What Lies Ahead

**WARNING: This may contain spoilers from the Heroes of Olympus series**
Calypso and Leo flew off together in the end, but where did their journey take them? Their fire of love only starting to catch, Calypso and Leo have quite an adventure ahead of them. Their goal? Back to Camp Half Blood in New York. But they won't complete their "quest" without a little bit of excitement.


1. Leo ((Chapter One))

I flew away from Ogygia with Calypso clutching my waist. The wind was blowing through our hair, little flakes of ash coming off of my dark locks from the explosion.

I wonder how I'll explain this to my friends. Do they... think I'm dead?

I sigh, looking down at the dark blue ocean below us. I catch a glimpse of Calypso's sandals dangling off of Festus and smile. Maybe we'll be okay.


It took us another four hours to find a big enough island to rest on for the night. Calypso almost fell off of Festus's back, dizzy and slightly sick.

"I'm not used to flying," She muttered, putting her throbbing head in her hand. I walk over to her and wrap my arms around her, guiding her to the ocean. I sit her down on a clear patch of sand, carefully remove her sandals, and let the water run over her feet. After a few minutes, she sighs in relief and wraps her arms around her knees, looking out at the navy blue sky.

I walk back over to Festus, who is taking a nap. I pat his back. "Take a nice rest, bud. You deserve it." He lets out a snort of smoke and goes back to soundly sleeping. I pull off the blankets, pillows, and food from his back pouch. After a few minutes of scavenging, I find enough twigs to light a fire. I think for a moment, then sparks shoot from my palms onto the wood. A fire catches.

Calypso walks over, smiling. She picks up a blanket and wraps it around herself, sitting in front of the fire. "What's for dinner, Leo?"

I smile and whip up a few of my signature enchiladas. "Chicken or tofu?" She points to the tofu and I make enough for the two of us. I lightly toast the tortillas, throw in a few vegetables, and wrap it up. She takes it and begins eating immediately. I take one bite. It hasn't been five minutes before she asks me for another.

"So, what happened while you were away?" She asks while I grill the tofu.

I shrug. "Oh, saved the world from being destroyed by Mother Earth. No biggie." I smile at my returning sarcasm.

She looks at me, concerned. "How did she awaken?"

I think for a moment. "Percy apparently woke her up with his blood, claiming it was only a nosebleed." I smile, but realize how much I miss everyone.

"Percy... Jackson? How is he?"

I look over at Calypso, who is now staring at the ocean. "Do you know Percy?"

She sighs. "He came on my island before you. He tried to convince the Gods to save me from Ogygia. They didn't listen, but he did it from his kind heart. It was an honor to know him."

I throw my shoulders back. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. First, you make it sound like he died. Percy's a good guy. He's been well. Second, Percy came here?"

She shrugs. "Yes, a few years ago. Unfortunately, he had duties on Olympus and had to leave, which left me alone until you came. That was a good two, three years in mortal time. It felt like an eternity to me."

I finish up the tofu and make two more enchiladas. "Wow, I didn't know Jackson was here." I take a bite of my food.

Calypso nods, and I sense that she doesn't want to talk anymore. I close my eyes and take in the warmth of the fire, lost in my thoughts. Eventually, my thoughts turn into dreams and I fall asleep under the stars.

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