Show Me Love

He was a stone cold, heartless killer. He didn't care about anyone outside of his family.
She was a warm, gentle, loving young girl. She cared too much.
They were both completely different. Yet so alike.


14. Chapter 13

Roberta's POV

It was 2 days from Halloween. I had just finished reading to Justin, before we had sex. I found myself reading to him a lot. They were all books from my English literature class. So they needed to be read and I enjoyed reading with someone. Especially with Justin.

Me reading to Justin made him extra horny. I guess it kind of turned him on. Which I was ok with because straight after I put the book down we would have amazing sex. And we could keep going for hours and hours.

Justin had a ferocious sexual appetite. We would tend to go 2 or 3 times a night. He had kind of turned me into a bit of a sex freak. We was always fucking. He had taught me a lot. And he was so fucking good. When I was away from him all I could about was getting back to him and having sex.

I'd had a few boyfriends back in New York. But nothing serious. And I'd had a friend called Nash who I'd experimented with a few times, I lost my virginity to him, but he was nothing like Justin.

Justin and I would fuck like rabbits and somehow I never got bored of it. I liked staying at his apartment. I'd stayed here all week long. College broke up for a break over the Halloween season.

I would either walk to Justin's apartment from College or he would pick me up. I had to be let in by the man behind the desk downstairs because my key always went 'missing'.

Justin sometimes wasn't here when I arrived so I would wait patiently until he returned. And then we would lock ourselves into the bedroom and have sex or talk... Or both.

I enjoyed spending all my time with him. He could hold a conversation well and was funny in his own way. Each day I fell more and more in love with him. And he doesn't even know it. I don't know how to tell him, I always thought the guy would say it first, but I feel like it won't happen like that with us.

So many things went through my mind when I thought about telling him. Was it too soon? Did he care? Did he feel the same? I didn't want to embarrass myself by telling him and then finding out he didn't feel the same way. When ever Justin looked at me, spoke to me, or touched me, I could feel the 3 words rise up and get stuck in my throat. I just couldn't seem to say them.

"What are you thinking about? You've been zoning out for about 20 minutes" Justin's voice snapped me from my thoughts

"Nothing" I shrugged

"That's impossible" he chuckled

I smiled before snuggling into his chest. We was currently laying in his bed, butt naked.

"What are you doing tomorrow? I asked

"Friday right?"

"Yep" I nodded

"The normal I guess" he shrugged

"I don't have any classes, so I'm free... If you'd like to hang. It's fine if you don't" I rushed

"Bobbie I hardly hang with anyone but you. Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere" he chuckled, whilst pecking my forehead

I felt the tingle in my stomach at the words he had just said. 'I'm not going anywhere'. Good, because I didn't plan on letting him go. I loved it when he acted like this towards me, we could sit and laugh with one another, something which I rarely saw him do with anyone. He let his guard down in front of me and I somewhat felt privileged because of it. I'd quickly sussed out that the two Justin's were complete opposites.

When me and him were alone we would laugh and joke around. We could talk about nearly everything, but as soon as we was in some sort of company he put his wall back up. I had no idea why though. But he seemed to shut down. He would be cold and clipped, never with me, but with others. It was strange to watch, because that wasn't how I knew him. He was always polite to his family though, even if his brothers pissed him off sometimes. He could be scary at times around other people.

I made sure that I always stood my ground whenever he tried to snap at me. Slowly he was starting to open up to me more, but he still kept things from me, but I was understanding of him and I knew he would tell me when he was ready.

"You're thinking again" Justin once again pulled me away from my thoughts

"Sorry. I can't help it" I laughed

"No problem, so about tomorrow?"

"Yes" I dragged

"I was going to ask you to attend a baseball game with me and my family?" He offered

"Will your dad be there?" I asked

"Of course"

Justin and his father had somewhat patched things up. And Jeremy was learning to accept me as part of Justin life. I had only seen him a handful of times since but no more than 10 words had been spoke between us.

"Good, I'll speak to him there then" I smiled

"What?" He frowned

"I feel like I need to clear the air" I shrugged

"You don't have to" he watched me

"I want to" I insisted

"I'll run you to your dorm in the morning so you can get some clothes" he smiled

"That'd be great" I laughed

"Halloween is on Sunday" he noted

"I know. Lily has taken it upon herself to get my outfit" I chuckled

"What is it" he smirked, raising his eyebrow

"Don't be so dirty. And I don't know. I'll imagine it won't involve a lot of clothing,so I've already picked one myself" I shrugged

"The party's at 'The Underworld' right?"

