Show Me Love

He was a stone cold, heartless killer. He didn't care about anyone outside of his family.
She was a warm, gentle, loving young girl. She cared too much.
They were both completely different. Yet so alike.


9. Chapter 8

Roberta's POV

"BOBBIE BOBBIE BOBBIE" Lily's voiced bellowed from outside my door

I groaned as I grabbed my pillow and placed it over my head.

"Bobbie get up" her voice sounded closer

I peered from underneath my pillow to see her standing above my bed. Damn her and her fucking key.

"Why are you waking me up" I said glancing at the clock. "At 7 in the morning"

"Me and you are going to church" she grinned

"Excuse me" I frowned, sitting up straight

"Justin invited you" she smiled

"What" I glared

I then noticed the garment bag she was holding.

"What's that?" I asked

"Justin had me buy you an outfit for church" she explained

"I don't want to go" I moaned

"You have to! You'll enjoy it. Well the service itself is rather boring but his family are so lovely" she grinned

"Wait, you've met their family?" I widen my eyes

"Yes. And they're very nice. I'm sure you'll like them" she smiled

"For fuck sake" I groaned as I rolled out of bed

I snatched the garment bag from her arms and headed to the bathroom. I quickly showered before staring at the bag hanging on the back of the door. I prayed Lily had picked something decent for me to wear. I slowly unzipped the bag and stared at the aubergine coloured dress in front of me. I picked it up and slipped it on before looking at myself in the mirror. It was sleeveless with a high neckline. I folded over on my stomach giving it a bunched up effect and it it ended just above my knees. It was fitting to my body but not to tight thankfully. Inside the bag was a jacket and shoes. I pulled them both out and out the cream leather jacket on, along with the matching cream heels. I started to apply some nude makeup, finishing the look of with a matching lipstick to my dress. I opened the bathroom door and stepped out.

"You look fabulous" Lily grinned, I was surprised she was still here

"Thanks" I mumbled

I sat down in the chair opposite my desk and let Lily work on my hair. She settled on just clipping up a small section on top. The rest fell down my back in loose curls.

"Shouldn't you go get ready?" I frowned

"Yes. Yes I should. See you soon" she giggled before running out the room

Just as she closed the door my phone started vibrating. I looked at the caller ID to see Justin's name.

"You have a lot of explaining to do" I snapped down the phone

"Are you dressed?" He ignored my statement

"Yes" I grunted

"Good. I'm running late" he began "move out the fucking way"

"Where are you?" I frowned, I wanted to laugh at his road rage. But decided against it

"I'll be outside in 5 minutes. We're late" he sighed

"I'll see you then" I nodded to myself as I hung up

I run out my room and jumped into the elevator. I pressed the 1st floor button and waited patiently as I descended down.

Just as I stepped out the front door Justin pulled up in his black Audi A8. I rushed to the door and climbed inside.

"I'm pissed with you" I informed it

"Save it for later. We're late" he snapped back

"Asshole" I muttered under my breath

"Look Roberta my whole family will be there. This is a big thing for me. I've never ever introduced a girl to them. I'm stressing the fuck out" he groaned

"I wish you had told me" I sighed

I looked at Justin's hand on the gear stick and placed mine on top, I slowly rub my thumb across the gentle skin. Trying to calm him down somewhat.

"Shit shit. We're 15 minutes late" Justin muttered as we pulled into the church car park

We both climbed out and headed straight towards the church doors. As we opened them I realised that everyone was already seated. I slowed down and tried to walk down the pathway as quietly as possible. Of course that was never going to happen and instead I walked straight in a stand which had a nice vase of flowers on top which instantly fell to floor, shattering. I near ended up with them if it wasn't for Justin who caught me just in time.

"Would you like me to carry you to our seat" he whispered in my ear

I felt the heat rise to my cheeks as everyone turned to stare at me. Some raised eyebrows, probably at the fact I had never been here before and that I was walking down the isle with Justin's arms wrapped around my waist. We found our seats and sat down. I tried to ignore the fact that I was sitting 6 seats away from Justin's parents. I tried to focus on what the man in front of me was saying but couldn't. My mind was elsewhere.


