Royally Wrong for You

Meet Camilla Willow. She's a baker who's in love with what she does. Most would say she's got a can do attitude and is ready to stick up for what she believes in. Some might even say she's too uptight. Her mother's ill and she's doing everything she can to make ends meet.

Meet Theodore Stephen Hamilton. He's a prince of the royal family. Well, he's not exactly the prince. His brother is next in line. He's spontaneous and is used to getting his way. There's nothing responsible about him.

Both are worlds apart, but there's something between them. There's some kind of electricity neither can explain. There's also a position as a nanny at the castle that could bring them together.


3. Chapter Three.

"Next in line"Next in line please!" I call from the register.

"What do you recommend this time?" A familiar voice causes my chest to tighten and my stomach to flutter.

"Stephen, you came back, I, what are you doing here?"

My surroundings form into cloudy objects while my thoughts become mingled. A dimple crosses his cheek. His smile is so easy and careless. No wait, don't get distracted by that Camilla, he lied to you. He's a prince. You're a commoner who bakes. It'll never work. The most I can ever be is a toy to him. There will never be anything serious between us.

"I wanted to see you," he says and suddenly the counter has disappeared and he's so close and I can't breathe anymore. My body begins to turn into jelly as his hand tucks a strands of hair away from my face. "Camilla," he whispers.

"You really need to back up. I can't think straight with you like that."

"Like what?" He smirks and leans down until I can feel his breath over my cheeks then my ear. "You-"

I jerk my body awake as I hear the familiar sound of a stomach emptying into a toilet. I'm completely out of breath as I focus my mind back into consciousness. Mom. Quickly, I roll out of bed and run to the bathroom to find my mother hurling into the toilet. Kneeling down, I wrap my hands around her hair and hold it back while her body convulses again and again. Each time I shudder. I've done this for what feels like the one thousandth time.

"I'm going to go get you some ice for your fever," I tell her once she's begun to calm her body down. As I race over the kitchen, I see the clock ticking along. It's 4am and today's my first day as a nanny at the castle. How could I leave my mom alone like this? I couldn't. I can't take that job with her like this. I'll find another way.

Scrambling back into the bathroom, I help mother up and into her bedroom before settling a clothed bag of ice on her forehead. Her hand reaches for me, eyes full gratefulness.

"Thank you darling, but you need to rest. You've got a big day today."

"Actually, mom, I'm not going to take the job. I'll find another-"

"Don't. You. Dare!" She snaps weakly, coughing from the amount of energy she ejected from her voice. "You will not give this job up. Do you think many people get this kind of opportunity? No. Now what happened to the bakery was terrible, but we have to move on. You have to move on and I won't be the reason to hold you back." She says her piece, scolding me like a mother does and I relieve a heavy sigh.

"Mom, I don't know if I can leave you like this."

"Well, you have to. I won't let you stay." Her words pierce me. I know what she's doing. She wont give me an option. Reluctantly, I nod because I know it'll make her happy. These days I'll do anything to make her happy because she might not have that many left. My head falls on top of her stomach.

"I'm gonna miss you mom," I whisper, attempting to blink back the tears. Her shaky fingers run through my hair and I close me eyes.

"You're going to be amazing!"


I stare at my fingers fiddling together. My luggage is in the back of a limo. I was surprised when it arrived in front of my porch. I wasn't informed whatsoever. My plan was to walk the entire way like I did for the interview.

"I really didn't need a limo to take me," I inform the escort as he turned into the long royal driveway. It was at least a mile long and every scenery down it was magical. Large willow trees engulfed part of the road to make an organic tunnel. What must it have been like live here as a child.

"I did have to, ma'am. Orders from Prince Theodore," he explains as he curved around a large pond full of lily-pads and roses.

My face paled at his words. I didn't hear him correctly did I?

"Excuse me? Who?"

"Prince Theodore, he ordered me to pick you up and you'll soon learn that as a royal servant, disobeying a royal family member's order is unheard of." His voice loomed over the spacious vehicle as if he was giving a strong piece of advice. My fingers fiddled together more hastily. This wasn't a good start. If Steph- I mean Prince Theodore thinks for one second he has some kind of control over me, he's got another thing coming. I'm here for Princess Cecilia and that's it. He has no business with me and the first chance I get to tell him, I will.

"Well," I breathe a heavy sigh, "wasn't that just too kind of him." As I glance up, I notice my escort, I think he said his name was Henry, smugly smiling. I have a feeling he knew I was being sarcastic. His wrinkly eyes crinkled. Every part of his face held a story and you could tell he was a man who'd lived quite a life. The sort of customer I would have had a good conversation with over a warm cup of cocoa. Almost instantly, I felt a sort of connection or a feeling of community between Henry and I. And I had a feeling we'd get along just fine.

"Here we are, Miss. Willow," Henry announces as he pulls to the front entrance of the castle. Just as grand as I remember, large columns topped with heads of roaring lions stand on each side of the wooden glass doors. Alright, deep breath. This was like any other job. I'm Camilla Willow and I ran a bakery. I think I can handle being a nanny to the princess. Unfortunately, that wasn't even the thing I was most worried about. "I'll get you luggage," Henry says he swings my door up and I step out.

"No, I got it, thanks," I tell him and make my way over to the trunk to fetch my one bag. I packed light mostly because I didn't have much to pack in the first place. Also, my mentality is that I wont be here forever. I'm going to save up and go straight home to get mom better.

Gripping my bag, I shuffle my way over to the entrance, Henry opens the door for me and instantly, I'm greeted with a servant I haven't met before. He begins to reach for my bag and I grip it tighter.

