Like it is

Things we humans do that aren't necessarily okay and how we people judging what you eat, bullying and random things too.
Just a group of movellians telling it like it is.


3. Hobbies

Before we get into serious topics, let's do something fun!


Like hobbies!


Everyone has a hobby! Don't they?


If you don't then find something that you like or interested in as long as your hobby doesn't get you in trouble with the law.


Theblindwriter95's take on hobbies.


To me, hobbies are like stress balls. They take away the troubles you have in life whether it be school, family or in between.


Writing is like that to me as I can make up characters and do whatever I want with them.


As I said in my introduction, I've been writing for two and a half years and when I first started, I wasn't very good due to my paragraphs and other things.


Now I get comments (mainly from fan fiction which I recently started in February) where people say my writing is beautifully written. Hell, one person said that they were jealous of my writing.


I would have never gotten something like that two years ago so I'm thankful for my improvement.


Does anyone else have writing as a hobby?


If you don't, what hobby or hobbies do you have?

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