Bria was a hybrid wolf and witch. She was very powerful. Her closest friends Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis didn't know a thing about her because she didn't want them to get wrapped up in her mess.


23. Chapter 23

"Is everyone okay now?" I asked looking at everyone, they nodded. "Great, because it's about to get a lot harder." I said as Davina walked over. "Not only are we gonna make you feel the pain, but Davina is gonna help, which means more pain." All of them started to groan in pain. "The pain." Louis said. Harry started screaming falling to his knees. "Over exaggeration." Evie said. 

"Caden!" I yelled looking up.

"Hello my lovely children." He said showing his face. Loki was ready to go after him and I held my arm up. "Dalia and Marie is here as well you go over there you're done." Dalia and Marie walked out looking at me. "You're thoughts are loud. You know how bad Loki and Evie want to kill you, so you would've lead them into a trap and killed them which would've possible led me into losing control." I said. "You want to try to kill easy as possible because you know none of you can kill me, unless I kill myself." I said as Harry stood up. "All of you know my weaknesses, let's see if you can get to them shall we?" I said with a smirk. Caden walked up slowly, I watched all of them carefully. I slowly put my arm down as if catching the hint as soon as my arm was all the way down Evie, Loki, and I zoomed at them. I already had a chance to kill my dad, it was my mom's turn. "I sense two new strong powers here." Dalia said. Evie grabbed my arm as she realized I started to shake. Loki kept whispering in my ear to remain calm for some reason I couldn't then suddenly I froze looking around the room as if everything is happening at the moment as I looked I saw myself, blood red eyes fighting Dalia as my parents, Evie, Loki, and some of the others lay motionless on the floor. After killing Dalia I went after the ones I held dear, the ones I loved. I looked at Evie and Loki. Dalia started walking to the stairs, Evie, Loki, and I started walking toward her, suddenly my parents started saying a spell and stopped us in our tracks. I opened my mouth to say something and nothing came out. Loki and Evie fell to the ground and I looked down at them watching and  listening to their bones crack, I finally fell on my knees. "Kl- Klaus." I yelled. Klaus and Marcel zoomed to my parents knocking them away. I got up and started walking to Dalia. Dalia raised her hand to me and I held my head falling to my knees screaming. She knows the kids are in my room. "Harry." I yelled. Him and the guys zoomed to my room and Evie put a barrier around the door. "Those lovely kids of yours and Hope will be mine." Dalia said to me. The hybrids were about to go after her and I held up my arm. "You can have them... When I'm dead." I said looking her straight in the eyes. 

"Don't worry your time will come." She said before her and my parents disappeared. I collapsed on the floor.


I sat up and looked around to see I was in the room. I slowly got out of bed and walked out the room. "Hey." I said getting everyone attention. "The reason I didn't let you all fight is because I saw what would've happened if you did. Evie, Loki, Caden, Marie and some of you all died and I lost control. After, killing Dalia I went after Klaus, Marcel, Harry, Niall and everyone else killing everyone who was in my way. That's why I didn't let you fight. I'm sorry, but I couldn't let that happen. I hold all of you close to me sense you all are putting your life on the line for three kids that you don't even know, kids you haven't even seen. I couldn't let that happen" I looked down at them as I bit my bottom lip. They all raised a fist in the air I nodded in appreciation and Klaus walked over and kissed my forehead. Evie, Hayley, and Rebekah walked out holding Hope, Adoravel, and Aiden so everyone can see them. "They are the ones you are fighting for." Marcel said.


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