Superquack, a grim superhero with Super Strength who is used to working alone, meets a woman named Morgan, a female rookie with powers that, unlike him, she has little control over. Only days after this unlikely pair is assigned to team up to fight a robotic monstrosity. The only problem is, they are horrible at working together, both of them have erratic driving skills, and worst of all, they have fallen into the trap of a mysterious criminal mastermind! That's when the two of them learn that teamwork is the ultimate weapon against the Darkness.

Who will win? Who will lose? Who will live? Who will die? Find out now!


11. Unleashing The Dinobot

Mr. Baby Tutu was shocked at his son's betrayal, but he didn't let that stop him. Can't let that hold me back. Time to finish what I started, with or without his help.

He pushed a button, and a security camera activated. He could now see the Supers perfectly. "Supers of goodness!" he called over the loudspeaker. "Your trap you face will ensure your death! It was such a challenge, deciding which weapon to use for your demise, so I decided to use...all of them!"

Superquack gulped. Only now did he notice they were surrounded by a laser cannon, 20-foot bow-and-arrow, and giant ax. A slide was positioned above their heads.

"Picture this," Mr. Baby Tutu continued. "I first play a song and voila! The whole execution begins. After the song is over, the bowling ball is released, hitting your heads! Brilliant! And on the finishing touches--" He paused for effect--"the arrow will shoot, the ax will fall, and the bust crusher will crush the lights, leaving you three Super-losers in the dark! You see this laser cannon? If you haven't noticed, it's pointed at you! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!"

Suddenly, a voice called over the com: "Time is up. Release Dinobot and wild beasts."

Mr. Baby Tutu wasted no time. He took out a key and put it in a small slot, causing the systems to activate. He pushed a button, and the Dinobot's rocket unleashed its jets and roared into the sky.

As the rocket flew around the world toward Quackville, Mr. Baby Tutu began the long descent down to the prison chamber. Then he reached for his remote, beaconing to the beasts to begin their dance from the jungle.

Meanwhile, the Dinobot reached the city and landed, its sensors hungry for overkill. The rocket parted and it got up, to be surrounded by tanks.

"Fire at will!" one man shouted. "And abandon!"

The Dinobot's mighty hull absorbed the blasts, and it used its built in laser to annihlate a tank.

Meanwhile, thanks to Mr. Baby Tutu the Supers saw everything on TV. A giant screen showed a crowd gathered around a large craft that unleashed the Dinobot exactly as it happened.

"Huh?" said Mr. Baby Tutu to the Supers and their reaction at the ongoing destruction of Quackville. "Isn't this epic? Just as all hope is lost for your precious cit, Supercob (my new name) will save the day! I'll be the greatest hero ever!"

Strattoglae gritted her teeth. "Wait, you killed off real heroes so you could...pretend to be one?"

"I'm real," he said. "Real enough to beat you! I'll give them heroics, and the world will see me for what I really am. A genius, not a geek with a stupid name. I will never be made fun of again!" Mr. Baby Tutu glanced at the screen and cackled darkly. "So long, suckers! My death trap will finish you!" He headed toward the door and turned on the CD player. "You hear this? It's Justin Bieber's top hit, Baby. Enjoy!" He exited through the door in triumph. "Who knows? Maybe they'll rename the city Cobville. Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Mr. Baby Tutu continued to smile darkly as he made for his hover jet. Had Mr. Tutusymbol not betrayed him he would have let him come along. Screw him. I don't need him anymore.

And then the jet came into view and he climbed on for the fateful trip to Quackville.

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