45 minutes later and the service was over. People started to file out of the church. Soon it was our turn. As we walked down the isle I noticed Justin's mother talking to someone. I decided now was as good a time as any. Just as I went to tap her shoulder I felt my arm be yanked in a different direction. I ended up outside the church.

"What the hell" I snapped at Justin

"Justin?" A mans voice shouted behind us

I turned to see his mother and who I presumed to be his father standing at the church doors.

"Get in" Justin ordered, climbing inside the drivers side.

I frowned before climbing in the passenger seat. As soon as I slammed the door shut Justin sped of down the road.

"Are you going to tell me what the fuck just happened?" I snapped

"No" he spat

We pulled into a side alley and slowed down due to a car in front. I took the opportunity to open the door and climb out. I had no idea where I was but I didn't care. I know longer wanted to be in the car with him if he wasn't going to tell me what happened back at the church.

"Bobbie" Justin called behind me "ROBERTA!"

I stopped in my tracks and faced him.

"Look I'm sorry. It's just my family, they can be ruthless" he started

"They are very judgemental and I just panicked. My dad has certain rules when it comes to me" he continued

"I just don't want them to scare you off" he finished

"I was only going to say hello to your mother" I sighed

"I know. I'm sorry" he frowned

We both stood in silence until Justin broke it.

"Are you Italian" he suddenly demanded

"What?" I frowned

"Are you fucking Italian" he spat

The venom in his voice scared me. Why did it matter whether I was or wasn't.

"My grandparents moved here from Italy in their twenties" I answered

"Thank fuck" he sighed in relief

"Justin what's going on? You're..... You're scaring me" I mumbled

That seemed to snap him out of his daze. He looked up at me with regret filled eyes.

"I'm really sorry. And I can't even explain it to you. Not yet. Please. Will you come to dinner?" He asked

I wanted to say no. But my head nodded yes.

"My dad may ask you some questions. Please just try and avoid him" he informed

I nodded my head as we made our way back to his car.


We'd been at Justin's parents house for around half an hour and so far I'd met everyone other than Justin's direct family. There was so many people here.

"Justin" a young boys voice called from across the room.

I turned and was faced with a teenager. He looked around 16/17. I couldn't be sure.

"What's up" Justin asked

"Aren't you going to introduce us" he gestured towards me

"Roberta. This is my brother" he sighed "Jaxon"

"Its nice to meet you" I smiled

"Justin never said how hot you was" he grinned, whilst earning a slap to the head from Justin. Who looked like he wanted to kill him there and then

"I think you should leave before I do something I regret" Justin spat

"Sorry sorry" he raised his hands whilst backing away

"Come on. I want you to meet someone" Justin smiled

I followed him into the kitchen and instantly recognised his mother. She was pulling things out of the oven and loading them on to plates.

"Ma" he called

She whipped her head around and a smile irrupted her face when she saw us

"Ma. This is Roberta" he smiled, introducing us

"It's lovely to meet you" she grinned, pulling me into a hug

"You too Mrs Bieber" I smiled

"Nonsense. Call me Pattie" she chuckled pulling away

"I never thought I'd see the day that my Justin brought a girl home" she turned to Justin and pinched his cheeks

"Ma. Stop" he whined

"No. I'm just so happy!" She giggled

"Can I help with anything?" I offered

"No dear. I'm just finishing up. Go sit yourself down and I'll bring everything over" she insisted

We headed to the huge dining table and sat down. I was in between Lily and Justin. Luckily.


Dinner went smoothly. I made small talk with the other people situated near me. And had conversations with Justin and Lily. I could feel eyes on me and when I looked up Warrens girlfriend, Liv, was glaring at me. What the hell was her problem?

I averted my gaze to someone else. Anyone else. Unfortunately they landed on Justin's dad, Jeremy, who seemed to be looking at me already.

"Boys go help your mother" Jeremy's voice echoed around the room

They all groaned as their chairs scraps against the marble floor. Once they were gone Jeremy focused back to me.

