One Direction Imagines

hey these are one direction imagines for you ♥ hope you enjoy then P.S it is my very first story/imagine so please no hate thank you.


1. Imagine.....


You and harry have been best friends since the day you two learned how to even walk. You guys do everything together and there is nothing that could separate you two from each other,or is there...?

Your P.O.V

you woke up in the morning. The sun was shinning bright it was a beautiful and sunny day so you decided to spend the day with your best friend Harry. You have a huge crush on Harry but obviously you won't tell him for two reasons. You think that Harry does not like you back and because you think it might ruin your friendship so you think it is best to stay quiet.So you got out of bed had a shower and put on some denim shorts, a plain green T-shirt and a bracelet to accessorize. you head out your door to go to Harry's house and spend the day with him. On the way to Harry's house (silly you) you remembered you didn't have breakfast so you decided you can have breakfast with Harry.When you rung the doorbell to Harry's house out came harry with his beautiful eyes and his curly locks for a minute you were just standing there looking at him until he snapped you out of your day dream and said

Harry: "Oh Hi (Y/N)!, what are you doing here?"

(Y/N): "Hey Harry I just thought that I could spend a day with you because you have been holding out on me you never come to see me anymore what is the matter?"

Harry: "Umm... nothing just had a lot on my mind recently and was very busy that's all."

Christina: "Hey Harry babe who are you talking to??"

Harry: "just a sec! im coming"

(Y/N: "WHAT?! Harry what is Chritina doing in your house?!"

(you hated Christina she was you enemy because of something that happened in elemantry school, you and Christina used to be best friends until she ditched you for her fame. in elemantry school she was the popular girl and every body called you a loser but not harry of course and she thought he reputation might go down if she would hang out with you and that Is why you hate her so much.)

Harry: "Oh Umm..... listen (Y/N) I know you hate Christina but we are sorta Umm.. dating."

your heart melted like a peace of coal you were so jealous you couldn't believe your ears

(Y/N): "oh, umm ok then I guess ill see you around"

you turned around and started walking when harry called after you. you turned around in hope that he has changed his mind about Christina but you were wrong.

Harry: "(Y/N) wait.. im done my math homework you can take my notes and copy it down because I wont be able to do homework with you today im taking Christina out for dinner."

(Y/N): "oh right.. umm thanks have fun."

you were so sad to hear that. you couldn't believe your best friend/your crush was dating your enemy. you dreams were shattered your heart was broken.with that you fell asleep on your couch.

The next day.......

you doorbell rung and you checked the time it was 8:00 and you wondered who was at your door.

Harry: "hey (Y/N) I just wanted to tell you that today im going on tour and I jut wanted to say bye"

(Y/N): "oh um.. ok ill miss you harry"

Harry: "ill miss you too (Y/N)"

you saw Christina making dirty faces at you too.

5 months passed by......

One day you were just talking a walk around your neighborhood because you knew that harry was coming back today. Obviously Christina didn't know about harry was coming back today because she was so busy WITH ANOTHER BOY SHE WAS CHEATING ON HARRY WITH ANOTHER GUY NAMED EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!

just then you noticed two people behind a tree and surely it was Christina and Edward.

Edward: "Christina I love you why did you leave me for that twerp harry?"

Christina: "baby I still love you I never even loved harry I am just pretending to be his girlfriend for my fame because he is in a popular boy band and he can sing."

you heard that and so did HARRY you never noticed but he was standing right beside you and he heard Christina and Edward's conversation.

Christina: "oh hey harry babe I never knew you were coming today *pushes Edward to the side*"

Harry:" *mouth open staring at Christina with his teary beautiful eyes*"


Christina: "Edward you can sing right?"


Christina:" then me and you are breaking up"

(Y/N): "looks like you need a hug harry"

he holds you so tight and gives you the biggest hug in the world.

Harry: "(Y/N) I have a confession to make I have loved you since middle school and the only reason I started dating Christina was to get you out of my mind but I just couldn't and I still love you and I didn't tell you this before because I thought you didn't love me."

(Y/N): "harry I love you too"♥♥

thanks guys hope you liked it no hates please byeee

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