Tutor Girl || Louis Tomlinson AU

***Editing in Progress***
Lux Carver flew below the radar. She didn't mind it. In fact, she reveled in it. She kept her nose to the books and was rewarded with grades that were sure enough to get her into any college of her choosing. But it wasn't just colleges who were noticing her grades - her trigonometry teacher had his eye on her... to become a tutor. Lux wouldn't mind so much if it weren't a boy who found pleasure in making other people miserable. Louis Tomlinson was a bully, and Lux wanted nothing to do with him.

But once they get to know each other, Lux comes to realize that Louis isn't exactly what meets the eye. He's not the tormenting boy she once thought he was.


13. T H I R T E E N

Trigonometry was a hard subject and studying for a major trigonometry test was definitely hard. But when the boy Lux wanted to spend all her time kissing was currently leaving feather light kisses on her bare shoulders and softly tickling his fingertips up and down her leg to slowly torture her, it got even harder. Especially when memories of the previous night flooded her brain.

Louis suspended above her. His ragged breathing. His slow torturous rhythm.

She had to shake her head just to get the images to vacate her mind. And it took all she had, because she revealed in his touch. She didn’t want him to stop touching her. But she knew they needed to focus.

“Louis…” Lux breathed as his mouth kissed up to her ear lobe.

“Lux…” He whispered in her ear.

He lay in her bed wearing only his shorts from the night before and she honestly wasn’t even sure he put his underwear on underneath them. So he was just lying there in one article of clothing, driving her insane in the best way possible. Lux was lying on her stomach wearing only a small pair of shorts and a tank top. It was quite intimate and she’d never been so open with another human being before. But she kind of loved it.

“You know, Louis…” Lux said, letting the words trail off as she tried to look over at him.

“Hmm,” he hummed against the nape of her neck.

“As your tutor, I don’t think I can condone this type of behavior,” she giggled as he kissed his way up the sensitive skin between her shoulder blade and her ear lobe.

“What about as my girlfriend?” He breathed in her ear. 

Lux’s heart stopped for a moment. Like it literally stopped because of his words. Her body stiffened and she was sure she died for at least a split second. Louis noticed and pulled back, looking into her eyes.

“You okay?” He asked carefully, staring at her intently.

“Y-your girlfriend?” She choked out and she could feel the swelling of anxiety inside her chest.

“Uh…” He stammered, looking almost stunned.

Lux was in shock and her shock was making the moment exceptionally awkward between the two of them. But she couldn’t seem to stop herself. His girlfriend? She didn’t think they had a title. They never talked about it. Sure, they were kissing and occasionally having sex and she supposed some might just assume it meant they were a couple, like coupling and stuff. But Lux hadn’t really thought of Louis as her boyfriend. Maybe because of the fact that they still actively avoided each other in the school hallways.

“Do you not want to be my girlfriend?” He asked, his voice cracking a little as he watched her.

Oh…” She murmured, the interjection coming out like a puff of air.

“Lux?” Louis questioned, trying to coax an answer out of her.

“Um. I just… I didn’t know where we stood. I-I… I mean, you never asked me,” she stammered, feeling overwhelmingly flustered as she felt her entire body rise in temperature. She had to sit up or she felt like she was going to melt into the mattress.

A moment later, a wide smile took over Louis’ entire face before he let out a small chuckle, sitting up on the bed with her.

What?” She demanded, giving him a look of confusion. Why was he all of a sudden laughing? What was so funny?

“Lux. Miss Carver…” He began, his smile never fading from his lips.

Lux eyed him skeptically. She was so confused.

“Would you be my girlfriend? To have and to hold… dearly beloved… and all that stuff,” he chuckled as he grabbed her hand in his.

“I think that’s like, marriage vows,” she commented, but couldn’t help the substantial smile that graced her face.

“Til death do us part… for richer or poorer… as long as we both shall live…” Louis went on.

“Well, I don’t know about that...” She said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

“Hey!” Louis interjected, shoving her shoulder gently and Lux couldn’t help but giggle.

“Yes,” she affirmed, her smile growing more timid as she looked at him.

“Yes, what?” He asked, quirking an eyebrow at her.

“Shut up,” she scoffed, playfully shoving him and he let out a laugh.

“Yes, what, Lux?” Louis asked again and she rolled her eyes. He was honestly going to make her say it.

