a bit messed up considering you don't even know him," Matt says and I swallow the lump in the back of my throat. Wow, that stung. What was I supposed to say to that? How am I supposed to help Jamie if I can't even talk to his friends? 


  "Well, I um," I struggle to find the words when Jamie suddenly stands next to me.   


"Tell them your my girlfriend," he mumbles and I widen at him.  


 "What? No way!" I spit out without a second thought. What in the hell was he thinking? He said he was doing this to get back to a girl. He has a girlfriend. How was that going to work? Surely, his friends knew about her too. 


  "Come on, it's the only way right now. I've got an idea. Just go with it," I'm shaking my head and yes, I realize how this may look to Matt and Tommy by now. If I wasn't a freak trying to go after Jamie before I was a freak who suddenly shouted out incoherent things. 


  "Sorry, I mean, no, I know Jamie, I-"


"Yeah, that's what they all say, alright, I get it," Matt begins and blinks his eyelashes at me whilst puckering his lips. "Jamie's all dreamy or whatever you girls think, but this is ridiculous.


The dude's in the hospital and you'd think his little admirers would stop coming after him." 


  I couldn't believe this. I couldn't believe what I was about to do.  Could I crawl back into my non-existence hole? What was all of this worth to me? Matt was right, I don't even know Jamie. I've put him on this pedestal like every other girl at my school.   


With my rapid beating heart, I close my hand into a fist over and over again. "I'm Jamie's girlfriend, I really need to see him," I'm not sure if I become a spectacular actor in that moment or if this social anxiety was finally getting to me, but pebbles of water welled up in my eyes. 


  The two of them stare at one another, a little stunned, unsure what to make of my statement. Also, I don't think they knew what to do with a girl in tears. 


  "We didn't know Jamie had a fucking girl," Tommy mutters scratching the back of his head in befuddlement. Did all of them have such vile mouths? Maybe I do hang out with a completely different crowd. 


  "Soph?" Jamie speaks up, worry etching his tone. "Please tell me you're alright, it's working, just take a deep breath," he soothes while I'm still shaking. Stay strong. 


  I've got to summon all the confidence like the people in my books. So I suck in a breath and place my hands on my hips.   


"Yeah, well, we haven't exactly been open about it yet. I need to see him," I draw a line with my index figure into the air. "Right now," I demand. "I don't have his Aunt, um," oh crap what was his Aunt's name?


  "Kelly," Jamie chimes in, sudden amusement hindering in his voice.    


"His Aunt Kelly, I need her number and I figured you might have that information, please?" I've never felt so assertive in my life.   


Pressing his lips together, Tommy sighs. "Dude, get your phone," he shoves Matt into the room. His stance becomes less stand-offish, but more questions lie in his eyes. "You know, I didn't think Jamie would ever get a girl, he's so fucking busy. How'd you two meet?" He asks and my temporary confidences drops. 


  I glance to Jamie who's leaning against the wall, thoughts scattering across his face. "Tell him it was at a performance. The one about a month ago, you accidentally walked into the men's restroom and you were so lost, I helped you get home," he slams out in fifteen seconds flat. My mouth dropped at that. 


  Really? He wanted to go there? "Oh you know, it was that concert you guys had about a month ago, my friend dragged me to it, Jamie followed me all the way to the bathroom"  


"Wait, what are you-"  


"Yeah, it was weird, trust me, but he was so nervous and it was so adorable, I let him walk me home because my friend wanted to stay longer. One thing lead to another and here we are," I explain with an innocent grin.  


  "Oh right, that explains why he disappeared on us that night. That dork, he's such a woose, I'm glad he got the nerve to say something," Tommy laughs, but it dies as Matt comes in with a piece of paper. The dark, heavy atmosphere takes over again. 


  "Yeah," I murmur as I take the number from Matt. "I'm glad too."   


"You know, he's gonna be alright, he's a fighter. Besides, he's got a pretty girl to come back to, that would make any guy wake up from this fucking coma."   


"Well, I really should go, it was nice to meet you, face to face, Matt, Tommy." 


  "You too, if you need anything, here, take our numbers," Tommy offers before stepping over and taking the paper to add theirs. Nodding, I smile and step out of the hall to head for the entrance again.   


"Wait, have you actually been to one of our shows, how do you know their names?" Jamie asks and I bite my lip because this just shows how much of a loser I am. I know them, they have no clue who I am.


  "No, I just know people at our school," I mumble as we make our way the car. "Do you not actually know your own Aunt's number?"  


He grins sheepishly. "Hey, I'm not claiming to be perfect. My phone has that information for me...Babe," he adds the last part with a wink.


  My cheeks inflame.  


Smacking his shoulder, I squeak, "Don't say that. I don't even know you!" He fades for a moment then laughs with that amazing dimple. "Stop laughing, it's not funny!" I protest as I start my car.   


"It's hiliarious. By the way, you should try that whole attitude thing you did  back there more often, demanding for me, it's cute," he tells me and I duck my face to change the heating in the car.   


Please Lord let him be able to be seen by his family. I'm not sure I can take him. He's too much for me. Somehow, I'll shrivel into a ball of embarrassment by the end of this. 


  Just as I'm about to drive off, my phone rings. Grabbing it, I see Christine's face, all scrunched up into a funny face. Her choice, not mine. "Hey, what's up?" I ask and my ear explodes as she screams into the phone. "Jesus! What the heck?" I snap. 


  "You were supposed to be at your house after school. I've called you twelve times, so, as punishment, you get a ear full of screaming."


  "Oh crap, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, something came up and-"   


"What could possibly be more important than you helping me figure out my dress for the winter formal. I have to return the others so get the hell over here now," she sneers and dramatically hangs up on me.   


I rub my temples. That girl was my best friend, but she literally drives me insane. Biting my lip, I wonder if Jamie would let me stop at my house.   


"Hey um," I begin, but he stops me. 


  "I have a feeling nothing's about to change anytime soon with me. I'm stuck in a coma, you should help your friend," he explains. He could hear all that? 


  "I promise it wont be that long. Then we can get a hold of your aunt and figure this out," I confirm before pulling out and heading towards my house.


  Suddenly a thought hit me. Jamie Vennor was about to go inside my house.   


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