Superquack, a grim superhero with Super Strength who is used to working alone, meets a woman named Morgan, a female rookie with powers that, unlike him, she has little control over. Only days after this unlikely pair is assigned to team up to fight a robotic monstrosity. The only problem is, they are horrible at working together, both of them have erratic driving skills, and worst of all, they have fallen into the trap of a mysterious criminal mastermind! That's when the two of them learn that teamwork is the ultimate weapon against the Darkness.

Who will win? Who will lose? Who will live? Who will die? Find out now!


8. An Important Meeting

At 2:59, Superquack and Morgan headed across the halls of B-Wing to their designated area. They finally reached their destination and opened the door. Superquack stepped in first and checked the clock. It was exactly 3:00.

Morgan followed him to a long table, and they both sat down at both sides. As Superquack sat with his fingers drumming, Morgan looked around and finally asked, "What could BT stand for? Baby Table?"

Superquack looked down. A giant BT was engraved on the table. "It doesn't stand for Baby Table, silly!"

Morgan scowled. "Well, I say it stands for Baby Table."

"Let's drop the subject," Superquack replied, looking to his right. "We're partners. Partners don--wait a second." He heard a creaking sound, then his X-Ray vision focused on the wall. The blurry silhouette of a giant, black figure was behind. But what was it?

Just then, two huge doors to the conference room suddenly slammed open. But it wasn't Mr. Tutusymbol. Another Dinobot stood in the hangar-like doorway that opened to the jungle, but this one was not like the first.

Morgan was shocked at the larger, one-eyed monster that greeted them. She was about to jump off the chair and make for the door when the Dinobot 5000 grabbed her and Superquack with one of its giant claws. It flung them away from the conference room and slammed them into a nearby boulder. "Hit's bigger!" a voice called over the loudspeaker as the Supers struggled to maneuver around it. "Hit's better!" the voice continued as the Dinobot flung them two more times, seemingly anticipating the Supers' moves.

"The world's last survivors have met their match!" the voice boomed as the Dinobot seized both Supers in one claw. A pudgy man in a bright suit and green cowboy hat suddenly appeared.

"Hit's perfect and ready to roll!" the caped stranger laughed as it landed on the Dinobot's head. No doubt this is Mr. Tutusymbol's father, thought Superquack. "The world has become a hostile place," the man continued. "There must be no Supers to save it. So I had to make the necessary changes." He waved his gloved hand in front of his platinum boot, and the new Dinobot flung both Supers to the ground. "And that means you, too!"

He glided to the ground. "See these gloves?" he asked, and gestured with his hand. "They're made of platinum. How do you think I got so rich? I'm a brilliant inventor. And now I have an invention only I can destroy, and when I unleash it I'll get everyone's respect. I am Mr. Baby Tu--"

Superquack suddenly reached for a fallen tree and used all his Super strength to hurl it at his opponent. Mr. Baby Tutu screamed as he dodged it. As the tree broke in half and cleaved through the Dinobot's steel leg, Mr. Baby Tutu reached out his hand. A surge of dark energy lifted both Supers off their feet, suspending them 2 feet off the ground.

"You sly morons!" he laughed. "You triggered my superpowers! I cannot believe it..." The, jerking his hand, he slammed his enemies into a tree with tremendous force. As Morgan rubbed her head, Superquack looked up at the fast-approaching enemy. "With great loss of heroes comes great responsibility!"

He caught them in his telekinetic grip again, and flung his hand backwards. Both went flying over a tree and into the distance. He flew over the canopy to find them. He saw them just as they hit a cliff and bounced off and over a massive waterfall. He landed on the ledge as the Supers crashed into the water below the falls.

"I have you now," Mr. Baby Tutu said as he engaged a small bomb from his wristband and dropped it into the water.

Superquack gasped when he saw it. He knew this guy wouldn't leave behind loose ends, and didn't want to try his luck that the bomb wouldn't work underwater. He quickly followed Morgan across the sea, but the shock wave from the giant explosion blew them through a cave into a grotto above the water. As Morgan coughed, Superquack looked for a way out...and then noticed the corpses of two Supers--Strattogale and Macroburst--dead ahead. He remembered reading that Strattogale was missing, and shook his head sadly. But in his dying moments, Macroburst had used his pyrokinesis to burn the words "I ♥ TUTUS" into the wall. Superquack knew it had to mean something, but what?

Morgan signaled to Superquack. She had heard the click, click, click! of an electronic probe enter the cave and whispered for Superquack to get down. As it scanned them, both played dead. Lie very still, Morgan thought. Lie very, very--

The probe chirped and left. Morgan stood up as she watched it leave. Above the waterfall, the probe returned to its master. "Life sighting negative," it reported. "Superquack and Morgan both drowned."

Mr. Baby Tutu chuckled wickedly and left.

But down below, Morgan had fired a beam to bring Strattogale back. As Strattogale sat up and rubbed her eyes, Morgan did the same for Macroburst.

Both Supers stood up and faced Morgan and Superquack. "You saved my life!" said Strattogale, recognizing Morgan from when she gave her her rug. "For that, I'll help you defeat Mr. Baby Tutu."

"As with mine," Macroburst replied. "But my responsibilities are given. Other threats surround the world, and the four and last remaining Supers are all on Tutu Island. I've got to go. See ya--if you survive. He's a menace!"

As Macroburst flew away, Strattogale said that the first thing to do was get out of the cave. "Climb on my back, Superquack. You fly, Morgan."

Both nodded, and Superquack got aboard Strattogale's back. Because Strattogale also had superhuman strength, holding Superquack's weight was not difficult.

"And one more thing," said Strattogale.

"Yes?" asked Superquack, tightening his grip.

"Nice suit," Strattogale replied with a wink.

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