Tutor Girl || Louis Tomlinson AU

***Editing in Progress***
Lux Carver flew below the radar. She didn't mind it. In fact, she reveled in it. She kept her nose to the books and was rewarded with grades that were sure enough to get her into any college of her choosing. But it wasn't just colleges who were noticing her grades - her trigonometry teacher had his eye on her... to become a tutor. Lux wouldn't mind so much if it weren't a boy who found pleasure in making other people miserable. Louis Tomlinson was a bully, and Lux wanted nothing to do with him.

But once they get to know each other, Lux comes to realize that Louis isn't exactly what meets the eye. He's not the tormenting boy she once thought he was.


7. S E V E N

Lux was getting the hang of it, she swore. Kissing – she had it down pat. It was the groping that she still needed to work on. Of course, Louis had a tight grasp of the groping, since he did quite well in that department, always leaving her panting for more. But she just couldn’t bring herself to touch Louis anywhere that wasn’t appropriate in public.

Call her a prude or whatever, but she was still just a seventeen year old girl who never really was much of people-person, who also had no background of sexual experience. She didn’t have a long list of partners like some did. She didn’t go around kissing boys left and right. Louis – he was her experience. Louis kissed her. Louis touched her. It was just Louis. She was greener than the grass when it came to all of it.

Louis was rather ravenous on this particular day after school. It was the third consecutive day they spent at her house afterschool, making out in Lux’s bed before her father got home from work. She never let it get farther than heavy petting and the farthest still that Louis had gone was feeling up her bare boob under her shirt. He had yet to see her naked and he had yet to touch her anywhere else, which she was kind of grateful for because she didn’t know if she was ready for more.

Lux was always on the bottom with Louis hovering over her. It seemed to work out better that way. Because well, what was she going to do on top? She probably would have just laid atop him like a dead fish. No, it definitely worked better this way because Louis had all the access he needed. 

Louis and Lux never really did much talking while they were in that position, but Lux could never seem to shut her mind off. She always wondered what was going through his mind. Was he just like a caveman and his one-tracked mind was set on his hormones? Or did he let his mind wander like she did, making up scenarios in his head of the two of them? No matter how hard she tried to fight it, she was falling for this boy with the heated lips and the knack for soccer. This boy who she thought was just a bully was someone who turned out to just be misunderstood by people making assumptions and judgments. And no matter how hard Lux fought against it, he was worming his way into the closed-off confines of her heart.

Louis’ lips were heated and seemed to be burning her with every kiss. His movements were fast and meticulous. Breathing wasn’t easy with the way he was kissing.

“Louis… Louis…” Lux said as he slowly worked up the hem of her t-shirt.

“Hmm?” He asked, looking down at her with his big beautiful ocean eyes.

“I-I…” Lux stammered, unable to find the words to tell him how uncomfortable it made her to think of herself naked or even half-naked in front of him.

“You don’t want me to take your shirt off?” He asked.

Lux squirmed a little with his words, but slowly nodded.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to. But you know, I think you’re beautiful and I would never judge you,” he told her and he sounded so sincere.

Lux’s breathing hitched with his words. He thought she was beautiful?

“You’re not just saying that?” Lux asked him and Louis chuckled.

“No, Lux. I’m not just saying that. Why is it so hard to believe?” He asked, his eyes twinkling with amusement.

“I don’t know,” Lux said quietly as she shrugged her shoulders and averted her gaze.

“Do you not think you’re beautiful?” He asked, pulling up to really get a good look in her eyes.

“I hadn’t really thought about it,” she said with a shrug, looking up at him. 

She wasn’t one to focus on her looks or the looks of other people. Yeah, okay sometimes she felt like she looked better or worse than other times, but she figured everyone was aware of their looks at some point. She just didn’t let it define her. And maybe that’s why she hadn’t had a boyfriend or a long list of lovers. And maybe that’s why her books got kicked down the hallway on occasion. But still, she didn’t care to be a beauty queen – to have people fawning all over her. The appeal just wasn’t there.

“Maybe if you saw yourself the way that I see you, you would see how beautiful you really are,” Louis told her.

Lux’s eyebrows furrowed. Not out of anger, not out of confusion – but out of wonder. She wondered how she could be doing things so intimate with this person and feel like she knew nothing about him. She didn’t know how vast his heart was. She didn’t know how inspiring his words could be. She didn’t know his hopes and his dreams or his plans for the future. She didn’t know what made him tick – his likes and his dislikes. What she knew was his name and the most basic information. She knew just a small chunk of what life in the Tomlinson house was like for him. She knew he played soccer and was good at it. Those things put together only gave her a surface view of Louis Tomlinson. But lying there with him in that moment, she knew she wanted to go deeper.

