Superquack, a grim superhero with Super Strength who is used to working alone, meets a woman named Morgan, a female rookie with powers that, unlike him, she has little control over. Only days after this unlikely pair is assigned to team up to fight a robotic monstrosity. The only problem is, they are horrible at working together, both of them have erratic driving skills, and worst of all, they have fallen into the trap of a mysterious criminal mastermind! That's when the two of them learn that teamwork is the ultimate weapon against the Darkness.

Who will win? Who will lose? Who will live? Who will die? Find out now!


5. Showdown

Clad in his new suit, Superquack drove to a playground. He stepped outside, where Morgan was waiting. "Hello, Superquack," she said. "It's time to streak across the Web Maze. You can lead the way."

Superquack didn't question the necessity of the maze. Instead he stepped through the entrance and led Morgan across the maze of artificial webs. At the end he was shocked to find a luxurious jet with its ramp folded down.

As they walked up the ramp Superquack noticed the same preteen who had answered him on the phone was waiting at the doorway. He was unusually tall and wore a green cowboy hat. "Hello, Superquack," he said. "Whoa! You got a new suit? It's nice! Be my guest," he added as they reached the doorway. "My name is Mr. Tutusymbol."

As Morgan rushed inside, Superquack shook his hand. "Morgan, this is Mr. Tutusymbol. Morgan?"

He turned. Morgan had taken a seat on a cushioned bench and was eating a bag of popcorn she had made out of thin air. Superquack sighed as he stepped inside to sit by her.

The jet took off, primed for the secret location of the trouble. Superquack and Morgan watched a TV show until Mr. Tutusymbol walked in. The flatscreen TV reclined into the ceiling, and Mr. Tutusymbol sat down on the opposite bench. "The Dinobot 4000 is a top secret robotic monster." His hands worked across the keyboard, and a screen popped up. "Its intelligence and invincibility enable it to stop anyone in its way. And unfortunately we lost control of it, and now it's loose in the jungle. We've had to remove all the animals and personnel for their own safety."

Superquack finally interrupted. Gosh, Morgan's being awfully silent. "Then how will we destroy it, if it's invincible?"

"You don't," Mr. Tutusymbol replied. "You shut it down."

"But how will we get on the island?" Superquack replied. "You'll need to--"

"Defense against the Dinobot requires an airdrop from 13,000 feet," Mr. Tutusymbol replied. It had been a while since Superquack had been airdropped. He nodded, but secretly he couldn't wait. "We built it with a device that can cloak its presence. And obviously it costed us a fortune. My father and I have been saving up our whole lives."

Morgan finally spoke. "So you want us to shut it down, but not actually destroy it."

"You are the world's greatest superheroes," Mr. Tutusymbol replied with a sly smile.

The seat reclined and quickly drove both Supers toward the drop-pod bay. The seat tried to enter into the pod, but Superquack's beak was in the way. Mr. Tutusymbol cranked up the controls up to full blast, bending Superquack's beak and whisking them inside. As the same bench embedded itself inside the pod, it moved to the edge of the ship. Mr. Tutusymbol entered the bay and pressed the SPEAKER switch. "I've got to warn you, it's a copycat," he told them. "Every move you make it will attempt to backfire."

"Great. Thanks," said Superquack. With that the pod blasted from the jet into the clouds above their location, Tutu Island. The pod dropped and ejected propellers at the last minute, guiding it safely to the jungle below.

Then both of them tried to climb out, but failed. "Let's get out one at a time," Morgan said. Her plan worked, and both exited the pod with ease. Freed, Morgan shot Superquack a brief smile. They were ready for action.

They began a search through the wide terrain. Finally, Superquack saw a claw embedded in a tree. "The Dinobot is behind those two trees," he finally observed.

"How do you know?" Morgan asked.

"I have X-Ray vision, that's how!"

Superquack was right. Two large, metal claws pulled the two trees apart effortlessly and their owner towered to its full height. The Dinobot 4000 aimed at Superquack first, trying to stomp on him. Both Supers retaliated, trying every trick they knew, punching, lunging, outmaneuvering, no effect. Suddenly its head and limbs folded in. What's it doing? thought Superquack.

He soon had his answer. The Dinobot now resembled a giant rolling pin as it chased the Supers. Superquack and Morgan ran as fast as they could, until they reached a slanted cliff. The Dinobot's head and limbs quickly retracted so it could land on its feet. It stood in front of them and started tearing out chunks of rock, throwing them at its enemies. Morgan managed to dodge them all, but the last one hit Superquack. He slammed into the other side, but the Dinobot lunged at him. Superquack leaped aside...and into a pit of lava!

He hit the pinnacle hard, soon to be joined by Morgan and then the Dinobot. The Dinobot used its right hand to push Superquack toward the lava and its left to do the same to Morgan. Superquack strained to push its hand back, but to no avail. To his surprise, Morgan was not trying to push it back at all. Finally, Superquack yelled as he pulled the Dinobot's and toward the lava, followed by its body. However, Morgan was pulled in as well.

