Superquack, a grim superhero with Super Strength who is used to working alone, meets a woman named Morgan, a female rookie with powers that, unlike him, she has little control over. Only days after this unlikely pair is assigned to team up to fight a robotic monstrosity. The only problem is, they are horrible at working together, both of them have erratic driving skills, and worst of all, they have fallen into the trap of a mysterious criminal mastermind! That's when the two of them learn that teamwork is the ultimate weapon against the Darkness.

Who will win? Who will lose? Who will live? Who will die? Find out now!


6. Superquack and Morgan

Superquack and Morgan had just gotten home. They had used mechanical wings, provided by Mr. Tutusymbol, to fly them to an airplane bound for Quackville.

In Quackville, Superquack refitted his car so its markings matched his new suit. He and Morgan started to get to know each other. For the next two months they went on dates together, to the Timpanogus Cave, bowling alley, Classic Fun Center, and others.

One night in the library, Superquack and Morgan were reading when Superquack's crime instinct kicked in. There was trouble nearby. He looked up and probed his X-ray vision to spot the trouble without fail: there was a fire at the grocery store.

Morgan could see the orange glow of the burning market from a block away. She and Superquack were the first to arrive at the scene. Together, they ran into the burning building, found the unconscious shoppers, and stacked them on their shoulders.

"Is that everybody?" Morgan asked Superquack, using her pounding splash move to try and put out the fire.

"It should be," Superquack replied.

"It had better be!" said Morgan, throwing out another gust of water. "I like you, Superquack. Always so--"

A large chunk of the ceiling mashed to the floor in a burning heap. Superquack looked around. "There's no time for conversation, Morgan! The building's getting weaker by the second! It'll fall on top of us!"

"Not if I can put this out!"

Superquack sighed. "Morgan, just run. I've found a way out." He ran full speed down the flaming isle. Morgan was right behind him. Morgan gave one last splash before Superquack yelled and smashed through the brick wall. They hit the ground hard, and the victims tumbled off. Saved! he thought.

Morgan stood up, brushed herself off, and looked around. Gosh, I wonder how much more water--the fire's out! We've done it!

They left the victims where they were and took off in their cars. Both of them were neck-in-neck, 50 feet from the turn leading them to both houses. "Morgan," said Superquack, rolling down his window. "Can you hear me?"

Morgan turned. "Yes, Superquack. What is it?"

"Will you please be my sidekick?"

The turn was now 10 feet ahead. "I...will think about it," said Morgan, and turned right. Superquack turned left.

At home, Superquack dialed Morgan's number. "Hello? Is this Morgan?"

"It is," Morgan replied.

"Will you be my sidekick?"

"I have given it some thought," said Morgan. "I will."

"Great!" Superquack replied. "But you'll have to sew my symbol on your dress."

"I will," said Morgan. "Bye."

"Bye," said Superquack. A loner no more.

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