“What’s the matter?” He asked as he let his own eyebrows furrow. 

Lux shimmied herself up from underneath him and he took the cue to sit up next to her. She sat against her head board with her knees up to her chest, her thoughts and feelings really messing her up for a moment. 

“Lux, what’s the matter?” He asked again.

“I… I want to know you,” she told him. Louis’ features flattened out before a smile formed on his lips.

“Okay,” he said with a sideways smirk.

“We’re doing this… I mean, we’ve been doing this for a little while now, but I don’t know you, Louis,” she explained.

“What do you want to know?” He asked, sitting cross-legged in front of her on the bed.

“Everything,” she told him and he let out a chuckle.

“This may take a while,” he quipped.

“I’m serious, Louis. I want to get to know you. I want you to get to know me. I want us to be friends,” she told him sincerely.

“I thought we were friends,” he said, looking at her straight-faced.

“I-I want us to be better friends,” Lux rephrased, even though she stood by her previous statement. 

She and Louis were no more friends than she was with any other acquaintance she had in her life. The only difference with Louis was that she let him stick his tongue down her throat and his hand up her shirt on occasion. They weren’t friends – merely each other’s tools of excitement.

 And Lux wanted that to change, starting right then.

“Can we still kiss? You know, while we’re getting to know each other?” He asked with a sneaky smirk on his lips.

“I don’t see why not,” Lux shrugged, trying her hardest to stifle her own smirk.

“Good. Because I like kissing you,” he said, smiling confidently.

“I like kissing you,” she told him truthfully.

A moment later, Louis leaned over and pecked her lips for added effect. 

“When’s your birthday?” Lux asked, starting with the most basic of questions.

“December 24th, 1991. Yours?” He answered before turning the question around on her.

“June 21st, 1992,” she told him.

And the rest of the afternoon went on like that. They were getting to know each other and that was all Lux could ask for. She found out that she and Louis had more in common than she would have ever guessed and she found it comforting how easy it was to talk to him – to share personal things about her life with him. He made her feel at ease and she really liked that about him.

By the time Lux heard her father come home, she and Louis were both laying side by side in her bed talking.

“I probably shouldn’t be in here,” Louis said, getting up quickly, making his way off of her bed. Lux stood up too as Louis dashed out of her room.

“Luxy, you home?” She heard her dad say.

“Yeah, Dad,” Lux said, walking toward the kitchen.

“Is Louis here?” He asked immediately.

“Uh, yeah. He just got here. We’re about to start working,” she told him. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Louis walk up from the hallway.

“Louis! How’s life?” Her dad asked, cheering up immediately at the sight of him.

“Why don’t I get a greeting like that?” Lux asked her dad, straight-faced.

“LUXY! How’s life?” Her dad mocked. Lux rolled her eyes and scoffed as she headed toward her and Louis’ untouched bags by the front door.

“Women,” her dad scoffed playfully. Louis chuckled a little under his breath, but didn’t make a comment.

“Come on, Louis. We don’t want to keep trigonometry waiting,” Lux said sarcastically.

“How much time until you start training for the season?” Her dad inquired about the spring soccer season just as Louis was about to follow Lux to the kitchen table.

“Try-outs are in a couple of weeks,” Louis told him.

“Dad, he’s my friend, not yours,” Lux reminded him, giving a little growl under her breath.

“Alright, alright. Luxy, he’s all yours,” her dad chuckled, giving Louis a pat on the back.

“I’ll talk to you later, Mr. Carver,” Louis smiled and headed toward the dining room table.

“Call me Chuck, Louis,” he said once again.

“Right,” Louis chuckled.

Lux and Louis worked a little while on their math homework. Louis was getting much better at it. Lux could tell he was putting less effort into it and he was almost always coming up with the right answers, and it made her proud. She was happy that she was able to help him come so far. It was truly rewarding.

Louis left around six, right before Lux’s dad had dinner ready. Her dad of course offered Louis to stay, but Louis insisted he needed to get home. Lux said goodbye to Louis at the door, where he left her with a wink and a wave goodbye, before she headed into the kitchen to have dinner with her dad at the center-island counter. 

