Royally Wrong for You

Meet Camilla Willow. She's a baker who's in love with what she does. Most would say she's got a can do attitude and is ready to stick up for what she believes in. Some might even say she's too uptight. Her mother's ill and she's doing everything she can to make ends meet.

Meet Theodore Stephen Hamilton. He's a prince of the royal family. Well, he's not exactly the prince. His brother is next in line. He's spontaneous and is used to getting his way. There's nothing responsible about him.

Both are worlds apart, but there's something between them. There's some kind of electricity neither can explain. There's also a position as a nanny at the castle that could bring them together.


2. Chapter Two.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

That damn clock has been mocking me for oh, I don't know, the past sixty seconds now. Alright, sixty seconds isn't exactly that long, but I swear each second has turned into hours. I stare at an empty embroidered chair by a wooden desk. The walls are elegantly created with brick. It has the potential to be suffocating, but there's beautiful stained glass windows on each side of me. However, the window's didn't completely make up for the small square footage.

My fingers itch their way toward the end of my dress. I tug it down, again. There are strands of strings trying to escape from the ends and I hope the people here don't see it. My mother let me borrow her old dress and I appreciated it, but the thing is incredibly aged. Her eyes sparkled so much when she saw me that I couldn't refuse her offer. I guess I had no other choice either because this is the nicest piece of clothing we own. I couldn't come in for an interview like this in one of my shaggier pieces of clothing. To be completely honest, I can't do anything to mess up this interview.

Thinking back to a few weeks ago, things were supposed to be different. I shouldn't be in the royal castle. I should be with my mother and I should be running my bakery, but that's gone now.

Three weeks ago, there was a celebration going on in town and I was running the bakery as usual. Completely lost in the kneading of dough and the smell of burnt sugar, I forgot about the world. I forgot about the world until one of my close co-workers came rushing into the building. My heart dropped, she screamed my name so abruptly.

"Camilla! You have to come see the fireworks!" She had exclaimed and grabbed my arm until she had dragged me out into the one of the town squares. In that moment, life seemed okay. I was so close to raising enough money for mom's surgery and I knew I could do it. So, for a few seconds, I relaxed. I became a normal girl watching the fireworks with a friend. I let my hair down for what seemed like a split second.

However, I realized I couldn't have that. I couldn't have that kind of freedom. Some force in the universe wasn't going to let me. Caught up in the fireworks, I jerked when I heard someone screaming.

"Fire!" a man screamed in horror and time stopped. My head twisted to see the bakery burning into flames. I stood there. I just stood there. Everything inside of me broke. I wasn't watching a building fall down, I was watching my entire family, everything about me turn to ashes.

My entire body shutters at the memory and my hand unconsciously comes up to rub the water out of my eyes. I remember screaming and running towards the entrance when a man held me back. I fought him as hard as I could, but it was no use. All the recipes, my family's history was gone. If I ever had children, they wouldn't see the handwriting my great grandmother wrote herself for a croissant. It doesn't sound like much, but it is. That bakery became a part of my family's history and for everything to just disappear like that...

Shake it off. Damn, do these windows open? Because I can't breathe.

I accomplished getting an interview for a position in the royal castle. There was an opening for a job as one of the nannies for the royal princess, Cecilia. I heard about it through a few customers who had ties to castle when they heard about my bakery catching fire. I'm grateful, but becoming a nanny for the princess was never part of my plan.

Things were going to turn around at my bakery and I'd be able to sell and bake pastries for the rest of my life. Mother was going to get better.


Leaving her was the toughest part. My neighbors volunteered to help out while I'm away in the castle. All I need is for her to stay healthy until I can save up enough money.

"Miss. Willow?" the woman who had been interviewing me comes in and shuffles around until she reaches me. I immediately stood, and curtsied for her. As I glance up, she looking through her papers, her notes, my resume, and back to me. This woman's posture is impeccable and she walks with a confidence I've never achieved. I mean, I'm not a shy, self-conscious girl, but this woman is all business and knows her next move and when she wants to make it. Her hair is so put together, I want to question whether it's a wig. How do the strands not fall out?

"Miss. Willow?" She repeats and I jerk up.

"Yes, sorry, yes?" I stumble and she seems irritated, but she goes on with her verdict. Smiling awkwardly, she pauses for what seems like forever and that damn clock mocks me again.

"We have to fill out some paper work, but" I suck a long deep breath until I feel my lungs about to burst.

"I got the job!?" I exclaim and this lady's eyebrows draw together until they're tightly knit with irritation. Swallowing, I shake my head and do another curtsy. "Sorry."

She clears her throat and purses her lips at me. "Fortunately for you, Princess Cecilia enjoys that sort of enthusiasm. However, that will not be tolerated during any of the staff meetings in the future. You are to act professional, well mannered, and for the most part stay silent." She hands me a stack of papers. "You'll need to sign this, which states you will not threaten, exploit, or cause any harm to the royal family during your term of work."

