Show Me Love

He was a stone cold, heartless killer. He didn't care about anyone outside of his family.
She was a warm, gentle, loving young girl. She cared too much.
They were both completely different. Yet so alike.


10. Chapter 9

Justin's POV

I was currently putting in the final necessities needed for my trip to Germany. We was spending around 5 days out there to sort some business. Someone named Anton owed us a hefty sum of money and we also needed to finalise some documents in order to begin business with dealing cars, hopefully. There was money to make if you knew what you was doing.

I zipped my suitcase up and placed it on the floor beside my door. I sat back on my bed and let out a long sigh. It had been 2 weeks since the disastrous dinner at my parents house.

I had been more or less free since then until now so I had manage to spend a lot of time with Bobbie. Which put me in a really good mood. I really enjoyed being in her company which is something I never thought I'd experience.

Me and Jeremy were currently not speaking. When I woke up in Bobbie's dorm I left almost straight away. I'd had time to cool of and returned back to my parents house. Which resulted in a screaming match between me and my father. I was livid at how horrible he had treated Bobbie. He had no right. He made her feel like complete shit and I let him know that when I stormed into his office.

At first he sat in silence and allowed me to stand there and shout at him. I probably went on for about half an hour to an hour. Ranting on about how out of order he was. Once I was finished he had stood from his chair and began with the whole "I'm doing this for you and your future speech" which was a load of bullshit. Roberta was the first girl who is ever brought home with the intentions of meeting my parents. Pattie was fascinated by her because of the fact it was me who had brought her home. I was different to my brothers. My mother always thought I'd never settle down. Jeremy however thought that Roberta was just a fling. Another whore to me. He couldn't be any more wrong.

My mother tried to force my father and I into speaking, but I wasn't budging. I couldn't understand what his problem with her was. Everyone really liked her, minus Liv. But Liv didn't like anyone.

I thought my father would at least give her a chance but instead he interrogated her and acted as if she was some sort of criminal.

He wouldn't tell me himself what he had said, but Bobbie told me the majority of it. She said she was terrified, but covered it well. That made me even worse. I was fuming.

I had been spending more or less every single day with Bobbie. I would pick her up after school and take her out for dinner, sometimes Cody and Lily would join us. Other times we would just spend it in her dorm room. Like the other night, Bobbie just wanted to order pizza to her room so that's exactly what we done. Well and other things. I began with m fingers and finished with my tongue. The way her hands pulled at my hair confirmed to me that she definitely enjoyed her time. I loved giving her orgasms.

I still wasn't sure how to be a good boyfriend and I was learning day by day but thankfully Bobbie was patient with me. What I really liked about her was how she wasn't a complete push over. She wouldn't put up with any of bullshit. Men's eyes often ended up on Bobbie when we was out and it took all my strength to not kill them there and then.

It quickly became clear that seeing Bobbie was the best part of my day. I'd be in a good mood all day if I knew I was seeing Bobbie later on. She made me happy and could make me laugh. I could met my stone cold guard down with her. I didn't have to act like some badass killer when I was around her. I could act normal with her. However as soon as we was in company I had to put my guard right back up. Which was a dangerous thing. I was still learning how to walk the very thin line from a man totally obsessed with a women and a cold heartless killer. They were two completely different people. And even though Bobbie didn't know completely about the heartless killer's life. She still knew how to control him if he ever came out whilst I was around her.

It took me a few days for the fact she was only 18 to sink in. She didn't act 18. And she certainly didn't look 18? There was only a 5 year age gap. But it's the fact that she's 18, she was barely legal. Fair enough if we was 25 and 30. No one would batter an eyelid. I wasn't entirely sure how everyone would handle the fact she was only 18. But they would have to learn to deal with it like I had.

The morning after the terrible dinner Bobbie asked me to get tested. I was confused at first but then she explained that because of how many people I had slept with she didn't want to get any diseases. I chuckled at her when she said it. I got tested every month anyways but if she wanted me to get tested then I would get tested. Which I still hadn't done. But that didn't mean I had to keep her from experiencing the pleasure of my tongue and fingers. Which she loved.