“So, Luxy. How was your day?” Her dad asked, eyeballing her from his seat.

“Well, it just got a little bit better,” Lux smiled, thinking about how good things were going with Louis and his trigonometry.

“Why? Is my pasta that good?” He quipped, nudging her with his elbow lightly.

“Ha-ha. No,” she said sarcastically.

“Ouch. Straight through the heart,” her dad groaned, feigning pain as he laid his palm across his chest.

“No. It’s just that… Louis – he’s finally understanding trig. I’m just… I’m proud of him,” Lux told him as her smile practically ate her face alive.

“I’m proud of you. He would have never gotten this far without you, Luxy,” her dad said, smiling over at her.

“Yeah,” Lux said quietly.

“I noticed you called him your friend,” her dad said with a sideways smile.

“I guess… I guess we kind of are now,” Lux smiled, thinking back on the great conversation they had before her dad got home.

“That’s good. I’m glad. I’d like to see him still coming around here after the tutoring is over. He’s a good kid,” her dad said, nodding lightly.

“There’s always English,” Lux said with a smirk thinking back on Louis’ grammar issues.

“You’re a good kid, Luxy. And I’m glad you’re my kid,” her dad said, wrapping his arm around her, pulling her into a half hug.

“Even though you kind of wish you could adopt Louis?” She joked, smirking over at him.

“I wouldn’t have to adopt him, you know. There are ways around that,” her dad implied, quirking his eyebrow at her.

“Oh God, Dad. Never gonna happen,” Lux scoffed, rolling her eyes, thinking about all the times her dad dropped hints for her to let Louis in in the romantic sense.

“Why not?” He asked, dropping open his mouth in awe.

“It’s just not, okay,” Lux told him without explanation.

“Lux, you know you can talk to me about anything, right?” Her dad asked, getting serious all of a sudden.

“Yeah, I know,” she said as she shoved a fork full of ziti in her mouth.

“You know I’ll accept you for who you are no matter what, right?” He told her, giving her a look of compassion.

“Yeah. What are you getting at, old man?” Lux asked him, unusually confused by his cryptic words.

“I just… I don’t know. Do you enjoy the company of girls better than guys?” He finally asked.

“Did you just ask if I was a lesbian?” Lux said, nearly choked on her food.

“Well, I don’t know. You and Tyler have always been great friends. I thought maybe it was because you were similar. I don’t know, baby. Don’t take it the wrong way. You know I’ll accept you no matter what. Tyler’s a great kid. He’s always welcome here, you know that,” her dad awkwardly rambled on.

“Where did you come up with this? Because I haven’t had a boyfriend?” Lux chuckled, shaking her head at him. It was quite amusing.

“Well, that really didn’t concern me. I just wondered recently because of your adamant refusal to even think about Louis in that sort of light,” her dad explained, shrugging his shoulders.

“First of all, Louis and I don’t know each other that well. And second of all, there is a lot of history between us even though we don’t know each other that well. And what makes you think he’d ever think about dating me in the first place?” Lux retorted, knitting her eyebrows in question as she looked over at him.

“What makes you think he wouldn’t?” Her dad asked, heightening his eyebrows.

“Is this like, part of the guy bond you two formed? Do you talk about this sort of thing with him, Dad?” Lux asked, all of a sudden feeling a bit nauseated.

“No. Of course I haven’t talked about this with him. It’s just… I don’t know. There’s a lot of unworthy people out there, Lux. Unworthy of you because you’re such a great kid. But Louis, I see that greatness in him too,” her dad explained.

“Dad. Can we… can we just not talk about this? It’s making me uncomfortable,” Lux told him, squirming slightly in her seat as her chest started to tighten at the first makings of a panic attack.

“Sure,” her dad said and he went back to eating his food in silence. Lux did the same, feeling a whole new level of awkward.

Her father shipped Lux and Louis so hard, it was overwhelming.


Lux woke up the next morning from a dream of her and Louis making out on her bed. It felt so real, that she almost thought she was dreaming in reality. Except in the dream, she and Louis were both topless. And in her dream, her worries and cares were non-existent.

If only she could feel that way in real life.

“Hey, chica-babe!” Tyler said, poking her side as he met her at her locker that morning.

“Hey, Ty,” Lux said as she swapped out her books.

“I feel like I haven’t seen you in a while and I think I know why,” he said, letting his voice get high pitched at the end to exaggerate his point. Lux eyed him reproachfully.