“Yes, I’ll be your girlfriend, Louis. Mister Tomlinson,” she replied sarcastically as a bashful smile tugged at her mouth. Honestly, Louis’ smile was larger than life and Lux couldn’t help but find him exceptionally beautiful in that moment.

“Seal it with a righteous kiss…” He murmured, moving toward her.

“Quoting Romeo & Juliet now? Impressive,” she snickered as their lips hovered over one another’s.

“I’m an impressive guy,” he said, shrugging his shoulders.

“You are,” she agreed and he let out a light laugh.

“Come here,” he said, wrapping his arms around her before pulling her down on top of him.

Lux yelped and giggled, but finally, he got his righteous kiss. His mouth was hot and sweet, but his kisses were not rushed. They were sensual and romantic as Lux felt his hands slip up the back of her tank top. She really liked it all. She really liked kissing this boy – a boy she could finally call her boyfriend. Everything was absolutely perfect.

Except for the trigonometry test that was looming over their heads.

“As much as I would love to lay here and kiss you all day…” Lux said, pulling up from him.

“Please, please, just kiss me all day,” Louis pleaded playful, wrapping his arms tightly around her so she couldn’t move. Lux couldn’t help but giggle at his antics, but she knew the fruit would be so much sweeter once they finished what they needed to do.

“Trigonometry is not forgiving. Trigonometry wants our full attention. It needs our full attention,” Lux told him, pushing against him and he released her from his arms.        

“I don’t wanna,” he pouted as she sat back down on the bed.

“We have to,” she reminded him.

“But kissing you is so much better…” He whined playfully.

“We could go out to the kitchen table if it will help you concentrate better. I could get dressed…” She pointed out.

“No!” He yelped, gripping onto her leg and hugging it to him.

“You’ve got to study, Louis,” she reminded him, trying to coax him out of the mood he was in.

Ugh,” he groaned against her thigh, but a moment later, he let go of her leg. 

“Stupid trig,” Louis grumbled under his breath as he sat up and grabbed his trig book.

For the most part, Louis did pretty well at focusing long enough to get a good study session in. He was doing really well and again, Lux felt a rush of pride every time he answered a question correctly.

“There’s not a lot in here to eat,” Lux said, peering into the fridge as Louis dug through the pantry, looking for something to eat for dinner that evening.

“Maybe we should go to the grocery shop,” Louis offered, sending her an apathetic look.

Hmm,” she hummed as she contemplated it, closing the refrigerator.

“We’ve got macaroni and cheese, instant mashed potatoes, and something called Rice-a-Roni in here,” Louis commented, looking over the pantry door at her.

Yum,” she said sarcastically.

“Totally,” he chuckled.

“Maybe we should go to the grocery store,” she agreed with a shrug of her shoulders.

“Then we would have to get changed,” Louis said with a frown as he closed the pantry door.

“I suppose we would,” she sighed as her eyes trailed down Louis’ half-naked frame.

She kind of enjoyed that it was the middle of the day and the two of them had yet to get dressed. It was like they were on their own little stay-cation where the outside world didn’t matter. Where they didn’t have to live up to society’s idea of normal. They were just two kids in the throes of love. And honestly, sometimes Lux felt like she was a real-life version of the heart-eyes emoji. And she supposed Louis might be the kissy-face emoji because he just couldn’t stop. But then again Lux couldn’t get enough, so it was a win-win.

In the end, Lux knew there would be sacrifices they would have to make in order to keep their stay-cation on the right track – and right now, a trip to the supermarket for food was what needed to happen, so they wouldn’t have to eat disgusting pre-packaged food for dinner.

“Is it worth it?” Louis asked, making a face as he turned up his nose, seeming to have the same qualms she did.

“I don’t want to eat any of this garbage,” she said as she pouted her bottom lip out.

“Okay, the grocer it is,” Louis asserted, making the executive decision. Lux bit back a smile when she noticed the little differences in the way he said his words. She would never stop loving on his British accent.

The two of them dressed in jeans and hoodies before they walked down to Louis’ house and pretty much hijacked his car without his parents even knowing. Although it was rightfully Louis’ car, they still felt a bit sneaky. Louis drove them to the grocery store and Lux couldn’t help but think of how amazing it was that it would be their first outing as boyfriend and girlfriend.

“Wait. So what do we want to make for dinner?” Lux asked as Louis pulled into the parking lot.

“Uh… something good?” Louis offered as he parked the car in one of the many empty parking spaces.

“Oh, thanks for that,” Lux giggled sarcastically.