I had to rush home this morning considering I had stayed at Bobbie's last night. I wasn't planning to but she had begged me, using the fact that I wouldn't be around for next couple of days. Bobbie was rather dangerous if I thought about it. She just had to give me "that look" and I would bend at her will. That was what was scary about her.

I was still angry at my father, but I had been watching the way he acted around my mother and learnt that I didn't have to shut myself of from Bobbie just because I was a monstrous killer. My father loved my mother more than anything in the world and no one could deny that. He might be a rude prick to anyone outside of the family but he knew well how to separate the two worlds. Which was something I needed to learn.

Bobbie still didn't know exactly what I do for a living. Sure she knew the legal side of it. But she didn't know the other side. And I planned on keeping it like that for as long as possible. That's half of the reason as to why I didn't go mad about her lying about her age. I was keeping a shit load more from her.

I had thought about trying to scare her away. Make her not want me. I didn't want her in danger. But then I realised I didn't want to do that. I didn't want to push her away. I never wanted her to leave. I prayed that if we were deep into whatever what we was doing, she would be able to look past my faults. My mother had for my father and they were happier than ever. I hoped Bobbie would be able to do that because truth be told I already felt like we was in deep. We'd been 'dating' for 3 weeks now. Although it felt like we'd been dating for years. I'd fucked her twice. Given her multiple orgasms. We'd stayed at each others place and I felt like I was lost to the whole world.

Since meeting Roberta I hadn't touched any drugs. Which was unheard of from me. I'd been doing drugs since I was 13. I'd started on the minor ones like weed and then I moved up to the higher ones. But I hadn't had any since me and Bobbie started dating. And I actually felt better. I figured Bobbie was kind of like a drug to me. I also slowed down with my drinking whenever I was in her company because of the fact she was only 18. I made sure she didn't touch a single drop of alcohol when we were together.

When I woke up in her bed this morning I really didn't want to leave. I was trying to think of something, anything that would mean I could stay. But obviously I couldn't. We said goodbye and I promised to call every night.

Half of me hated the effect she had on me. I hated that she was able to control me on some level. But the other half of me loved it. I loved being able to act normal. Bobbie was starting to become a big part of my life. And I was actually happy about it.

The phone ringing snapped me from my thoughts. I leant over my bed and grabbed it and pressed it to my ear.

"Your car is outside sir"

"I'll be down in a second" I hung up and placed the phone back before heading to my front door

I made my way to the elevator and got in. Pressing the first floor button. I waited in silence as it descended down. I stepped out and walked out the building.

My driver Gregg was waiting for me. Greg had been driving me around for years. Since I was in high school. He was far into his 40's with a big build and greying hair.

"Let me" he said, taking my case from my hands and loading it into the trunk

I climbed into the backseat and waited for Gregg to get in his seat. Once in we sped of to Long Beach Airport, which was an airport designed for private jets.

My phone suddenly vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out and couldn't help but smile when I noticed Bobbie's name appear.

Have fun in Germany and good luck - R

I frowned. Good luck?

Thankyou... Good luck on what? - J

She text back instantly

Your "business trip" of course. - R

I grinned at the fact she put quotations around 'business trip'. She was a smart girl but she knew not to push either. She knew I'd tell her when the time was right.

Oh right. Thanks again - J

I expect a present, otherwise don't bother coming back ;) - R

I laughed at her boldness

Of course. Anything for you - J

I'll miss you. - R

I stared at her reply. She was going to miss me? What do I say? I hated showing my feelings towards her. But I couldn't just leave her hanging. Of course I was going to miss her but should I tell her that?

I'll miss you too. - J

I quickly tucked my phone away and focused on the view outside my window instead.

25 minutes later we pulled up to Long Beach airport. Gregg flashed a badge to the guys in the security booth who then allowed us through. We drove onto the runway and straight towards the row of private jets. My family had always had money so I don't think I'd ever flown commercial in my whole life.

