Bria was a hybrid wolf and witch. She was very powerful. Her closest friends Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis didn't know a thing about her because she didn't want them to get wrapped up in her mess.


13. Chapter 13

I went to school with all of my assignments and handed them in. I was extremely tired and I wasn't feeling well. I was relieved when it was time for lunch. I put my head down on the table I was sitting at and closed my eyes. All I need to thirty minutes. I heard a bang on the table and I jumped up. "Hey." Niall said. I looked at the boys and frowned a little.

"What's wrong?" Louis asked.

"I'm tired and I don't feel well." I said.

"I can't believe you finished those assignments in one night." Liam said.

"What spell did you use? Can you use it for my homework?" Niall asked.

"I didn't use a spell. I got a little help from my mom." I said.

"Your mum?" Louis asked.

"Hayley." I said yawned stretching.

"Just last another thirty minutes." Harry said kissing my forehead. I forgot we get out early today because of a festival. I annoyed me how jolly and excited everyone would be.

"Are you going?" Niall asked, his face stuffed with food.

"Suuuuuurrrrreeee." I said annoyed. I've never been annoyed with the boys. They looked at me shocked. "What's wrong?" Zayn asked.

"Nothing." I got up and walked away. What's wrong with me?

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