Superquack, a grim superhero with Super Strength who is used to working alone, meets a woman named Morgan, a female rookie with powers that, unlike him, she has little control over. Only days after this unlikely pair is assigned to team up to fight a robotic monstrosity. The only problem is, they are horrible at working together, both of them have erratic driving skills, and worst of all, they have fallen into the trap of a mysterious criminal mastermind! That's when the two of them learn that teamwork is the ultimate weapon against the Darkness.

Who will win? Who will lose? Who will live? Who will die? Find out now!


4. Morgan's Message

An hour later, Superquack arrived home with his suit. He had stopped for a late lunch on the way home.

Superquack hung up his suit, sat down, and took out his cell phone. He was just about to dial the first button of Morgan's number when the phone started ringing. Good. The appointment must be over then. He pushed speak, only to get a message.

"Hello, Superquack," Morgan said. "I am now going to tell you the message as promised. Please pay attention as this message will mean a lot to you and will not be repeated. We have something in common, you and me. We are both--" she paused--"educated superheroes, and the last ones alive."

Superquack grabbed a pencil and took out his 5-section notebook. He didn't want to miss any of this.

"I got this message from the designing and testing center on a remote island at top secret," Morgan continued. "The world is in need of our unique abilities. Something happened there. A highly experimental robotic monster has escaped their control. It threatens to cause countless damage to the testing facilities and the island. Because this mission is top-secret, you will not ever get any credit from the world."

Superquack scribbled NO "THANKS" on his pad.

"If you accept, the intensity of the upcoming battle will be at least triple what you're used to. But that'll be worth it because you'll get paid a lot for your service."

Superquack scribbled BIG $$$$ under his previous note.

"Call the number on the card," said Morgan. "Voice sounds will be used to calm security. The superheroes aren't all gone. We're still here. We can still do this. Or you can do a normal basis. Oh! And on more thing. I'll help you in this big fight. You have 6 hours to respond." Morgan winked. "Think about it."

Superquack finished scribbling. His mind was reeling. Just then a business card ejected from the bottom of the cell phone.

He immediately dialed the number on the card. To his surprise, a preteen's voice answered. "This is Superquack," he said. "I'm in." He hung up and glanced at his suit on its hanger.

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