Show Me Love

He was a stone cold, heartless killer. He didn't care about anyone outside of his family.
She was a warm, gentle, loving young girl. She cared too much.
They were both completely different. Yet so alike.


5. Chapter 4

Roberta's POV

I groaned as I flopped down on my bed. It had been 2 weeks since Justin dropped my phone of for me. I couldn't believe how rude he had been to me. I had actually run into him again since then. It was at a small little restaurant, Shawn from my Music class had been bugging me about taking me on a date. Eventually I gave in. Once we got to the restaurant everything went downhill. I couldn't focus on Shawn because all I could hear was Justin's silky voice from behind me. I had tried to leave undetected but failed miserably. I knocked into a waiter who knocked his whole platter contents onto Justin's lap. It was awful. I of course apologised profusely. I was so embarrassed I literally ran out of the building. I hadn't seen or heard from him since however he still intrigued me, and I wanted to know more. I grabbed my Apple Mac from the bedside and placed it in between my legs. I waited patiently as it started up before clicking on the little safari icon. I typed in "the underworld club Cali" and waited for the results to show. The first link I clicked on belonged to the right club. I went to info and found out that Cody's last name was Bieber. Maybe they were all brothers? I took a chance and typed in 'Justin Bieber' and bit on my nails whilst I waited for the search to finish. I clicked on the first thing that come up and was hit with a small auto biography about him.

Justin Bieber

Age; 23

Justin Bieber comes from a wealthy Italian family who are rather well known around California. Justin's father, Jeremy, deals with numerous business all over the city whilst his mother, Pattie, Is big within the property development world. Justin himself is rather high up on property development and real estate, and also deals with some stock movements.

Bieber made his first million at the age of 17. And since then has continued to make money.

However it seems he has no one other than himself to splash the cash on. Bieber hasn't dated ever. Girls seem to be a one time thing to him.

"I don't plan on dating anytime soon. I'm enjoy myself right now. However I do like a girl who's confident, a bit of feistiness too her. She's got to be able to keep a conversation going without seeming overly cocky" Bieber was quoted saying

I shut the computer down and stared at the wall in front of me. What an arrogant jerk. I bet he would be good in bed though.

Bobbie stop! The voice in my head pleaded

My door knocking snapped me from my thoughts. I pushed my self of the bed and opened the door to be met by a bouquet of flowers. Some were purple whilst others were white. They were two different types of flowers, I could see that much. I frowned, who would send me flowers?

I picked them up and brought them into my room. I peered inside the flowers until I found a small card.

"Purple Hyacinth + Apple Flowers

Let me know you got them

- J ( 804 *** **** )"

These were from Justin? I thought we was done.

I grabbed my laptop and googled the meaning of the flowers he had sent me.

"Sorry and Temptation"

He was apologising to me through flowers? I could feel my stomach churning, I'd never been given flowers before ever. And temptation? He was tempted by me? For what? Sex.

I looked down at the number and contemplated ringing him. I decided to go with yes.

"Hello" he rough, yet sexy voice answered

"Um. Hi it's Bobbie" I spoke

"Bobbie?" I could imagine the frown on his face

"Sorry. Roberta. I prefer to be called Bobbie" I found myself explaining to him

"Oh, hello Bobbie" I could now sense the smirk on his face

"Thanks for the flowers Justin" I nodded

"You're welcome. I was wondering if I could" he began

I could here a muffled voice in the background. Was he with someone?

"Take you on a date?" He finished

"Oh... I don't know" I mumbled

"Tomorrow at 8" he replied

"Excuse me" I frowned

"Bye Bobbie" his voice rung out through my ears

What the hell just happened.

He basically just told me I'm going on a date with him, and I had no choice in the matter. I grumbled to myself. The more I thought about it the more I was turned on. I loved the authority in his voice. The way he spoke with such confident excited me. And after about half an hour any anger I felt washed away and was replaced with excitement.