“What? Am I right?” He laughed.

“Ty, I don’t mean to cut you out,” Lux said, letting her expression fade into that of apology. She missed her friend and she realized wasn’t around like she used to and it was because Louis came into her life.

“You know what, Lux – it’s completely okay, really. If I was getting some from Louis Tomlinson, you wouldn’t see me for weeks,” Tyler giggled.

“I’m not getting anything from Louis Tomlinson,” Lux shot at him in a hushed tone.

“Sure, sure,” Tyler said, rolling his eyes.

“Ty, I’m not. Louis and I – we kiss, okay. That’s it,” she told him.

“That’s it? That’s all you’ve done?” He asked, looking slightly disappointed.

“Well… I mean, he’s touched my boob,” Lux said sheepishly.

“Wow, girl. Way to give him the goods,” Tyler said sarcastically.

“It was under the bra!” Lux protested.

“And what have you done to him?” Tyler asked, eyeing her.

“Nothing!” Lux defended.

“Girl, if you don’t give him some goodies, he’s going to go looking elsewhere,” Tyler told her.

“And what do I care if he does? I’m not going to be a slut just to keep him around. If he can’t accept me, then why should he even be worth my time?” Lux said, getting overtly defensive.

“Preach it, sista. If most of these girls had your attitude on things, then maybe they wouldn’t be walking around here like the sad sacks they are,” Tyler giggled, looking around at their peers in the hallway.

“It’s just a lesson in self-worth. You have to have some self-respect to expect to get respect in return,” Lux said as she closed her locker.

“Lux, you’re preaching to the choir,” Tyler said, smiling knowingly at her.

“Whatever, Tyler. You’ll happily give it up to the first boy who bats his eyelashes at you,” Lux snickered, giving him a light hip-check.

“You’re totally right! Oh, I’m pathetic,” Tyler laughed.

“So, my dad kind of had a talk with me last night,” Lux told him, getting serious.

“The sex talk?” Tyler inquired.

“No, but had I indulged his constant acclamation of him trying to set me up with Louis, that would have been next,” she said and they both chuckled.

Tyler heard all about how her father praised Louis up and down. And how her dad was subtly trying to make Louis his son-in-law.

“What did he talk to you about?” Tyler asked curiously.

“He, no joke, asked if I was a lesbian,” Lux told him and Tyler burst out laughing.

“If I had any sort of beverage in my mouth right now, it would have hit that girl square in the face,” Tyler said, pointing at the girl across the way. Lux laughed out loud, imagining it.

“He asked you if you were a lesbian? Why?” Tyler asked seriously.

“I don’t know. Because I haven’t dated and I keep telling him Louis and I will never date,” she explained.

“Except you’re kind of already dating,” Tyler pointed out, to Lux’s dismay.

“Not even,” she said, shaking her head.

“There is proof,” Tyler said, putting his hand on his hip.

“What proof!?” Lux croaked out.

“His tongue, your mouth, girl. Plain and simple,” Tyler said, pursing his lips together to prove his point.

“No proof in that. It just… it happens. We’re not dating,” she said as the first bell blared through the hallway.

“Denial,” Tyler said in a sing-song voice.

“I’ve gotta go. See you after class,” Lux said as she began walking backwards down the hallway.

“Watch…” Tyler started to say as Lux smacked right into another body.

“…out,” Tyler finished.

“OH! Sorry!” Lux said, turning around to see Louis.

“It’s alright. I should have swerved,” he said, smiling at her.

“Uh…” Lux stammered.

“I’ll see you in English?” He asked, looking hopeful and excited and beautiful.

“Yup,” Lux said, nodding her head lightly.

“Alright. Bye Lux,” he said, never letting his smile drop off his lips.

“Bye, Louis,” Lux said, still frozen in place as she watched him walk off.

“YOU’RE DATING!” Tyler screamed in her face snapping her out of her daze.

“Shut up and get to class!” Lux said, waving him off as she sprinted in the direction of her own class.


As soon as we Louis was standing at Lux’s door after school, she wanted to kiss him. Somehow, she wanted to make her dream a reality. And she didn’t know how much it made her into a harlot or how normal it was to feel these feelings, but she just wanted it to happen. She wanted their skin to touch. She had never felt this way before and it kind of scared her.

Louis sat down on the couch as soon as he was let in the door and it sort of confused her at first because the past couple days, they just headed straight to the bedroom. But then she remembered she asked to get to know him.