"Yeah" I nodded

"I'm not dressing up"

"You have too! I am" I pouted

"No way"


"No Bobbie" he frowned

"Fine you bore" I groaned

Before he could reply his phone started buzzing. He reached across me and grabbed it before pressing it to his ear.

"Bieber" he answered

I presumed it was a business call and zoned out, hearing only Justin's side of the conversation.

"What the fuck?.......How?.....Fucking idiot.....No......I'll be 15 minutes" he hung up

He rolled out of the bed and pulled on boxers. He started grabbing pieces of his suit from around the room, quickly putting it on. He fixed his sex hair.

"Who was that?" I asked, curious

"What?" He turned to face me, his eyes almost black

"On the phone"

"No one" he's posture changed, his wall falling down so I wouldn't see how angry he was.

"You're working at...12am" I frowned

"I'll be back" he ignored my question before walking out the bedroom door. I heard his footsteps to the front door, before it slammed shut. Seconds later the door opened again and Justin footsteps sounded outside, before his figure appeared. He rushed over to me on the bed and attached his lips to mine, without saying a word. His hand rested on my cheek as the kiss depended. Without warning he pulled away.

"I promise I'll be back" he nodded

"Ok" I softly smiled

I wasn't stupid. I knew whatever he done on the side was definitely illegal. I couldn't exactly put my finger on it. I thought he might be a drug dealer for a few days, but it seemed too obvious. Whatever it was, was most likely dangerous. And that scared me.

I'd told myself time and time again to get out. To leave him. But I just couldn't bring myself to do that. I was in way too deep. I'd never felt this way about anyone. And I didn't want to. I wanted to feel this way about Justin, and only Justin. Even though I knew he was dangerous, I knew he would never cause harm to me. Which made everything so much harder.

I was a cops daughter for christ sake. Apart from illegal drinking, I had always lived my life by the rules. Now look at me? My boyfriend was some badass. What would my parents think?

Whenever I thought about it I realised I didn't care. Obviously I wanted them to like Justin, but if they didn't or they didn't approve then I wouldn't care. The pull was too strong. I shouldn't even be in his bed right now, but I couldn't leave. I didn't want to.

I looked down at my body before sighing and climbing out of the bed. My feet padded on the wooden floor as I walked towards the shower. I turned the water on before climbing in.

20 minutes later I climbed out and was instantly hit with coldness. I shivered a little as I wrapped a towel around my body. I brushed my hair before brushing my teeth.

I walked back into Justin's room and walked towards his drawers. I opened the first one and rummaged through it until I found a long black t-shirt and a pair of silk Calvin Klein boxers. Justin often set this set aside for me, knowing I enjoyed to sleep in it.

I headed straight to the bed and climbed in, I had originally planned on waiting up for him, but my tiredness was starting to take over. I had a restless night, I knew I was tossing and turning. Suddenly I shot up from the bed and stared around the room, noticing the bathroom light was on. I frowned, I was positive I had turned it off. I glanced at the clock on the side, 4:34am.

I got out of bed and slowly walked towards the bathroom door. I slowly pushed it open and immediately wish I hadn't. The smell instantly hit my nostril, it was the rusty smell of blood, which covered Justin's suit in the corner of the room. The floor was covered in droplets of blood.

I looked up at the glass shower door. I could see Justin scrubbing his naked body, which was slightly stained. The blood was his. He didn't look in any sort of pain.

I glanced at the counter and that's when I noticed a gun. It was laced with golden bits and I could just about see his initials engraved on it. I'd seen guns before, my dad being a cop and all, butt his gun was huge and was Justins.

I slowly backed out of the room, making sure I made absolutely no noise.

I turned around and looked at the empty bed. Should I stay or leave?

I sighed as I decided I couldn't stay here tonight, not if I wanted to think about things properly. I grabbed my clothes and pulled them on, praying Justin wouldn't walk out. I glanced back at the room before slipping out and going to the front door. I gasped in the air once I got outside, realising I felt suffocated.

I hailed down a cab and jumped into the back, giving him the destination I wanted to go.

I rung Lily, hoping she was up, luckily she was and she said she would be in my room waiting.

Justin had warned me he was no good. But I refused to listen. He had blood on his hands. But did I feel any differently about him?

It didn't take me long to answer the question; no.

I still loved him. I just needed some answers. I wanted to know why he returned covered in blood.

