Bria was a hybrid wolf and witch. She was very powerful. Her closest friends Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis didn't know a thing about her because she didn't want them to get wrapped up in her mess.


8. Chapter 8

I stayed home from school for two weeks. Louis, Liam, and Niall has been blowing up my phone with messages. My phone started to ring, I looked at my phone and Zayn was calling. I looked at the time, they were at lunch. I decided to answer. "Hello." I said.

"Hey." I said. "Put her on speaker." I heard Louis say in the background.

"When are you coming back?" Liam asked.

"I'm not." I said I put a pillow in my lap.

"Why?" Harry asked. I was shocked. I couldn't find any words to say. I thought they wouldn't be able to face me after they found out what I was, but I can't face them.

"I-I can't face you right now." I said looking down at my pillow. "You can't keep seeing me now that you know what I am. I-I don't want you involved with this, I don't want you in danger." I said.

"We don't care that you're a hybrid witch, Bria." Niall said. "You're still our best friend."

"And my girlfriend." Harry said. "We said we would stand by your side no matter what and we meant it."

I started sniffling trying to hold the tears back, but they started pouring down my face. They accepted what I am.

"Don't cry." Zayn said. I bit my lip. Hayley walked in with the spell book that has the spell to kill me. "I'll call later. Yeah?" I said.

"Yeah." They said. We hung up.

"What's wrong?" She asked as Rebekah walked in.

"They accepted what I am." I said wiping my cheek.

"That's great love." Rebekah said.

"Where's Klaus?" I asked.

"Downstairs." Hayley said.

"I'll be right back." I said as I got up. I went downstairs. Klaus, Marcel, and Elijah stood there talking. They saw that I was walking toward them. Marcel stepped in front of me. "Bri, think about what you do before-"

"Move Marcel." I said cutting him off. He moved to the side. I walked to Klaus and hugged him tightly. I could tell he was shocked because he jumped a little before embracing me.

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