Bria was a hybrid wolf and witch. She was very powerful. Her closest friends Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis didn't know a thing about her because she didn't want them to get wrapped up in her mess.


20. Chapter 20

I watched Klaus he helped the guys with their speed. They kept struggling with it. "Relax guys, stop trying so hard." I said walking over to them. "It's so hard." Liam whined.

"Well you aren't just a vampire." Davina said.

"Or a wolf." Rebekah added.

"So it's gonna be harder not only for you to control your wolf side you also have to come control your vampire side and it's gonna be a lot harder because hybrids are faster than normal vampires." I said hugging Harry.

"Maybe I'm being too soft." Klaus said.

"Nik stop." I said closing my eyes keeping my head against Harry's chest.

"Well they're pathetic at this point. If you think they'll survive in a fight you have another thing coming." He said

"Enough Ni'Klaus." I said looking at him. "Stop it. We have time before Dalia decided to attack. You go against the plan we will lose and I know how much you hate being defeated or being so close to being defeated. I'm not going anywhere until I know that my sister is safe, here in one of our arms and not hers. I have two other people we can call, I know they'll help if I tell them two other people are back."


My sister and brother just burst through the door running in Davina held her hand up and everyone was ready to attack. "Stop D down people." I said still looking at my book. "Loki, Evie, I told you they haven't attacked in eight  months."

"Sorry, we hung up before we heard that part." Evie said walking over to us as I got up. "My beautiful sister." I said hugging her. "And my lovely brother." I said hugging him.

"What's the problem?" He asked.

"There's this book Rebekah found made specifically for 'the cursed one'" I said.

"Us." My sister said.

"Exactly. There is a spell that can be used to kill us. We can't even touch the book." I said.

"Then how do you know." Loki asked.

"I touched the book." I said. "Anywho, Dalia is after Hope, I protect Hope, the reason they haven't attacked is because of this one." I said pointing at my stomach.

"Have you been to a doctor?" Evie asked.

"Now is not the time Evie." I said. "Dalia, isn't gonna stop until she gets what she wants, our parents won't stop either one of us is dead, or until they get my child, I'll be damned if I let them lay a finger on either one of them." I said looking at her and Loki. "Not only is my child in danger, but so is yours. You don't fight, you're going to lose. Dalia is channeling  power, she is strong, you fight her alone, you will lose." I said. They looked at each other. "We're in." Loki said as their kids ran in.

"Great. You can help my boyfriend and his friends train then lovely." I told him patting him on the shoulder. I sat back down. "So then it's settled." Klaus said. "You listen to me."

"Klaus if I didn't listen to you when I first came here what makes you think they will?" I asked looking at him. "You can't compel us." I said.

"All of you are stubborn." He said

"And just like you, we have trust issues. Get over it." Evie said.

"Okay. Hush. Now is not the time to start fighting. Each of us have a weakness, each of us is a target. We're are going against three of our biggest enemies, is NOT the time to argue. We show hatred and anger toward each other and they see it. They will turn us as their little puppets and turn us against each other. After this is over, you can hate each other until your little heart is content, but right now everyone better get over their differences and work together. Wolves and vampires neither of you is better than the other. Hybrid neither of you rule over anyone it. You serve the one you are sired to. Nothing more nothing less, do what you have to do. All of you need to stop acting like you're better than the other because in a human's eyes, we are all the same."

"Well then put the dogs on a leash." A vampire stated. I smiled.

"Come here." I said he walked over slowly. "Wolves are not dogs. Let that be known. You are no better than wolves. You can't even go into the sun light. Remember, you are not only surrounded by wolves, but also hybrids, who is also half wolf, and you're talking to one of them now. You used to be a human, so you're in no position to say that when you can't even control your speed. I could've killed you as soon as you got over here. Realize your place, before you get ahead of yourself." I pushed him away. "All of you have to listen to us. If not you're setting yourself up for failure. We have control over ourselves, you don't. You don't listen and we fight, you will die."

"My guess is we have until Bria and Harry child is born before they attack again." Elijah said.

"We don't have much longer." Hayley said.

"Everyone get rest. Tomorrow, you're all getting up early to train, then you will spar against each other. Wolf versus vampire, wolf versus wolf, whatever, as long as you don't kill each other." I said.

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