I paid the cab as we pulled up in the car park before running of to my room. I quickly unlocked my door and was greeted by Lily sitting on my bed.

"What's happened? It's gone 5am" she frowned

"I know, I'm really sorry" I apologised

I decided to just jump straight to the point.

"How much do you know about Codys work"

"His clubs and stuff?" She asked

"No. You know what I mean"

"Nothing" she laid down on my bed

"You're a terrible liar"

"Am not" she snapped

"Yes you are and I know something else is going on. I saw Justin's gun"

"God I've wanted to tell you for ages. There is so much going on" she blurted out

"What do you know?"

"I can't tell you much, I'm sorry. Cody told me a lot of stuff last week when he was drunk, stuff he really shouldn't have told me" she replied

"What do you mean?"

"They don't deal in the most legal kind of activities"

"Like drugs?"

"And other things" she replied "I can't tell you anything else, Justin has to"

I explained everything to Lily and was glad I had someone to talk to about this. Someone who was in the same situation, apart from the fact Lily knew what was going on.

"I don't know what to do. My dads a cop. But I know I can't leave him"

"You need to talk to Justin"

"And say what?" I groaned

"I don't know" she sighed "Cody wasn't supposed to say anything"

I groaned in frustration.

"Do you love him"

"Yes" I answered truthfully

"That's what kept me sane. The fact I loved him. So I accepted him"

"But I don't know anything" I sighed

"I know. And honestly, I can't see him telling you. He's a lot more guarded than Cody"

"Should I tell him what I saw?"

"I think he'll already know considering you left during the middle of the night" she slightly giggled

"Is it illegal"

"Yes. But it's so much more than that"



I looked down at the floor as Lily stood up from my bed.

"Sleep on it Bobbie. Goodnight"


I was wondering around campus. I was going to go the onsite cafe when I felt his presence. I looked up and sure enough he was there, leaning against a blue BMW. He was dressed in a perfect fitting, as usual, black suit, with a pair of black raybans covering his eyes, making them unreadable. Although he looked tense, just by his body language. I noticed my backpack hanging from his arm and groaned slightly. I quickly smoothed down my flannel before heading towards him.

"You left" he spoke as soon as I reached him

"I had too"

"I brought your bag for you" he said, stretching his arm out to hand it to me. I slowly took it from him, our hands brushing against one another.

"I should of been more careful"

I looked up at his face. He looked really sorry. Although he would never say that.

"Just tell me what's going on" I pleaded

He hung his head and sighed loudly. "I can't. You know I can't. Cody's in shit for telling Lily. I'm just trying to protect you"


"Yes. I don't want you involved in the life I live. But I'm too selfish to let you go. I need you. I can't stay away from you"

"I'm a big girl Justin. I never pry but this time it's different. I deserve to know" I stood my ground

"I just can't... Not yet" he sighed

"Not yet?" I questioned

"I need to know that what we have is going to last. If I told you and then we split, what would happen to the information I've told you?"

"I know how to keep quiet. I just feel so in the dark over everything"

"Give me time.... And you know you can't say one word about last night" he said, his voice sounded dark

I nodded my head slowly. I would never tell anyone. It was clear as day that Justin was doing illegal things, things that wouldn't be taken lightly. I loved him too much to let him go and deep down it didn't bother me what he did, it was that he wouldn't tell me.

My dad would go crazy if he found out about this. Firstly because of Justin being 24, having it been his birthday last month. And the fact he done a shit load of illegal activity would surely top it off.

"Just some time" he looked back at me

"Ok" I nodded

Justin pushed his sunglasses onto his head, finally revealing his eyes. He looked stressed and slightly pained. He glanced at my lips before hesitantly leaning in and placing a light, delicate kiss on them.

"Please don't hate me" he looked back at my face

"I don't" I mumbled

"Will you still come tonight?" He asked

"Yes" I fake smiled

"I'll pick you up at 5" he nodded before climbing into his car


I pulled my dark blue sweater over my head before grabbing my light blue skinny jeans, which were ripped at the knee. It was kind of cold outside, but I wouldn't need anything else, my sweater would be enough. I slipped my feet into a pair of white converse before sitting in front of my mirror.

I rub in some foundation before putting on a light powder. I added a natural colour to my cheeks and quickly put some mascara on my eyelashes. I decided to go for a nude kind of look so I added a very light lipstick. I brushed my knotty hair until it was knot free. It was falling down my back in loose waves.

We was supposed to be going out for dinner so I hadn't eaten for a while and my belly was now making me regret that.