“I don’t know. We had spaghetti last night. What do you feel like eating tonight?” Louis questioned, looking over at her.

“Maybe we should just order a pizza,” Lux grumbled.

“No. I just stole my car and drove us all the way here. We’re getting something,” Louis laughed, squeezing her thigh with his hand.

“Tacos!” Lux blurted as a light bulb went off in her brain.

Tacos!” Louis emphasized as he nodded his head in agreement.

“Tacos it is,” Lux said confidently as she gripped the door handle and got out of the car.

“Good idea, Lux,” Louis acknowledged with a smile as the two of them met up behind the car.

“Thank you, thank you,” she said, smiling bashfully as Louis grabbed her hand in his.

They walked toward the building hand-in-hand and it made Lux smile that they were being so public with their relationship. Although, there weren’t many people in the grocery store at that time of day – just a bunch of elderly people and mom’s with kids. But the fact that they got to witness Louis holding her hand was so amazing to her.

“Okay, we need a trolley,” Louis said, pulling her toward the cart corral.

“A trolley?” She asked, smiling over at him.

“Yeah. Like a buggy,” he said, looking at her like she was crazy and all she could do was snicker.

“Alright. A cart,” he said in the worst American accent possible, which only made her laugh harder.

“Shut it,” he snickered as he pulled one out of the corral and began pushing it along, only then dropping her hand.

“We’re not getting too much stuff, are we?” Lux questioned, sending him a skeptical side-eye.

“Come on, Lux. You act like you’ve never eaten tacos before. There’s a lot that goes into preparing the perfect taco,” he chided, moving toward the meat and produce section.

“Okay, like what?” She asked, pursing her lips at the taco master.

“Meat,” he offered.

“Okay, yeah. Meat,” she giggled.

“And seasoning. You can’t forget the seasoning. It’s like the main ingredient,” he pointed out.

“So meat and seasoning. And taco shells. I like hard tacos,” she told him.

“Me too!” He said, smiling widely at her.

“Another thing we have in common,” he noted and she couldn’t help but smile.

“Alright. Meat, seasoning, and taco shells,” she said, counting them off on her fingers.

“Lettuce and tomatoes,” he added, picking up a head of lettuce before he spun on his heels to the section behind them, grabbing a big ripe red tomato.

“And cheese,” she threw in.

“Cheese. Yes, cheese,” he agreed.

“And taco sauce of some kind,” she added.

“See, now we’re getting somewhere,” he said, smiling from ear-to-ear at her and she loved the way his eyes crinkled in the corner. He was just so beautiful.

“Wow. There is a lot that goes into making tacos,” she said, heightening her eyebrows thinking of it all.

“The perfect tacos,” he corrected her.

“Maybe we should just swing by the Taco Bell drive-thru,” Lux snickered.

“Non-sense! I will teach you the art of taco making. And you will stand in awe of my skills. Your taste buds will be begging for more,” Louis boasted as he pushed the cart along to gather up the other ingredients.

“Well, when you put it like that…” Lux laughed, smirking over at him.

“Just wait and see,” he said, stopping the cart in front of the ground beef, wiggling his eyebrows at her.

Once they gathered everything they would possibly need for making Louis’ perfect tacos, the two of them headed off toward the junk food aisles. 

“And ice cream for dessert,” Louis threw in with a smile.

“Ah, but what kind of ice cream? Let’s see if we’re truly compatible,” she challenged, eyeing him playfully.

“Alright. On three. One, two, three…” He said, counting it down.

Mint chocolate chip,” they both said in unison.

“No way!” Lux giggled.

“I do like mint chocolate chip, but I have to be honest, I saw some in your freezer one of the times we were at your house. Your dad said it was your favorite,” Louis said with a smirk.

“You!” Lux giggled, shoving him playfully.

“Seriously, I do enjoy mint chocolate chip though,” he laughed heartily.

“So, what’s your real favorite then?” she questioned, pursing her lips at him.

“Rocky road,” he answered with a smile.

“That’s my second favorite!” Lux gushed, her eyes heightening immediately.

“No way,” Louis chuckled.

“Totally. Did my dad tell you that too?” She questioned, narrowing her gaze at him.

“No. I promise,” Louis laughed.

“Well, we can get both,” she said, pulling them both out of the freezer.

“We can do swaps and like, share,” Louis offered.

“Good idea,” Lux acknowledged with a wide smile. 

A second later, Louis leaned over and kissed her right in the frozen food section of the store, and she loved every second of it.