I glanced at the clock beside my bed. 7:08pm. Lily was sitting in front of me waiting for me to try the dress on she had picked out. I sighed as I discarded my dressing gown and picked up the dress. I put my legs in a pulled it up, sliding my arms into the sleeves. The black material hugged my body tightly. It had a low sweetheart neckline, showing of my cleavage. My back was completely exposed, just like Lily's was that night I met Justin. Except there was a small gold chain linking the dress together at the top. The cool metal was cold on my bare back. I glanced at myself in the mirror. The dress showed my figure perfectly and made my ass look kind of decent.

"You look wonder. Now onto shoes" Lily grinned, holding a pair of shiny black heels. I noticed the red sole and felt my mouth drop open

"I can't wear these. I'll ruin them" I gasped

"Nonsense. I've got plenty of pairs. Think of them as yours now" she smiled

"Are you serious?" I sat back on the bed

"Yep" she nodded eagerly

"Thankyou so much" I grinned, slipping my feet into them

"Hair time" she sung pulling me over to the chair

For the next 30 minutes my hair was pulled all over the place. I think some of my hair was actually pulled out.

"Done" Lily's voice echoed around my room

I opened my eyes to see my hair up in a high ponytail. She had left two strands at the front out, which were neatly tucked behind my ears. The ponytail fell low down my back and swished whenever I moved. I smirked at the reflection looking back at me. I thanked Lily before adding some makeup. I defined my cheekbones and dabbed a tiny bit of eyeshadow to my eyes, it was a natural brown colour. I smiled and applied a dark red lipstick, blood red almost. I puckered my lips together before checking the time. 7:54pm

I quickly grabbed my coat from the side and headed downstairs. I signed out and headed to the car park. I quickly threw on my long black trench coat. And hugged it around my body.

I glanced at the dorms behind me before the sound of an engine snapped my head forward. I slyly smiled as he pulled up in front of me in a Mercedes Benz C Class. I knew a little bit about well known cars and this was definitely and well known car.

I opened the door myself and climbed in. I done up my seatbelt before he set of down the streets of Cali.

"Where're we going?" I asked

"It's a surprise" he replied

"Great" I rolled my eyes sarcastically

"What?" He frowned

"You're not very good at this whole date thing" I shrugged

"I don't do dates" he shuddered

"This is a date. And you'll do dates if you want to fuck me" I snapped

I don't know what come over me. I suddenly felt like a new person. We both knew I'd end up in bed with him. But I was going to make him squirm for it.

"So I'll be fucking you" he winked, ignoring everything else I had said

"Not anytime soon" I smirked back

I could of sworn I saw him laugh, but quickly try to disguise it. Eventually we pulled up at the same restaurant I had run into him at earlier in the week.

"Why are we here?" I asked

"My brother owns it" he shrugged

"Oh great" I nodded

I climbed out of the car and followed him inside. We were situated at a booth at the back, away from everyone else.

Justin sat down as I took my coat off. I could feel his eyes on me.

"It's rude to stare" I glared at him

"You can't exactly blame me" he smirked

"Men" I shook my head

I hung my coat up behind us, giving Justin a perfect view of my ass.

"Wow" I heard him mutter, which only caused my cheeks to turn red.

I sat in my seat opposite him and let the night begin


We left the restaurant at around 11pm. Considering Justin's brother owned it, we were allowed to stay a lot longer than everyone else.

We climbed into Justin's car and headed back to my college. Neither of us spoke. We sat in a comfortable silence. Well I felt comfortable. I hope he did. After another 20 minutes we pulled up outside my dorm.

"Thankyou" I thanked him as I opened my door

I closed it behind me and started walking towards campus. The sound of my heels was soon joined by the sound of a door opening. Next thing I knew I was in Justin's arms and our lips were attached to one another. I let my hands run through his hair whilst his were placed firmly on my waist, the tip of his fingers touching the bare skin of my back.

I eventually pulled away.

"Can I see you again?" He asked

"I'd like that" I nodded, trying to hide my smile

"I'll call you" he grinned, quickly kissing me once more before running back to his car

I made my way to my room and kicked of my shoes. Justin Bieber. What are you doing to me?

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