Twisted fairy tales

A collection of twisted interpretations of once loved childhood stories.

Every wondered why the lost boys never grew up...?


1. Peter pan the soul collector

Crowd around children for a story that's Gordy. Not quite as magical as the original but fair in comparison.


Who has asked what happened when we die? Where do we go and what do we see?


Are we faced with a world pearly gates or an eternal blazing pit of fire?


Or are we shown the wonders of red Indians, pirates, mermaids, troublesome shadow and jealous fairy's.


Wendy, Michael and George did.


One night their parents left them in the safe hands of Nana and the family servants for a night of dancing and posh chatter.


It's not very often that three siblings all stop breathing, but not impossible.


There at the window was a child of at least eleven, the children's soul collector. He had learnt long ago that children should never learn that they're dead.


"Fly with me, no Neverland." There is a reason that these kids never grow up. The dead don't grow.


In then end what if we all are lost boys waiting for our fairy dust trip to Never never land? Awaiting the visit from Pete

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