“Come on. We should go before we buy anymore junk food,” she told them once they split apart.

“Uh, but… we haven’t even got to the cookie aisle,” Louis whined.

“What kind of cookies do you want?” Lux giggled.

“Big fat chocolate chip cookies,” Louis gushed, clapping his hands together excitedly.

“Alright. Let’s go find you some big fat chocolate chip cookies then,” she laughed as she pushed the cart toward the end of the aisle.

In the end, Louis made some truly awesome tacos for dinner. Lux was so full by the time they were done eating that she didn’t know if she had any room left in this lifetime or the next for their ice cream and big fat chocolate chip cookies.

“Oh my god. I can’t even move, I’m so full,” Lux groaned, letting herself go limp in the chair at the dinner table.

“I can’t even finish this last bite,” Louis grumbled as he threw down the rest of his taco on his plate.

“That was so good. I’m about to slip into a food coma and never come out of it,” she cooed, rubbing her hand across her stomach.

“I’m right there with you,” he laughed.

She couldn’t help but look over and just kind of appreciate him. In the short time they’ve actively been in each other’s lives, he made her so happy. And it just seemed to be getting better every day.

“I don’t want this weekend to end,” she sighed, feeling extremely melancholy at the thought of it.

“Me either,” he agreed, turning his head to look over at her with a content smile on his face.

“I feel happy,” she told him honestly, letting out a pleased sigh.

“I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt this happy,” Louis told her sincerely. 

Lux smiled over at him and he returned the smile with one of his own, which made her stomach tie in knots. He was so beautiful and so sweet. And he was all hers.

“Should we watch another film? I think we deserve a little leisure time since we studied all day,” Louis suggested.

“I’d like that. Let’s leave the dishes for later,” she told him.

“Okay,” he said and smiled happily at her. 

For a long moment, neither of them moved a muscle after Louis’ suggestion and it was quite humorous to Lux. 

“I seriously can’t move,” she giggled.

“Come on. I’ll help you,” Louis said, getting up and taking her hand in his.

He helped hoist her up off of the chair and the two of them finally made their way to the living room.

“What will we watch tonight?” Louis asked, grabbing the remote to turn on the TV.

“Something entertaining,” Lux replied as she sat down on the couch and he plopped down right next to her.

“Or something completely unentertaining, which would force us to have to entertain ourselves,” Louis retorted, bouncing his eyebrows suggestively at her. Lux couldn’t help but smile and blush as she shook her head, causing Louis to let out a laugh.

“Alright, let’s see…” Louis said, focusing his attention back on the TV as he paged through the guide menu.

Lux watched everything he did, every muscle he moved. He was such a good looking boy. It was crazy to think he liked her – that he was there for her.

“We’ve got… Thor: Ragnarok, uh… Jurassic World, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban…” Louis started listing off the movies that came up.

“Ooh,” Lux cooed. She loved Harry Potter.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Moana, The Goonies. Oh my god, I love The Goonies!” Louis said, stopping to look over at her and Lux couldn’t help but giggle at his reaction.

“Do you love The Goonies, or what?” He asked, looking rather animated and it made her smile.

The Goonies is good,” she said with a nod.

“Do you want to watch the Goonies?” He asked and she laugh again over the excessive way he kept saying ‘The Goonies’.

“I’d love to,” she told him with a tiny chuckle.

“Brilliant!” He said as he clicked the button, turning the channel to The Goonies.

It was quite amusing how entirely enthralled Louis was with the movie. He wasn’t lying when he said he loved it. He was even quoting parts as he watched. It was really adorable.

“I love this movie. I can’t even tell you how many times I watched it as a kid,” he explained, looking over at her with an all-engrossing smile.

“I was that way with the Wizard of Oz. I always wanted to go to munchkin-land,” she admitted, smiling to herself.

“That’s lovely,” he cooed, wrapping his arms around her, planting a kiss on her forehead.

“Maybe we can watch the Wizard of Oz tomorrow then,” he offered, smiling at her sweetly.

“Maybe,” she said as he focused back on the movie.

Unfortunately, their little weekend would be coming to an end tomorrow. Her dad would be home in the evening and Louis would be back at his house. Lux did her best to shake the thought out of her head because she didn’t want to think about it. She only wanted to think about Louis sitting with her in her living room, watching his favorite movie in the entire world. She only wanted to think of him, and them, and the present because it was perfect. Louis Tomlinson was her boyfriend and she was in love.