The car came to a halt and I climbed out and was instantly greeted by my mother.

"Justin I feel like I haven't seen you in forever" she attacked me with a hug

"Ma I saw you last week" I laughed prying her hands of me

"I know I know" she shook her head

Gregg loaded my luggage onto the plane for me and then waved goodbye.

"Darling. Are you sure you want to come? This is after all a business trip" Jeremy's voice filled my ears

"Yes. I'll stay in the house and visit the city while you boys attend to your 'business' around town" she sternly replied

I ignored my father as I stepped up the stairs to the plane. The plane could fit at least 10 people and was very spacious. It had two bedrooms at the back. The seats all reclined back and were big enough for two people each. There was a telly in the corner and a bar opposite. I headed straight to bar and poured myself a whiskey before heading back to one of the seats.

Everyone situated themselves in seats and that's when I noticed Jaxon wasn't with us.

"Ma, where's Jaxon?" I asked

"He had school. No way was he missing it" she replied

"So who's looking after him?" I frowned

"Liv is going to pop round every evening to check in on him" she explained

I scoffed. No way was that going to happen.

Shortly after being in the air we was served a lunch of lobster and steamed vegetables. Once we had finished the seatbelt sign dinged, indicating we could get up and move.

I didn't want to move. I wanted to go back to Bobbie. I sighed as I lent forward to grab a magazine of the small table in front of me. It was all about guns. I slowly began to flip through the pages when a voice interrupted me.

"Are you going to speak to me?" My fathers voice asked

I focused back on my magazine and flipped another page.

"No. I'm sure you wouldn't like what I want to say. So I'll stay quiet instead"

"I'm just doing what's best" he frowned

"No you weren't"

"Boys. Stop" my mothers voice interrupted us

"I'm just trying to protect my family"

"Really? Because Bobbie is such a big threat" I rolled my eyes

"Justin. You know nothing about her. I done the background check and" he began

"Stop. Just stop. You had no right to do a background check on her. She isn't a potential client or business partner. And you had no right to dig into her personal life" I spat

"Do you know how old she is" he raised an eyebrow

"Yes" I growled

"She's 21 isn't she?" Cody shouted from down the plane

"No Cody. Justin here is having sex with an 18 year old child" my father spat venomously

"Firstly, get the fuck out of my business. And secondly our relationship isn't based on sex" I hissed

"18?" Cody frowned

"Yes 18" I snapped

"Justin..." My mother spoke "18? Really?"

"Yes Ma. But I can't change that" I sighed

"Family over women Justin. You know that" my father informed

"I'm not choosing her over anyone. I shouldn't have to. She's good for me. I don't understand why you can't see that" I strained

No one spoke about it again for the rest of the journey. When we landed at Germany I was the first of the plane. I lit a cigarette as soon as my feet touched the ground. I took a drag and let the smoke cloud my face.

Who did my dad think he was? I was 23, soon to be 24. I didn't need babying by him. I was more than capable in choosing who I dated.

In my world my dad was the boss. He basically owned all the Italian mafias in the world. He was practically everyone's boss. He could tell everyone else what to do, but not me. Not in this situation.

"Justin" Cody called from behind me

I rolled my eyes as I turned to face him.

"What" I groaned

"18 yeah?" He smirked

"Fuck off" I spat

"I'm joking. What's going on with you and dad?" His tone became serious

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing" I answered

"You know he's only doing what he thinks is best" he defended him

"But he isn't! He's being completely out of order. He was fine with you and Lily" I stressed

"It's different for you though. You're the one who's gonna take over when he retires. You're the heir" he spoke

"Why can't I be happy though?"

"He just doesn't want you distracted" he shrugged

"He can go and fuck himself" I pushed past my brother and climbed in the car waiting for us

I felt a presence next to me and quickly glanced to see Jeremy sitting next to me. Fucking wonderful.