"May I speak with you?" He asked

I slept nodded my head before standing up and tucking my chair in. I followed Jeremy out of the room and up the stairs into what looked like an office. I noticed Liv follow us up the stairs. I wasn't sure as to why.

"Sit please" Jeremy pointed to the chair

He's voice was calming and polite, yet at the same time cold and unwelcoming.

"You have a lovely home" I began

"Pattie planned it herself. Decorated everything. You should really tell her that" he cut me off

"I'll be sure to do just that" I replied

I felt uneasy. It was like I was sitting in the principals office at school and was about to get a huge telling off. Liv was standing behind Jeremy holding a clipboard and pen.

"So Roberta. Why don't you tell me some things about yourself" he began

The room suddenly got chilly making me wish I hadn't left my jacket downstairs.

"What would you like to know?" I asked

"Anything. Everything. I know nothing about you. I want to make sure my son is with someone suitable" he spoke carelessly

He words made me feel belittled. It was almost as if he was telling me I wasn't good enough for Justin.

"Am I not suitable" I questioned

"That I'm not sure of just yet. Name?"

"Roberta Valente" I answered


"New York City"

"Fathers name"

"Mark Valente"

"Great. Look Roberta" he began

"Bobbies fine" I nodded

"Right, Bobbie, you see Justin...He's different to most people" he began

"I know" I nodded

"But do you?" He rose from his chair and walked towards the big glass window "I don't mean to sound rude, it's just I don't know you. Which means I don't trust you"


"It's a good trait to have sometimes. Not trusting easily"

"I would beg to differ" i shrugged

"I said sometimes" he pointed out

"Justin is on a very organised pathway right now. One that will lead him into doing great things. Making something for himself. I just don't want him to be distracted by anything. Or anyone" he spoke in a calm yet somehow menacing manner

"Am I said distraction?" I replied rather boldly, I refused to let Jeremy try and scare me off.

"I'm glad you understand me" he spoke lowly. "I just need to make sure my son is taken care of"

"With all due respect Sir. I don't recall Lily receiving this kind of questioning for dating Cody" I pointed out

"That you are right. I like your eye for detail. However Cody and Justin are two different people. Justin is a very powerful human being. I know you're unaware of what goes on here"

"That I am" I nodded

"And I can't just allow anyone to be with my son" he continued

I sat in silence. Unsure as what to say. I felt very unwanted at the moment.

"Are you Italian?" He asked, breaking the silence

"My grandparents were born in Italy. They moved here in their twenties. So yes. I have Italian genes in me" I answered

He nodded and turned to Liv.

"When you run the background check. Find out exactly how much Italian blood she has running through her" he spoke as if I wasn't here, whilst Liv scribbled down on her clipboard.

"Did you just say a background check?" I frowned, I was getting slightly annoyed now

"Yes" he nodded "like I said. Not just anyone can date my son"

"Is that even legal" I frowned further

"I'd do it either way" he smirked

"What happens if you find something you don't like" I questioned

"Well then...." He trailed of, knowing I knew what he was getting at

Before I could say anything the door behind us flew open.

"Ms Bennson will show you out"

I stood from my seat and walked out the door.

I reached the top of the stairs and noticed Justin waiting at the bottom with a agitated look on his face

"What did he say?" He rushed up the stairs to meet me

"I'm not sure what just happened in there" I mumbled, clearly in daze of confusion

"I knew he'd do this. That fucking prick" he ranted, storming back up the stairs

I quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him back towards me.

"Please don't" I begged

"He had no right to do that to you. Not fucking right" he spat

"I'm fine"

"No you're not. You've gone pale and your eyes are glassed over, did he make you fucking cry. I'll kill him" he spat venomously

"No he didn't. I promise"

"What did he say?" He asked again, calmer this time

"I'll tell you on the ride home" I answered, walking back down the stairs.

I grabbed my coat of the rack and headed outside to Justin's car. We both climbed in silently.