I decided to go downstairs seen as Justin should arrive soon. I walked out and sure enough he was there. Leaning against his incredible BMW. He had discarded the suit jacket and was in a white shirt instead, I watched as he pushed the sleeves up, slowly revealing his tattooed arms, which I loved. Even after what happened last night I was actually happy to see him.

"Hello" he awkwardly smiled, whilst opening my door

"Hey" I smiled, a real smile this time.

Just before I climbed in I lent up to place my lips on top of his, just to prove to him that I was angry with him or scared. He smiled as we pulled away and headed round to his side.

Within seconds we was off towards the baseball game.

"I know we still need to speak, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't mention anything in front of anyone please"

"Will you get in trouble with daddy" I teased him

"Cody is literally being strung up by his balls" he sighed

"I just don't get why Lily can know but I can't"

"You know it's not like that. Everything Lily knows, she shouldn't. Cody and his drunk ass spilled things he really shouldn't have, not yet. And she still doesn't know everything" he replied

"Justin. I know you're not squeaky clean. I've known that for a while. And I don't expect nor want you to change. I just want to make sure you're ok, that you're not in danger"

"You'll never have to worry about your safety" he replied, avoiding my statement

"My safety?"

The look on his face told me the conversation was over now.

We drove the rest of the duration in a comfortable silence.

"So... Who's playing?" I asked

"I don't care much for baseball, but Jeremy does. LA Dodgers are playing, his favourite" he chuckled

"Will they win?"

"They never win" he laughed "but we always go to watch anyways"

As we got closer to the stadium the traffic seemed to of doubled. I groaned at the thought of sitting in traffic for ages, but Justin had something else in mind as he veered the car of to the right, we seemed to be in a reserved part of the car park, it had big security gates blocking it of from general admission.

"We've got box seats, so we get private parking" Justin explained as he drove down to the underground parking, which was packed with expensive cars.

"Sometimes I forget how much money you have"

"We live like the best" he chuckled as he reversed into a car space

We both climbed out the car and Justin slipped his hand into mine, the simple gesture still gave me butterflies. We headed towards the elevator and went up.

"My dad will be on his best behaviour. I promise"

"Be honest with me, does he still hate me?"

"He never hated you. He was just under pressure and he wanted to make sure that you was alright" he shrugged

"Don't worry though, you aren't going anywhere" he lightly smiled before wrapping his arm around my waist, pulling me into his side.

I wrapped my arm around his waist and we kind of side hugged, it was nice.

I looked down at the ticket in my hand. The game would start at half 7, which was 2 hours from now.

"We eat first, then watch warm ups, by then it's time for the game" Justin explained, obviously noticing my confused look at the tickets.

"Sounds fun" I grinned, I couldn't help but sound excited, because I was. I was so excited. I had never done anything like this. My dad rarely had time or money. Not that I'm complaining because I've never been interested baseball.

The elevators dinged open to reveal a hallway, lined with doors on the right hand side. Justin knew exactly where we was going and started walking down the corridor. Stopping outside the 6th door, before opening it.

The room in front of me was huge. It had floor to ceiling windows that encased the box, however directly in front of us was two doors which could be open, allow us to step onto a fairly large balcony, over looking the baseball field. I was in awe of the room to realise everyone else was in here, it wasn't until Warren swept me of my feet and spun me around.

"Hey Bobs" he laughed, setting me back down

"Hey Warren" I chuckled

"I'm so glad you could come" Pattie waved from across me

"It's my pleasure" I nodded

There was a long table, lined with chairs. The table was full to the brim of food. Which suddenly made me remember how hungry I was. Everyone began to move towards the table.

"Hmm I think you're missing something" Justin grinned mischievously

I frowned as he reached into his inside pocket. I laughed as he placed a white and blue LA dodgers knit hat on my head.

"You look great in it" he smirked "you might have to keep it for later" he winked

"Keep dreaming" I laughed

We sat in our seats, Jaxon and Justin were either side of me. The food was delicious. There was so much meat being passed around I thought I was going to pass out. I learned that Jeremy had been a member here for 30 years now. I liked finding out stuff about Justin's family. Jeremy was rather friendly with me, however I hadn't got the change to speak with him on my own yet.

"Hey Jax" I smiled turning to face him

"Hey Bobbie" he smiled back

"I haven't seen you in a while. How is everything?" I asked

"Good. It's all good" he nodded

"You sure?" I frowned

"Yeah" he shrugged

Before I could question him any further, screams and applauds sounded around us. I peered over to see that the teams were on the field. I glanced at the time, 7:15. Wow we had eaten for ages.