"Justin" he began

"Just save it" I snapped

"You've got to understand that you can't just be with anyone you please"

"Why not!" I cried

"Do you actually know her Justin? Anything important about her?" He questioned

"More than you" I mumbled

I watched as he reached into his briefcase and pulled out some documents.

"Her full name is Roberta Adriana Valente"

"Adriana being her grandmothers name, who thankfully is fully Italian otherwise you'd be fucked straight away" he spoke calmly

I felt my lips press into a thin line. This was pointless information which neither of us needed to know.

"Did you know her parents had to scrape around for months to afford to get her through to college?"

I knew she wasn't exactly well off. But they didn't matter to me. I had more than enough money.

"And do you want to hear the best part?" He laughed menacingly

"Go for it" I gritted my teeth

"Her dad is a cop at NYPD" he shook his head, passing the papers onto my lap

This was a problem. Her dad was a cop. A fucking cop.

Why couldn't her dad be a fucking plumber or some other shitty job. Not a fucking cop. I silently read over the report in front of me. He had been in the business for about 22 years. That was a long time. Which meant he was good.

My mind started to go into overdrive. Was she playing me? Was she working undercover to try and get information for her dad?

The doubts went as quick as they came. I had more faith in Bobbie than that. She wouldn't do something like that. And besides I knew for a fact she knew nothing about my life. Well my real life. I'd be able to see it if she did know.

The fact her father was a cop was a problem but it didn't stop me from wanting to spend all my time with her.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door opening and my mother climbing in the car. As soon as she shut the door the car began to move.

I was the son of an infamous mob boss. Whereas she was the daughter of a fucking cop. How much different could we be?

"You need leave her now" my father spoke calmly

"Is that an order?" I questioned

"Of course it is. I won't have you ruin my entire business because of some girl" he spat

"What would you rather? I spend all my time with Kassidy or Francesca?"

Kassidy was the daughter of Conall. The Irish scum. We'd slept together a few times and Francesca was the daughter of another mob boss. She was fun for a while but got boring after some time

"Either one of them would be a better choice than some lowlife eighteen year old scum that you picked up at a club" he seethed

"Go fuck yourself" I growled, throwing the papers back at him

Before I had time to react the barrel of my dads CZ 75 SP-01 was pressed against my forehead. I felt my breathing hitch. My dad had pointed a gun at me countless amount of times. But never had he been so angry when he done it.

"If you ever speak to me like that again you won't even see the gun next time" he spoke in a such a calm tone which terrified me

"You would never" I spoke quietly

"Don't try me" he spoke "I've killed entry of people"

I sat in silence

"I won't put up with disloyalty Justin. We're family" he spoke

I almost burst out laughing. He was speaking about disloyalty yet he was sitting here pointing a gun at his sons head.

My mother seemed oblivious to what was happening in front of her. She was most likely stuck in her magazine. She tends to block out everything when she reads. So to hear her voice made both of us jump.


"I'm dealing with things darling"

"I'm sitting here reading and look up to see you pushing a gun into our sons forehead" she scolded

"I won't shoot"

"You're fucking right you won't shoot" she cursed, something which was unheard of from my mother

She snatched the gun from my dads hand and quickly disabled it before throwing the pieces onto the car floor. I left out a sigh of relief.

I shifted away from my father whilst my mother began scolding him.

"What is wrong with you?!" She spat

"He needed to be taught" he mumbled like a child in trouble

"Don't you ever point a gun at him ever again. If I catch you doing it I'll break your arms" she growled

My father nodded before looking out of the window. 10 minutes later we pulled up to our townhouse.

We all got out the car just as Cody and Warren's car pulled up behind us.

The townhouse wasn't much. 8 bedrooms and a big garden. It was nicely decorated but it wasn't used much so we never bothered to do it up properly. We didn't need the 8 bedrooms. But I guess we had a lot of things that we didn't need. I headed straight inside, not bothering to wait for anyone else.

