Bria was a hybrid wolf and witch. She was very powerful. Her closest friends Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis didn't know a thing about her because she didn't want them to get wrapped up in her mess.


15. Chapter 15

I sat in my room staring at my textbooks. It wouldn't hurt to use spell to read all of them, would it? I got up, got my history book ,and sat back on my bed. I placed my hand on top of it and started to read every page. I did the same with every book. I rubbed my stomach as I heard my door. I looked at everyone walking in. "Hey." I said softly.

"Heard anything about Dalia?" Hayley asked.

"No. Nothing." I said. Klaus picked up Hope with a small smile.

"So what are we-"

"Shhh." I said cutting off Niall. "Dalia." I said getting up.

"Oh no you don't." Marcel said. I looked at him.

"We'll take care of it." Hayley said. Everyone walked out leaving me alone with Hope. She started crying I picked her up and started singing to her. Suddenly I heard Harry screaming. I put Hope in her crib and I ran downstairs. "There she is." Dalia said. Harry fell on the ground and the guys helped him up. "I have a little gift for you." She said as two people walked in. I looked at them. No. "Hello Bria."

"Mom." I said coldly.  My 'dad' smiled coldly. I hated that smile that's exactly why I killed him.

"Is that how you welcome your parents?" He asked.

"You aren't my parents." I said. "You tried to sacrifice one of us because you couldn't help, but believe your mother and father saying we were cursed. Even if you did, we are still the 'cursed' bloodline."

"You're a disgrace to this bloodline." Caden said. I just nodded. "You're wasting your time here. Hope isn't here."

"I  can sense her power." Dalia said.

"Feel free to search." I said. They started to look everywhere.

"Where is the child?" She asked. I shrugged.

"Somewhere. Just not here." I said. They scolded me which caused me to smile. "Bye bye now." I said.

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