“So soccer season is starting soon,” he said, breaking the ice.

“Yeah,” she said as she sat down next to him.

“I’m kind of scared,” he admitted.

“Scared? Of what?” She asked, rather confused. He caught her off guard with his confession.

“Of not being good enough,” he said, looking down at his hands.

“Louis, I may not know soccer, but I have heard people talk about you. They sing your praises. Even my dad – before you started coming around here – he was like ‘heard he’s got quite the set of legs on him’,” Lux said, trying to do an impression of her dad. Louis looked up at her and chuckled.

“I’m not worried about what other people think. I’m worried about what the scouts will think. I need to get a scholarship. I’m banking on a sports scholarship. As you already know, my academics leave a lot to be desired,” he said in a self-deprecating way.

“I’m sure you’ll be just fine,” she said.

“I need to more than just fine. I need to be great,” he retorted.

“You are great,” she assured him.

“Thanks,” he said, smiling bashfully at her.

His smile reminded her how hard it always was for her to be a shoulder for someone to lean on – how she never had the right words to say to make someone feel better, but with Louis it just came so natural. She wanted to make him feel better. There was just something about him.

“I think we’re doing pretty well,” Lux told him.

“At what?” He asked.

“Getting to know each other,” Lux said, smiling shyly.

“I think so too,” he said, smiling back.

“I’m not good at giving advice,” she admitted, causing him to look up at her oddly.

“That’s something I need to work on – being there for people,” she told him.

“You were just there for me,” he pointed out.

“I know. That’s why I brought it up. I surprised myself,” she said to him and he chuckled.

“Maybe I’m special,” he said, smirking at her.

“Maybe,” she said with a shrug. 

His look in her direction lingered, and it caused her stomach to turn almost violently. Oh, God. What was Louis Tomlinson doing to her?

“Can I kiss you?” He asked quietly.

“Uh-huh,” she breathed. 

Louis’ lips were delicate and smooth. And she missed them more than she cared to admit. She felt his arm wrap around her waist as he pulled her a little closer to him on the couch.

“I like you, Lux,” Louis breathed in her ear. 

Lux froze immediately – her body went stiff as a board.

“Does that scare you?” He asked, pulling back to look into her eyes.

“A little,” she admitted.

“Is it so hard to believe?” He asked.

“A little,” she replied.

Louis sighed and let his arm fall away from her. 

“I’m sorry,” Lux whispered, realizing she just ruined the moment with her awkwardness.

“What do you have to be sorry for?” He asked, furrowing his brow in concern.

“I just made everything awkward,” she sighed, flopping back against the couch.

“No, Lux. It’s cool,” he said with a reassuring smile.

“Why do you like me?” Lux asked boldly. He chuckled as he looked over at her.

“There are a lot of reasons,” he smiled, looking so sincere, it made her weak.

“Enlighten me,” she told him quietly.

“Well, for one, you’re blunt and a lot of the times you do make situations awkward…” He told her flat-out. She made a frowny face, feeling like the biggest loser ever.

“But I enjoy that about you. And you’re smart, which is really attractive. And when you first started tutoring me, you put me in my place… a lot, which I needed. And you’re funny and witty and you don’t care what other people think about you. And you’re beautiful, Lux. You really are. Inside and out,” he explained.

Was this the point where she should burst into tears? Because she almost felt like doing just that. She was so in awe of him. No one besides her dad spoke about her like that.

“Oh, is that all?” Lux joked, trying to lighten the intensity of the moment. Louis laughed out loud.

“There’s more. There will always be more, but for your ego’s sake, I’ll stop there,” he said, smirking at her.

“Well, my humbleness thanks you then,” she quipped with a smirk back.

“You know, once you get comfortable, that awkwardness sure disappears, doesn’t it?” Louis said, giving her a sideways smile.

“I guess so,” Lux said, feeling her cheeks pinking immediately.

“You’re cute,” he told her and she was certain her blushing would never cease if he continued on like that.

“Louis…” Lux said as she stood up from the couch.

“Yeah?” He answered, looking up at her.

“Come on,” she said and nodded toward the direction of her bedroom.

He didn’t speak a word, just followed her to her room and had his lips on her before she could kick the bedroom door closed. They toppled onto the bed and she giggled like she always did.