"Justin?" My mothers sweet voice called

I stopped in the middle of the hallway and spun around to face her

"Come. Let's talk" she smiled, heading towards one of the rooms

Once we were inside she shut the door behind her and we both sat down on the couch.

"So. What's going on?" She asked

"I just don't understand dads hatred for Bobbie" I sighed

"He's just trying to protect his family" she calmly spoke

"I really wanted him to like her. She isn't a threat Ma" I groaned

"I know. But I don't think an eighteen year old cops daughter is who your father pictured you settling down with" she laughed

"He'd rather me settle down with some whore like Kassidy" I spat

"Justin. Don't speak about a women like that" she scolded, slapping the back of my head

"Sorry Ma" I apologised

"Just so you know. I support you and Roberta" she smiled "I love her just as much as you"

"I don't love her" I frowned

"Mhm okay. Come talk to me when you realise the truth" she nodded, standing up and leaving the room


We'd been in Germany for 3 days now. We had sorted out the paperwork the car situation. And now we was sitting in Jeremy's rented black Mercedes, on our way to some abandoned warehouse were Anton was holding up.

10 minutes later we arrived. Jeremy parked up outside and climbed out, we all followed suit. I out my Desert Eagle in its holster and tightened my grip around my HK416 Assault Rifle.

"No one lives" Jeremy reminds us all

Anton owed my father 3 million. Which he had borrowed 4 years ago. He was given 3 years to return it, he was then given a further year expansion and we was yet to see a dime. My father didn't take lightly to being messed about. The guy had been making nearly 9 million a year since he borrowed our money. So why didn't he just pay back and avoid his early death?

My father walked up the warehouse door and banged on it a few times. The slot in the middle was pulled back to reveal a pair of eyes. They looked my father up and down before slowly moving away. The sound of metal scraping against metal filled our ears. Then swung open to reveal the inside of the warehouse.

"Where's Anton" my father asked

"Who are you" the man asked in a thick German accent

"Mr Bieber" my father smirked

"Laufen die biebers sind hier" he screamed in German which translated to 'run, the Biebers are here'

Anton had borrowed our money and set up a human trafficking business. Which was one thing my father absolutely hated. He had no interest in slavery and would never of loaned Anton if he had known he's true intentions. Jeremy was under the impression that Anton wanted to started his own drug trafficking scheme. Jeremy allowed the lie to slip just this once, but the guy was a year over due on his payment. And now he was going to pay with blood.

The whole warehouse was filled with naked or half naked women. All of whom looked terrified.

Everyone started to flee but stopped once my father shot someone who tried to get past him. Then everyone just froze.

"I want to know where Anton is" he yelled

Just as he finished his sentence an office door from upstairs opened. Revealing Anton. He was dressed in a fucking pimp coat along with a matching cane. He liked ridiculous.

"Ah Jeremy. How nice to see you" he smirked slyly

He began walked towards the stairs. It was then that I noticed he was holding a chain which was connected to the collars of 3 large dogs, all of whom were foaming at the mouths.

He walked down the stairs and stood in front of my father. The dogs started snarling, their lips curling back revealing their huge sharp teeth.

"Anton. I'm sure you know why I'm here" my father spoke calmly

"Indeed I do. Please, take a seat" he nodded towards a table and chairs beside us

They both sat down whilst me and my brothers stood behind my father.

"So how may I help you" he smiled

"You're a year overdue" my father replied

Before Anton could reply a bullet flee last his head, landing in the wall behind him, close to a group of whores who were trying to leave.

"No one goes anywhere" Warrens cold voice filled the room

"I can pay now if you'd like" he replied smugly

"It's too late for that and you know it. I want your blood"

"I'm sure we can come to some sort of agreement"

"And how would that make me look Anton"

"This isn't your turf" he spat at my father

"Oh but it is my friend, that happened when MY money crossed the boarded"

"You can't rule forever Jeremy"

"Why's that?" He laughed

"A lot of people are very angry with you. The O'blakes, Matsuoka and the Moretti's are just some of the people who would happily see your whole family dead"

I nearly snorted at the sound of the Moretti's. Their leaded Carlisle was a pain in the ass. He and my dad had known each other for years. They hated each other yet acted as if they didn't. It was sickening sometimes.

