Superquack, a grim superhero with Super Strength who is used to working alone, meets a woman named Morgan, a female rookie with powers that, unlike him, she has little control over. Only days after this unlikely pair is assigned to team up to fight a robotic monstrosity. The only problem is, they are horrible at working together, both of them have erratic driving skills, and worst of all, they have fallen into the trap of a mysterious criminal mastermind! That's when the two of them learn that teamwork is the ultimate weapon against the Darkness.

Who will win? Who will lose? Who will live? Who will die? Find out now!


15. Vs. The Dinobot

As soon as the Dinobot had crushed the truck, it tried to pounce on Strattogale and Morgan.

Superquack froze. He could barely see his friends under the enormous robot. But something was keeping the Dinobot from crushing the girls completely. A magnetic field! Morgan was keeping her and her teammate safe by projecting an invisible magnetic field.

The Dinobot used its claws to bang the girls, but to no effect. Finally, it pressed hard with its full weight. So hard that Morgan hit her head against its metal bottom and passed out. Although Strattogale could not see the shield, she knew it must have vanished.

"Morgan!" she yelled.

Superquack couldn't just stand there. Without thinking he dove under the Dinobot and benchpressed it up and away from his teammates.

"Superquack! You came to our rescue!" Strattogale shouted with glee.

"Go! Go!" Superquack shouted, barely lifting the robot.

Strattogale grabbed Morgan and flew out from under. Then she hustled Morgan behind a brick skyscraper. "Wait here and stay hidden until you recover," said Strattogale.

"I'm OK, Strattogale really!" Morgan protested.

"I said, 'Stay here!'" said Strattogale. "OK?" Then she headed out to help Superquack.

Meanwhile, Superquack tried raising the robot an inch higher so he could climb out as well. But then the Dinobot reached toward Superquack, grabbing him and slamming him through the window to the Quackville University. Superquack got up and landed a powerful punch. The Dinobot hit the ground hard, but got right back up.

In the same instant, bolts of fire began rupturing the Dinobot's hull.

"Macroburst? Yeah!" Superquack yelled, happy to see his buddy on the case. Macroburst had gone out the window and now joined the fight. Help was on the way!

Superquack turned back to his foe. He was about to charge again when Strattogale came running. "Superquack--"

Superquack was about to respond, but then the Dinobot flung Macroburst onto the roof of a car. "Hey!" he shouted.

The Dinobot backhanded its foe into the side of a building, and Strattogale turned her attention to the robot. As Morgan tried to knock it over with a pounding splash, Macroburst fired at every part of their foe, trying to find a weakpoint. Strattogale took flight and flew laps around it, attempting to confuse it.

Meanwhile, Superquack shook off the momentary pain and noticed Mr. Baby Tutu's boot on the ground. What is this? he wondered. Then he recalled Mr. Baby Tutu wielding it while on the Dinobot's head. Is this--it is! Superquack couldn't believe his luck. The remote controlled everything on the Dinobot--if only we can find out how it works!

He grabbed the gadget and held it high. "Mr. Baby Tutu's remote!" he shouted triumphantly.

But the Dinobot heard him as well. Within moments it got its claw around Superquack and lifted him high into the air. 20 feet above the street he noticed a cougar in the distance, looking for another human to eat. Crap. Almost forgot about them... He looked around him at the Dinobot's griping claw. He pushed buttons on the boot frantically...and one knocked the arm lifting him out of its socket. A second limb fell to the ground and released Superquack, who landed nearby.

The Dinobot turned its attention and fired lasers at Superquack. Superquack dodged the blasts until he heard Morgan calling to him and jumping up and down.

"Superquack!" his sidekick called. "Throw it to me!"

"Catch!" Superquack shouted. Morgan took flight and zoomed down the street as Superquack threw the boot like a football. She flew past a lake and caught the gadget just as it was about to fall into the lake.

But now the Dinobot went after Morgan. It used its lasers to fire at a ring of cars, causing an explosion that cornered Morgan. Morgan would have flown out if she wasn't so shocked.