"Well" Justin broke our awkward silence

"He just asked me about where I was from, my dads name, if I was Italian blah blah" I answered truthfully

"Did he threaten you?"


"Did he scare you?"

"Not really. He was just trying to look out for you" I sighed

"Fucking asshole"

I sat in silence as I thought about the background check. It would show my true date of birth and would show I wasn't 21. I groaned as I hit my head back on the seat. I needed to tell Justin before his father did.

"Justin" I tried to interrupt his rambling

"He fucking loves Liv. Acts like the sun shines out her ass and Lily. He had no problem with her"

"I LIED" I yelled, catching his attention


"I lied. I'm not 21"

I watched as confusion plastered his face.

"How old are you?" He asked, trying to remain calm

"I turned 18 the first night I met you"

"Fuck fuck. Oh fuck. I've been sleeping with you!" He spat

"It's only a 5 year difference" I defended

"You're barely an adult! I've been fucking a minor"

"We both know I don't fuck like a minor and I'm not a minor. I'm legal"

"Just about!"

"I don't see what the problem is. I'm 18 so what? You're only 23 Justin"

"You're a child"

"No I'm not. Besides you wouldn't say this if I was 25 and you was 30" I snapped

"Maybe not. But I wouldn't of been supplying you with alcohol either. Oh fuck I've been encouraging a minor as well"

"Stop fucking calling me that"

We sat in silence as we pulled into the college car park. I didn't budge as he turned of the engine.

"Look I'm sorry ok. Lily told everyone I was 21 and it just kind of stuck. I thought I was never going to see you again so I didn't bother telling you" I sighed

"I'm sorry as well. I shouldn't of overreacted like that. Especially after the way my father treated you"

"It's fine. I shouldn't of lied to you. I promise i never will again" I smiled

"Thankyou" he turned to face me

"Will you stay?" I asked

"Tonight?" He questioned

"Yes... You don't have to, I'll understand" I mumbled

"I want to" he nodded, opening his door and climbing out

I followed his actions and we both headed towards the front doors. Justin slid his hand in mine. I looked down at our hands and smiled. Justin noticed me staring and quickly pulled away.

"Sorry" he mumbled

I laughed before sliding my hand back into his. Linking our fingers as we walked through the doors.

"Don't be. I like it" I smirked

I signed us in with my free hand and headed towards the lift. We waited as it took us up to my floor. Once we reached it we stepped into my dorm room.

Once inside I kicked of my shoes and pulled the clip out my hair.

"Undo me" I addressed Justin as I pulled my hair forward, allowing him to reach the zip

He slowly slid the zip down my back, the dress instantly became loose. I let it fall to the floor and stepped out of it.

"Wow" I heard Justin whisper behind me

"Why are you acting like you've never seen my body before" I laughed

"Because it seems to get better every time" he chuckled before pulling my half naked body towards him

He lips connected with mine as he hands landed on my ass, giving it a gentle squeeze which made me gasp, giving him the perfect opportunity to slide his tongue in. My hands tangled themselves into his hair as the kiss deepened. His hands traveled round the front and stroked across my tummy. Getting lower and lower until his hand was inside my panties. I could feel the wetness down there already.

He pulled away from the kiss and began to suck on my neck.

"Damn Bobbie, you're so wet already" he whispered in my ear as his fingers explored my folds

I couldn't reply. I was speechless. His finger could literally work wonders. Without warning he stuck a finger inside of me, making me moan in pleasure. With his free hand he lifted me effortlessly of the floor, carrying me to my bed. He gently laid me down, never once removing his finger, which was soon joined by another one. He started to leave sloppy little kisses along my neck, up to my jaw.

"Let it go" he whispered, leaving my whole body tingling

I felt myself release, my walls pulsating on his fingers. He pulled them out and quickly sucked up the juice.

"You taste good" he smirked

God I loved his dirty talk.

I collapsed back onto the bed. Trying to come down from my high. Justin never once failed to make me have an orgasm. And I loved every single one.

"Goodnight Bobbie" he whispered into my ear

"Goodnight Justin" I whispered back

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