Louis looked down into her eyes as he pushed back the hair that fell in front of her face. He was just watching her and she secretly wondered what he was looking for, what he was thinking of. Her brow furrowed, looking back into his eyes. She figured he took it as a cue to continue on, because his lips came down to capture hers once again.

And they kissed for quite a while.

Frustration sunk in when Louis’ hands stayed put on Lux’s hips and did not make the ascent up her shirt. Somehow it wasn’t the same at all. It wasn’t satisfying without Louis’ hands touching her. And with that thought, she knew she was changing as a person. She was growing as a person.

Lux pulled away slightly, trying to get his attention. Louis’ lips took that as an opportunity to descend down her jaw line.

“Touch me, Louis,” Lux growled lightly. 

Louis stopped and pulled back, looking into her eyes.

“What?” She asked, feeling a little bashful that she just spoke those words out loud.

“Are you… are you sure?” He stammered.

“I mean, you’ve done it before,” she said, shrugging lightly, trying to act as if it was no big deal, when they both knew it was.

He never had full-on permission before. It was always just a sneaky little move she let him get away with. 

“Please. It’s not the same,” she said quietly, almost desperate in her plea. 

She couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of her mouth. And neither could Louis. He looked taken aback – happy, but taken aback nonetheless. 

“It’s okay,” she said, remembering how it felt to be carefree in her dream.

Louis leaned back down and took her lips with his as his hand immediately slipped up her shirt. But just as they were getting back into the groove, the doorbell rang.

Unghh,” Lux groaned as she and Louis stopped. They both sat up and straightened out their clothing.

“I’ll be right back,” Lux sighed, getting off the bed to head out of her room.

When she flung open the front door, she was greeted with Tyler’s sunshine face.

“Hey, bestie!” He waved.

“Ty! Hi!” Lux choked out.

“Hey, girl. What are you up to?” He asked, giving her a sneaky smile.

“Uh, nothing,” she said, averting her gaze momentarily before deciding to just face him. He was going to see right through her anyway.

Being the perceptive dude he was, Tyler cocked his eyebrow at her and studied her reaction. 

“Your boy toy is here. Isn’t, he?” Tyler asked, trying to look into the house over her shoulder.

“Uh… yeah,” she said quietly.

“Oooh, girl. How does it feel to be dating the captain of the soccer team? Oh captain, my captain,” Tyler said, swatting at Lux playfully.

“We’re not dating,” Lux growled through her teeth for about the hundredth time. Tyler wouldn’t let up.

“I’ll let you get back to that,” he chuckled.

“Ty, if you wanna hang out—” Lux said, feeling unbelievably bad that her best friend was standing at her door and she was busy, once again.

“NO! No, no, girl. You have business to attend to,” he giggled.

“Why are all the men in my life determined to get me with Louis?” Lux said in a hushed tone, rolling her eyes.

“Who? Me and your dad?” Tyler chuckled.

“And Louis,” she said quietly.

“OH MY GOODNESS. Go get him!” Tyler said, shooing her back into the house.

“Ty, if you want to hang out—” Lux said again.

“I’ll go see what Chelsea is up to. You go get it, girl,” Tyler said, turning to leave.

“Ty…” Lux said.

“Yeah?” He asked, looking over his shoulder.

“You’re a good friend,” she told him sincerely.

“Your best,” he said and puckered his lips together sending her a kiss before he headed off.

Louis was still seated on Lux’s bed, patiently awaiting her return. His face brightened once she was over the threshold, closing the door again.

“Who was it?” Louis asked.

“My friend, Tyler,” she told him.

“Oh. Okay,” he said, nodding his head.

As Lux made her way back to the bed, her cell phone rang.

“Distractions. Distractions,” she scowled as Louis chuckled.

It was her dad calling to tell her he would be home late.

“Why don’t you and Louis order a pizza?” Her dad offered.

“Why would you assume Louis is here?” Lux questioned.

“Well, is he?” Her dad asked knowingly.

“Yeah,” she said quietly and Louis chuckled.

“Ha,” her dad laughed.

“Yeah, we’ll order a pizza,” Lux said sheepishly.

“I’ll see you later, baby doll,” he told her.

“Bye, Dad,” Lux said, ending the call.

“My dad’s gonna be late,” Lux told Louis.

“More time for me to kiss you then,” he said, smiling as he leaned in to start it back up.

Lux giggled as he pulled her down on top of him, enjoying being with him in that moment – being the only girl that was on his mind. And Lux had to admit that the thought of it gave her the best kind of butterflies.

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