"Strattogale!" Superquack shouted. Just then, a tiger charged. Superquack reacted quickly and threw it into a wall, knocking it out cold. "Take out its gun!"

Just then, the Dinobot landed a hit on Superquack, but thanks to his suit's indestructibility he wasn't hurt. It was its last take with the weapon. Strattogale flew ahead of the Dinobot, then circled back around and snatched its laser cannon. Then she used it to take out the beast that had tried to kill Superquack and started searching for the rest of the beasts, using the Dinobot's laser cannon to blast any that she found.

On the other side of the lake, Macroburst swooped in to save Morgan and took off. The Dinobot folded its limbs in and thundered after Macroburst, who created a path of fire to escape. The robot knew it needed to get the remote back.

Still gripping Morgan tight, Macroburst zoomed past a car and over the lake, continuing the fiery path that could not hurt him. The Dinobot re-extended its limbs and vaulted at the Supers, nearly landing on them. It landed right behind its opposers, creating an enormous splash. Macroburst zoomed for the edge and jumped onto the road, accidentally dropping Morgan. Morgan landed on the stream and started sucking it. What a snack this will make! The closest thing to lava there is. As she began to suck, she saw the remote land beside her and behind Superquack. But--the mission!

Superquack turned and rushed for the remote, but the Dinobot fired its claw, trapping Superquack in its metal pincers and tumbling to a stop down the road and away from the remote.

Meanwhile, Strattogale blasted one last bear. "Well, there goes the last beast," she said, dropping the laser cannon.

The Dinobot was about to reach for the cannon when Morgan used her telekinesis to pull it away and into her hand. Then she rushed back over toward Macroburst. "I've got it! I've got the remote!"

"A remote?" asked Macroburst. "A remote that controls what?" Morgan pushed a button, and the robot's claw slammed into the ground. Then she pushed another, and it took off and rocketed back into the road. "The robot?"

Behind them, Superquack tried to pry the claw open, but to no avail.

"It's getting closer," Morgan warned as the Dinobot got up and bore down on the Supers. Strattogale rushed over to join them. Then she joined in and they all pushed random buttons, trying to destroy the Dinobot.

Suddenly, the remote opened the claw that had held Superquack pinned to the street. He stood up and watched the Dinobot take another step toward the Supers.

"That wasn't right," he heard Morgan say.

Then he heard Strattogale say, "Gimme that!"

Macroburst zoomed forward on his flame line and fired bolts at the Dinobot in an attempt to stall it.

Just then, Strattogale had an idea. She pushed the center button, which knocked off the Dinobot's third leg. Seeing her chance, she pushed it again and again, knocking off the Dinobot's last leg and remaining arm. The Dinobot was restrained, but it could still roll.

Why has it stopped? Superquack wondered. Not like we want it to try rolling, but still. It's still active. The only thing tough enough to destroy it is-- He remembered the Dinobot 4000 punching holes in itself. Is its claws!

He picked up the claw and aimed it at the robot. Then Strattogale pushed another button, hoping to finish it. The loose claw Superquack was holding reactivated its rockets. Superquack struggled for footing, trying to control the claw. "Strattogale!" he called, his voice strained.

Strattogale pushed the button again, and the rockets turned off. That gave Superquack an idea. "Wait a second. Push that button again!"

"Got it," Strattogale replied. The robot continued to bear on them. "What are you trying to accomplish with this?"

"Strattogale, just trust me!" Superquack replied.

Strattogale pushed it, and the rocket fired. "Everybody duck!" Superquack shouted, and released the claw. It flew right through the center of the Dinobot, carrying a huge chunk of inner machinery with it. What was left of the crippled robot fell into the river and exploded in a mass of showers and sparks. The Supers watched its every circuit blow.

"Wasn't bad working with you, Strattogale," said Superquack, walking up to her.

Just then, a crowd of Quackville citizens gathered around and cheered. The Supers had returned!

But Mr. Baby Tutu was still on the grounds. He peered over the roof to see the Supers at the center of the applauding crowd. "Huh?" I thought I got rid of them! Unless... Then he saw what was left of the Dinobot in the lake. "No!" he growled. This isn't over!

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