"Carlisle always has something to say. He's wanted me for a very long time"

"It's not you he wants" Antons eyes flickered up to me

I frowned, but quickly regained my composure. It was understandable. I was the heir. Of course I would be a threat.

I watched silently as Anton reached down towards the dogs. Before I knew it one of them had been released and was heading straight towards me. Before I could react a bullet entered its skull. From there everything went to hell.

Bullets began flying through the air and I grabbed my dad and pulled him behind one of the huge tin crates.

I peered out the side and shot at anything that moved that wasn't Warren or Cody. I checked again before leaving he safety of the crate. I began shooting at the whores that were running around the whole place. Then I started on the bodyguards.

Just as I was about to shoot one in the back, a searing pain shot up my leg. Causing me to fall to the floor. I looked down to see a pair of devil like eyes staring at me. The dogs teeth were sinking further and further into my flesh. I growled in pain as I shot the fucking dog in the head. I didn't have time to check my leg. I just continued shooting.

I was nearly out of ammo. I fired a few more shots and then was done. I slung the strap over my head and pulled my desert eagle from the holster. I ran behind a crate so I could check my magazine. I nearly burst out laughing when I saw Warren. He was standing in nothing but pants and shoes. Of course he had to go over the top and take he's top of making himself look like something out of fucking 'machete'

I let a smirked break across my face which soon disappeared when a pair of arms wrapped around my neck. The pressure was starting to become unbearable as I struggled for breath. I raised my gun and placed it to the guys temple and pulled the trigger. The pressure on my neck instantly disappeared and I quickly regained my breath.

I liked around the room. Everyone was dead. Antons body was starting to slowly slide down the from his cane which was penetrated through his head into the wall behind him.

My father was standing beside him. Somehow he had manage to avoid getting a single ounce of blood on his clothes. He looked like he had never left the fucking house. I on the other hand was covered in blood. And the pain in my leg was getting stronger. I looked down at the ripped material. Fucking wonderful. I pulled it up and examined the lump of bloody flesh. I'd need to get a rabies shot for sure.

I groaned as I began to head towards the door, slightly limping.


When we arrived home Pattie was at the door waiting.

"Are you all alright?" She rushed

"Yes Ma" I smiled at her

We walked past her and into the kitchen.

"Strip" she ordered

We all groaned in annoyance

"Ma" I whined

"You're covered in blood. Strip. Now" she glared "I've seen you naked remember"

She grabbed a black bin bag and opened it up for us to drop out clothes into. I stripped first and walked over to the fridge and grabbed a beer. I let the cool liquid slide down my throat.

"Justin. Drew. Bieber" my mother snapped behind me

I cringe at the fact she used my full name.

"What is that" she asked, pointing at my leg

I looked down and noticed the bite mark on the back of my leg.

"Some stupid mutt bit me" I seethed

"I'll call a doctor" she sighed, picking the phone up of the counter

I shook my head before heading upstairs. I jumped in the boiling hot shower and winced as it hit the bite mark. Once all the blood had washed away it didn't look that bad. I climbed out the shower and made sure to disinfect the bite on my leg, I winced as it touched the mark, it stung like a bitch.

I grabbed a pair of boxers and slipped them on before climbing into my bed. I grabbed my phone from the counter and pulled up Bobbie's number. I dialled it hoping she wouldn't mind me calling her so late. After the fourth ring she picked up. Her voice was groggy and slurred


"Hey beautiful" I smiled

"I was waiting for your call, I couldn't stay awake any longer"

"Sorry. How are you?"

"Good, but tired"

"Should I let you sleep?"

"Don't you even think about it"

I chuckled at her fierceness. Hearing her voice made my whole body relax.

"So. How are you? What have you done in Germany" she asked

"Not a lot" I lied

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