During the end of the movie, when two of the characters finally kiss after a beautiful lead-up of flirting and bickering, Lux felt Louis’ arm slightly tighten around her and it made her smile. She wanted to kiss Louis just as badly. 

When the movie was finally over and the TV and the lights were shut off, the two of them walked hand-in-hand to get ready for bed. Lux couldn’t control the butterflies in her stomach because she wanted so badly for the two of them to be intimate with each other like they were the night before. The excitement was completely consuming her. It was like her skin was electrified at just the thought.

“Uh. I think your phone is ringing,” Louis commented as the two of them began to brush their teeth in the bathroom.

Shit. It might be my dad,” Lux gasped, spitting out the toothpaste in her mouth before running toward her room.

Luckily it wasn’t. It was just Tyler and it gave her so much relief. She missed her dad, but she absolutely hated lying to him.

“Hi, Ty. You nearly gave me a heart attack thinking it was my dad calling,” she said when she answered the phone.

“Oh. Ha. Nah, it’s me, girl,” Tyler chuckled.

“Thank God it’s you,” she sighed.

Mm-hmm. And I want the deets. How’s it going with Hottie Tomlinson?” Tyler asked curiously.

“Uh, good,” she said, smiling from ear-to-ear as her cheeks heated up.

“Is it just like, sex twenty-four-seven or what?” Tyler questioned playfully.

“Or what…” She stated flatly.

“Shut up! You two are totally doing it like animals, aren’t you?” Tyler laughed animatedly.

“No, we’re not,” she giggled as she looked up from her bed to see Louis standing in the doorway with a small smile on his face.

“‘Oh, Louis!’ ‘Oh, Lux!’” Tyler moaned through the receiver, pretending to be them. Lux choked out an embarrassed groan and almost thought about hanging up on him.

“Shut up! Oh my god,” she grumbled into the phone, hoping like hell Louis couldn’t hear anything Tyler was saying. 

“Don’t try to lie to me, Luxy. I know the real reason for this weekend,” Tyler teased, making kissing noises at her.

“Oh my god. I’m gonna hang up on you!” She shrieked and Tyler let out a boisterous laugh.

“Okay, okay. I’ll stop,” Tyler laughed.

“Thank you,” she sighed.

“I just wanted to check up on you since, you know, you’re supposed to be staying with me and all,” Tyler said, finally sounding serious.

“Louis is taking good care of me,” she told him as she looked up at Louis.

Louis wiggled his eyebrows at her as he made his way into the room from the doorway and sat down next to her on the bed.

“Oh, I bet he is!” Tyler giggled.

“Okay, Ty. I’m gonna get going. I think we’re gonna get ready for bed now,” she told him.

Bow-chica-wow-wow,” Tyler sang into the phone.

“Oh my god,” Lux groaned, throwing her hand over her face. He was so embarrassing.

“Goodnight, Tyler!” She told him sternly.

“Night, Luxy! Love you! Make sure to use the present I got you!” He replied just as she was swiping to end the phone call.

Lux’s cheeks flushed again at the thought of the huge box of condoms that was sitting in her underwear drawer.

“Oh my god,” she breathed lowly, shaking her head.

“You know, it’s really cool you have a friend like Tyler,” Louis said, smiling over at her.

“Cause he’s gay?” She asked, furrowing her eyebrows at him.

“He’s gay?” Louis gasped playfully, bringing his hand up to his chest and Lux let out a laugh.

“No. I mean, someone who you’re so close with,” Louis went on to say.

“Yeah. He’s been my best friend pretty much all my life. We were both sort of like, the outcasts,” she explained.

“I wish I had that, you know – someone to tell all my secrets to,” Louis sighed heavily. 

Lux bit at her lip, feeling sad for him. All these years she thought he was surrounded by people who cared about him and liked him. And sure he had a lot of friends at school, but none of them were to him like Tyler was to her and it truly broke her heart, especially knowing how apathetic and downright abusive his family could be to him.

“I-I can be that for you,” she told him sincerely. Louis looked up at her and smiled.

“Yeah?” He asked hopefully.

“Yeah,” she breathed, nodding her head. He deserved to have someone in his corner and she would be there no matter what he needed.

“I’d like that,” he said quietly.

Lux stared up in his eyes and felt an intense rush of love for him. He was so amazing. And when he leaned in to kiss her, she slipped her hand in the back of his hair and kissed him back greedily. He was perfect and he was hers and it was all that mattered.

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