My fingers shuffle through the pages, glancing over the detailed notes.

"No relations with the royal family or staff. What does that mean?" I ask.

"This means you will not have any personal or romantic relationships with the staff here and it goes without saying really, that you wont have any relationships outside of your work with the royal family, which will not be hard for a commoner like yourself." Although I don't appreciate the smugness underlying her voice, I nod before taking a pen and scribbling my signature on the contract.

The anxiety nagging at the back of my mind begins to settle the second I see my name on the contract. I was going to get through this. All I have to do is keep this job, save some money and I'll be back on my feet in no time. It's kind of exciting too, I guess. I am in the castle where the royal prince lives and the king and queen! I've never seen them in person. At least I haven't since I was a child because I've been so busy every year they come out into the public to talk to the people.

"Hurry along! It's time for the tour now," the woman orders me as I slide the contract onto the wooden desk. She doesn't say anything else and gestures me out of the confining room. Brushing my hands across my dress, I follow and attempt to keep my posture like hers.

We stroll through the halls that are covered in stain glass. The colors are beautiful and when the sun shines through, I can see the violets, blues, and reds streaming along the tiled floors. Other servants stroll along in perfect harmony with the same aura of confidence my interviewer possesses. She begins spitting out these words of direction all too quickly. I'm more of a doer then learn when it comes getting around. I have to get lost before I can get a hang of this place.

I'm used to small spaces indoors, but this place is like a separate world. I wouldn't be surprised if it had it's own gravitational pull. As we make our way through one of the kitchens, I see a swirling staircase. It's breath taking and I can't help but pause to admire them.

"Miss. Willow, we do not have time for sightseeing," she scolds me.

"Right," I mutter before following after her. The kitchen is marvelous. What I wouldn't give to be able to bake in here. The granite counter space ignites a giddy feeling within my soul.

"If Princess Cecilia requires a snack, you can ask one of the chefs to prepare it for her."

She continues on her journey through the castle when a man in a servant uniform approaches her. He mutters a couple words and she pinches the bridge of her nose. "Alright, you, Miss. Willow, stay here and I will be back in a few minutes. I have to take care of a problem. Now where did you last see him..." Her voice begins to drift off as she steps out from the kitchen and into a separate hallway. Once I see her turn the corner, my feet practically skid across the tile until I'm facing the stove. My fingers glide over the shiny surface. Why did it have to be a nanny job instead of a baker?

I'm not exactly complaining because I love kids, I do. I've looked over customer's children for an extra income and they've always brightened my day. Someday I'll children of my own, but right now my heart is with baking.

I can imagine myself in this kitchen, flour covering the counters and the smell of fresh dough rising. It'll have to wait, I guess. For now, I'll embrace the stained glass, which is everywhere. Tip toeing to one of the windows, I glance through it, but this one doesn't have sun gleaming out. Inspecting it further, there's no outside of this window. It's pitch black.

"What the-"

Suddenly, my body rails backward, glass pushing against my hands until a white figure steps out of the window. It's a door. It's a freaking door and a person came through it. This figure is covered in white cloth and a white mask. A fencing outfit? They stop in front of me and I step backwards.

"Um," I stammer and their gloved hand comes up to cover my mouth. Ready to scream, a male voice comes out.

"Shh. I'm not here, I just need some time and wait-" he stops, dropping his hand. His hands come up to uncover his mask. Ruffling around with his dark hair, blue eyes inspect me. "Camilla?"

"Do I know you," No way. Stephen. What was he doing here? "Wait, do you work here or something?" I ask. "Why are you in fencing gear?"

"Well, you see, I was fencing and usually people wear this when they fence and-"

"Okay smartass I-"

"Did you just call me a smartass?"

"Yeah what's wrong with that? You aren't answering any of my questions." A rustling down the hall begins and Stephen grabs my arm before trying to haul me into a mini stoned tunnel behind the stained glass. "What are you doing!? I can't go there, I just got my job here and I'm not about to lose it!" I snap and his eyes dilate.

"You're working here now?" Why did he seem so weirded out by that? He's obviously working here too.

"Prince Theodore!" My interviewer shouts from across the kitchen. A moment of slow motion plummets against my body. Did she say prince? "You still have lessons to attend to!"




A large sigh escapes Stephen, or Theodore apparently, as he stands up straight. His eyes linger on me before going back to the woman.

"I told you, it's just Theodore. I'm not the prince-" Relief flows through me even though I don't know why. "My brother's the one who's going to be king, not me," he continues and the relief I just felt has vanished.

"Fine, Theodore, you have lessons to attend to."

"Miss. Willow, you can come with me now," the woman orders and I scurry along. However, I make a mistake and look back. He's watching me, apology plastered along his face.

Give me a break.


Thanks for reading this chapter! I hoped you like it! Before sure to let me know your thoughts :) 

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