The Stranger Was The Love Of My Life

#Frerard #Gerardway #frankiero #raytoro #mikeyway #mychem #mychemicalromance


1. coffee shop part 1

"FRANK GET UP ITS TIME FOR SCHOOl!!" I heard my mom scream so I screamed back "IM UP MOM!!" So then I got out of bed and picked out my school clothes and set them on my bed and took a shower. *skip 6 minutes* After I got out of the shower I got ready and put on my black skinny jeans and my Green Day shirt with my socks and put on my black and white converse. After I was dressed I went into the bathroom and put on my eyeliner. Then I went down stairs and got my school stuff ready. Hope I didn't have home work hehehe! "Frank are you going to eat here or go to the coffee shop?"my mom asked. Hmmm didn't think about the coffee shop hey sounds good to me! "mom I'll to the coffee shop today. Is that fine with you?" I said /asked. "Frankie you know I wouldn't be mad all you have to do is tell me."mom said. "OK mom well see you! I love you mom! " I told her. " I love you too Frankie!" ahhhh I love my mom but now to the coffee shop!

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