Superquack stared down, speechless, at the bubbling lava. I can't beleive I defeated my own friend!

Just then, Morgan jumped out, completely unharmed. "Don't worry, I'm OK. Lava is my favorite drink!"

Superquack laughed, and Morgan laughed with him.

Just then, the Dinobot emerged! Lava dripped from its hull as it spun its hands in a quick 360, trying to drip the lava off on them. Superquack and Morgan were unharmed, but the Dinobot was undaunted. It grabbed both of them at once with both hands, trying to break them in half! Both screamed in pain until Superquack's backbone broke. He smiled. The Dinobot was better than a chiropractor! With newfound strength he lunged forward, tearing the Dinobot's hand out of its socket. He jumped to the bottom, soon to be followed by Morgan, who had quickly gotten free.

Superquack tore a hole out of the Dinobot and crawled inside, hoping to find a weakpoint in there. "Morgan! Get in!" he called. Morgan was about to argue when Superquack grabbed her by the arm and whisked her inside.

The plan worked even better than Superquack had hoped. The Dinobot began punching holes in its hull to get at its enemies, eventually tearing several holes in itself. The robot was somewhat frozen when Superquack climbed to the top and punched its head off. He whistled to the Dinobot and ducked inside. The Dinobot reached inside its head to grab Superquack, but ended up tearing its batteries out instead. As Superquack pulled Morgan out, the Dinobot fell over. Dead.

From inside a hovering shuttle, Mr. Tutusymbol and his mysterious employer watched the battle end.

"Surprising," the mystery man said to Mr. Tutusymbol as they watched Superquack and Morgan exit the volcano. "We must talk to them. Deactivate the security systems, and...invite 'em to dinner. And have them throw pies."


Later that evening, Superquack and Morgan opened the door to an enormous dining room. No one was there. Morgan glanced at her watch and whispered to Superquack that they were early. The dining room had a terrace overlooking the scenery below, and the lavishly set table was placed in front of a wall of molten lava.

Suddenly, a rumble was heard and the lava wall parted, revealing a passageway. Superquack backed toward the door and pulled Morgan with him. Superquack stayed put, but Morgan peeked through a crack in the door to listen. Two figures were visible behind the falls. She recognized one as Mr. Tutusymbol, but the second was obscured behind the lava. "Be especially kind to them," she heard the second figure whisper. "Praise them. Tell them we appreciate their abilities." Morgan grimaced at the sound of it and closed the door. But then Mr. Tutusymbol opened it a moment later to see the two of them, seemingly having just arrived simultaneously.

They sat at a 20-foot table, the lava waterfall behind them. "What would you like to eat?" Mr. Tutusymbol asked as both Supers read a menu.

"I'll have the Philly Sushi," Superquack replied.

Mr. Tutusybol nodded, and the section of the table in front of Superquack slid open to reveal Philidelphia Sushi on a plate. Slabs of ginger, along with a pair of chopsticks, were on the side. Superquack took the chopsticks and easily picked up a piece.

Mr. Tutusymbol turned to Morgan. "And you, Morgan?"

"Rice pizza," Morgan replied formally.

A hatch opened in the ceiling, revealing a mechanical hand with a plate. A moment later, pepperoni and cheese were on a blanket of rice, on the plate, before Morgan's eyes.

"I take it our host, mind you, I saw his shadow, is--" Suprquack began.

"I'm sorry. He isn't eating with us tonight," said Mr. Tutusymbol with a wave of his hand. In front of him was a plate of cheesy potatoes and a goblet of fizzy. "He hopes you'll understand. He's my father."

"Of course," Superquack replied casually. "I do make it a point to know who I'm saving."

Mr. Tutusymbol explained that his father preferred to be safe. "Surely you, of all people, understand that."

Morgan had been looking at the surroundings. "Excuse me, sir. I was just wondering...of all places to dine, why eat by a wall of lava?"

"Because he prefers to guard the kitchen. So do I. Paranoia...a weakness we share."

"Sounds unstable to me," Morgan replied.

"I prefer to think of it as misunderstood," Mr. Tutusymbol replied, sipping his goblet.

Morgan chuckled. "Haven't we all felt paranoid before?"

"We stored it in buckets made from the same material as the Dinobot. It was to run on a cycle. And about the is it?"

"Everything's delicious," Superquack replied. Morgan and Mr. Tutusymbol's conversation had given him time to finish eating.

"What he said," Morgan replied formally.

"Let's throw pies," Mr. Tutusymbol said, looking at Superquack from behind his raised glass.

With that, Superquack's plate retracted into the table, soon to be replaced by a towering pile of boysenberry pies. The same happened on Morgan' side.

Superquack threw the first pie on Morgan. Morgan threw one in her pile back, which accidentally hit Mr. Tutusymbol instead. Mr. Tutusymbol threw a pie at Morgan, which landed directly. Pies flew through the air, scoring hits on all three, until the pile was gone.

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