Superquack, a grim superhero with Super Strength who is used to working alone, meets a woman named Morgan, a female rookie with powers that, unlike him, she has little control over. Only days after this unlikely pair is assigned to team up to fight a robotic monstrosity. The only problem is, they are horrible at working together, both of them have erratic driving skills, and worst of all, they have fallen into the trap of a mysterious criminal mastermind! That's when the two of them learn that teamwork is the ultimate weapon against the Darkness.

Who will win? Who will lose? Who will live? Who will die? Find out now!


10. Imprisoned

Superquack awoke to find himself in Mr. Baby Tutu's prison chamber. He was bound by red wires on a large board next to Morgan and Strattogale, who were already awake. Mr. Baby Tutu stood triumphantly over the last survivors.

"You guys truly are the world's greatest heroes," Mr. Baby Tutu said enthusiastically. "You know what? I always new you were tough, but tricking the probe by playing dead? Ohhh, man! I'm still kickin' pots over it!" His face suddenly soured. "Then you had to ruin the best part. I mean, who's calling for help now?" Just then, he remembered Strattogale was there with them. Huh? "All right, what spell did you cast?"

"Spell? What are you talking about?" Morgan replied.

Mr. Baby Tutu signaled to Mr. Tutusymbol, who cranked up the machine from 10,000 to 30,000. A jolt of electricity burst from the wires and jolted Morgan briefly. "I am referring to the distress call at 22:07. While you were hiding away from my bomb, you brought a Super back from the dead."

"I didn't know...she was on your list of enemies," Morgan said in pain.

Mr. Baby Tutut sent a similar signal, and Mr. Tutusymbol raised it from 30,000 to 375,000. "And now Strattogale is at large. What spell did you cast?" Mr. Baby Tutu demanded in a rage.

"I did not cast...a spell," Morgan grimaced.

"Perhaps I can make things straight, guys," said Mr. Tutusymbol.

That did it. Superquack reached out his arms from the wires and reached for Mr. Baby Tutu. Mr Tutusymbol pushed him out of the way, but Superquack grabbed him instead.

"Release us! All three of us! Now!" Superquack growled.

"And if I don't?" Mr. Baby Tutu asked ruefully.

"Then I'll kill your son," Superquack replied, squeezing Mr. Tutusymbol tightly.

"Did it ever occur to you that killing children is not the superhero way?" Mr. Baby Tutu replied. "Ah well. He's out of use for my plans. Go ahead. Do it."

Just then, Mr. Tutusymbol managed to slip out of Superquack's arms. He looked up at his father with genuine fear in his eyes.

"It's over!" said Mr. Baby Tutu. "The Dinobot will reach the city, and you will join your city in defeat." He grinned. "Face it, Superquack. You're done for. Follow me, son."

Mr. Tutusymbol shook his head as he followed his dad out.


As the guards envoloped the sealed Dinobot in its rocket, Mr. Tutusymbol was doing paperwork outside the Supers' cell door when he finally said what he'd been yearning to say.

"You're using me, aren't you?"

"What?" snapped Mr. Baby Tutu. He was overlooking the operation.

Mr. Tutusymbol rubbed the back of his neck. "You're using me. You have no reward for me, and you were willing to let me die."

"Hey, if you're talking about what happened back there, I didn't mean that at all," Mr. Baby Tutu waved a hand toward the cell.

"And the Supers aren't weak. They value each other, even when triumph is in their grip."

"I called the bluff in his tone sonny boy," Mr. Baby Tutu chuckled, walking over to his son. "Even if he followed through, I knew you could get out."

But Mr. Tutusymbol was already walking away. "And the next time you get a sidekick, make sure you value him," he said coldly, and jammed the papers into Mr. Baby Tutu's chest. Then he stormed away, leaving Mr. Baby Tutu to wonder just how much he meant it.

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