"It's alright, I've got it. I'm the new nanny and I-"

"I'm very aware ma'am. I'm here to take you to your room. If you'll just follow me," he insists and heads towards a lengthy hall. Taking everything in, we make a quick turn to the right. When I glance back, I could have sworn my room was on the left when I had my interview and tour the other day. Maybe I'm the one confused. I don't live here anyways.

"Just a little further," he calls back and a few large stone engraved mirrors later, we arrive at a door I don't remember. "Here we are," he uses a key to unlock the door before carefully placing it into my palm.

My eyes widen, mouth agape. This certainly wasn't the room I was shown before. This was-this was extravagant. Lacey drapery clings onto the windows, the bedspread was laced as well with purple gems on the ends of the sparkling white comforter. My eyes shifted to the walls covered in large scale oil paintings of beautiful flowers.

"I don't think this is me room. I could have sworn-" I begin to glance back at the man who guided me into this heavenly area, but he's vanished. Stepping forward my fingers glide over a glass table and I sit down on a curvy wooden glazed chair. Something isn't right. That's when I spot an envelope on the bed that's crisp and blue. Cautiously, I rip the top open to find a letter with very few words.

There's a back door in the closet in your bathroom

~ Come on out

Strange. My head tells me this is some kind of weird trick by the other servants. I shouldn't check. However, my curiosity pushes me into the bathroom. Closet...Closet... where was the closet? There! I see the sliding mirrored door and open it to a large wardrobe full of dresses. I push past the fabric blocking my entrance and clasp my hand on a metal door knob at the back wall. Hesitantly, I creak it open and peek outside. I'm met with rose petals scattered over a bed of green. My eyes follow a stone path until I see a swinging bench.

Then my heart stops.

"Do you like it?" St-Theodore stands beside a pole that helps hold the bench off the ground. Speechless, my lips fall into a small 'o' shape while he begins to step forward. I shift back slightly, door behind me.

"I don't, well, I-" my words are scrambled together. He grin grows and something snaps inside me. "What the hell?!"


"You can't just. You must of. Oh my God," I spit out in disbelief. "This is too much Stephen. I mean, Theodore."

"It's still Stephen for you, if you like."

"Oh my God. That's not even it. What is wrong with you? You can't just do all of this. You shouldn't have ordered that limo and you shouldn't have changed my room and you shouldn't even be talking to me!" My voice rises, chest beating.

"Why are you mad? I mean it's cute, but you should know I can very well do all this."

Was he for real? Did he see nothing wrong with any of this? Wait- Did he call me cute.

"Okay, I'm going to tell you very simply. I am the nanny here for Princess Cecilia and I'm here to do a job." Entirely focused on what I'm attempting to tell him, I barely notice he's stepped a whole hell of a lot closer to me. "All of this was completely inappropriate and- Why are you getting so close to me?" Suddenly, I glance up and he's looming over me. Flashes of my dream last night play in my head. Nothing comes out of him. He's just watching me squirm.

"I"m being very serious right now. You lied to me Stephen."

"I didn't lie to you," he defends himself.

"Yes you did! You didn't tell me you were a prince!"

"I just didn't tell you because I'm not. My brother's next in line. I'm not-"

"You're still a prince!" I yell out of frustration . My hands press their palms against his chest, which was slight mistake because there's no question he's literally perfection beneath his clothes. Is that cologne I smell? With will power, I push him back. "I'm going to find my old room and you're going to stop all of this...this nonsense. You need to stay away from me. You will not be the reason I lose this job," my voice is lower, sterner. He doesn't try and come forward, he just stands there, deep in thought. Good. I think he gets it. "Now, if you'll excuse me," I say as I pull open the door to my closet.

"Prince Theodore!" Someone suddenly calls.

"Shit," Stephen mutters and in one swift moment I feel myself being push into the closet. For a moment I think he's run off and slammed the door to my closet, leaving me alone, but his cologne wafts into the air.

"What the-" His hands cover my lips as he gently shoves my back against the wall. Fabric swallows both our bodies.

"Shh," he whispers while I mumble into his hand. He has a tight grasp on my face though so it's useless. Infuriated, my foot stomps onto his and causes his hand to fly off my face. "Jeez!" He swears in a hushed tone.

"Tell me what the hell you're-"

"Shut up," he snaps, which makes me angrier. "Just, I'm sorry, I have to wait until they leave."

"Did you hear a door slam?" Muffled voices echo outside. "No, I think it was one of gardeners. Let's go back inside," their voices begin to fade again and Stephen sighs. His eyes advert back to me, his serious lined lips turn upwards into a smirk.

"Would you get off me now?" I ask as calmly as possible.

"Hmm, interesting proposition, but no," he answers and my mouth drops.

"Get the hell off me before I-" before I finish his head swoops lower until his lips caress my ear.

"Before you go off, you need to know that I'm willing to do whatever it takes for you to realize that you want me. Fight me on it if you want, it's cute, but you will be mine, Camilla." My name on his lips practically purrs into my ear and like my dream last night, I can't breathe.

"Believe me, Prince Theodore, that will never happen." Slowly, he raises his head up and I keep my eyes on his. He licks his lips like I'm a prey he's ready to capture. I shudder, but stay strong in my stance. Taking his time, he moves back and strolls out of the closet, slamming the door to the outside behind him.

Relief rolls down my spine as my legs give out and I crash down onto the floor. I should have stayed home with mom.


Thanks so much for reading! I hope you like this chapter!


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