Show Me Love

He was a stone cold, heartless killer. He didn't care about anyone outside of his family.
She was a warm, gentle, loving young girl. She cared too much.
They were both completely different. Yet so alike.


3. Chapter 2

Nobody's POV

Inspector David Cage glanced around the room before him, taking it all in. Blood was splattered all over the room, as if the killer had danced through the whole house, coating everywhere in blood. Two bodies lay on the floor in front of him. One male and one female.

"Who are they?" Cage asked one of the young police officers walking around the scene

"Mr and Mrs Deleno" he answered

He stepped over to the desk in the middle of the room and glanced at the paperwork on it. A familiar name flashed up a few times 'Bieber'.

"Do we know what he's job was?" Cage asked to no one in particular

"Accountant sir" someone answered across the room

Cage looked back down at the paperwork. Seems as if Mr Deleno got greedy and started dipping into the money he was accounting for. Explains why he is dead. Although this didn't look like the word of a Bieber. However it could be if they wanted to get some sort of message across.

The forensic team filed into the room, covered in white body suits along with white trainers covered by blue booties.

The Deleno's were unrecognisable. Both their faces had been shot of, leaving big gaping holes. A few of the newbies couldn't even come in the room from fear of spilling their guts everywhere.

David watched as the team got to work get all the evidence they could. He had been after the 'Biebers' for a long time now. But any evidence they got never stuck. Jeremy was the ring leader of their little clan. Second was his wife Pattie. David was sure she wasn't involved in what her family did, but she sure as hell knew about it all, which essentially made her an accessory. Then were their sons. Warren Bieber, 32 years old. He was definitely the bulk of the family, but not the brains. Cody Bieber, 27 years old. He wasn't far of in size from Warren and had a few more brain cells. Justin Bieber, 24 years old. He was the clever one. The one you needed to watch out for. David had been after him since he turned 21. 3 years. 3 long long long years. Justin was David's main focus as he seemed to enjoy killing, he rubbed it into his face. Cage sighed as he left the room. There was nothing more for him to do there. He had got everything he needed.

He climbed into his silver BMW and made his way to the Bieber's resident.


After half an hour Cage finally left the city of California and ended up on a quite backroad. He followed the road up the spirally path until he ended up outside big black gates, from where David was sitting you couldn't see a single thing from the house. Which was built all by Pattie herself. She had her own property development business in town, along with a few restaurants. The women was made for this world.

Cage pushed the button and waited for someone to answer

"Bieber residents" a voice spoke through the intercom

"I'm here to speak to Justin" Cage sourly replied

"I'm afraid Master J Bieber isn't here" the voice replied

"Don't lie to me" David spat

"I'm not. Good bye sir" the voice cut off

David banged his head against the steering wheel. There was nothing more he could do. He reversed out of the drive and headed back to the police station. He'd have to catch Justin at another time.

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