The box was now covered in smoke, causing Pattie to open the doors, allowing the smoke to disappear.

We stood from the table and instantly waiters appeared and started clearing it up. Justin led me to a small sofa and tried to explain some of the rules of baseball to me.

"Who are we playing?" I asked

"The Yankees" he shrugging

"My dad loves them" I sighed

"Do you miss him?" He asked

"Yeah. I was thinking of visiting soon" I nodded

"It sounds like a good idea" he smiled

Jaxon soon joined us, just as Justin lit up a cigar.

"Can I try?" He asked

Justin looked at him, and then handed him the cigar "don't tell ma"

Jaxon placed the cigar in between his lips before taking a drag. He gave the cigar straight back to Justin and instantly started coughing. He lurched forward and crouched his way to the toilet, followed by Pattie.

Justin started laughing and clutched his stomach.

"Don't laugh!" I scolded "it's not funny!"

"Yeah it is" he continued laughing "I threw up for a week"

"He's only 16! You shouldn't of let him, and you shouldn't be either" I snatched the cigar from his fingers and stubbed it out.

"It was funny"

"I hope your mom kicks your ass"

He rolled his eyes before slinging his arm around my shoulder. And leading my towards the patio/balcony. I had no idea just how vocal the fans could be. I swear I popped an eardrum.

The fourth inning had to just finished and we was up by 3 runs. Everyone in our box was ecstatic.

"Can I get a souvenir?" I asked shyly

"Sure" he shrugged, pulling a 50 dollar bill from his wallet

"I don't need your money" I frowned

He raised his eyebrow and didn't ace the money back

"Fine" I rolled my eyes, snatching the money from him

"Roberta, allow me to accompany you" he smiled, holding open the door

"Thanks" I nodded, walking into the hallway

We walked in a silence until I broke it.

"Jeremy. I just wanted to clear the air between us"

"Me two. I'm glad you came, honestly"

"Really? I thought you hated me"

"No. I never hated you. I'm just very protective over my family dear"

"I don't mean to dwell, but you wasn't like this with Lily"

"No... You're right" he nodded "Justin is just very different"

"I understand" I nodded

"I'm glad" he smiled

We walked in a more comfortable silence until we reached the area known as the 'hull' which was full of food carts and souvenir stalls.

"What would you like?" Jeremy asked

"I was gonna buy some shirts, Justin gave me $50" I smiled

"Let's waste it then" he grinned like a little child

I picked out a matching t-shirt for me and Justin, along with a hat for him. We also purchase some foam fingers and a few plastic batons.

"Shall we get some pizza? Or hot dogs? I'm hungry" Jeremy chuckled

"Sounds good" I nodded

I was happy that me and Jeremy seemed to be getting along. We headed towards one of the pizza stands and stood in the queue.

Me and Jeremy spoke, and I found out we both had a love for reading. Especially old books. We spoke a little longer, I watched as Jeremy laughed at something I had said, and I noticed how alike he and Justin were.

We was almost at the front of the queue when we heard a loud obnoxious laugh come from a little way behind us. It was one of those laughs that alerted everyone to its presence. The laugh was shortly followed by a voice.

"Jeremy?" It laughed "Jeremy Bieber"

Jeremy quickly pushed me behind his back, away from the man advancing on us.

The man wasn't fat, but he was built up.

He had long blonde shaggy hair that fell over his green eyes. I could smell the alcohol on him as he got closer, he's clothes were in pristine condition. But he had nothing on Justin.

"Jeremy?" He called "it is you!"

Just like Justin did, Jeremy switched from happy, friendly man to cold business man.

"Jeremy? Are you ignoring me"

"Conall" he nodded

"I tried to get up to your box to see you, but you're guards wouldn't allow that now would they" he laughed

"That wouldn't of been a good idea now" he smiled tightly


"So, how have you been. Haven't seen you since the dinner" he nodded

"Good thanks" he nodded, clearly uncomfortable with the situation, "and Kassidy?"

"Good thanks" he nodded "and I'm good as well thanks for asking" he chuckled, rather loudly

"You need to quieten down" he growled

"Why? It's a baseball game" he cheered, swigging on his beer

"Why don't you go to your seat" Jeremy suggested

"I came up for some pizza" he smiled, tilting his head slightly, his eyes landing on me "hello, and who might you be" he questioned

"Go to your seat" Jeremy gritted through his teeth, standing directly in front of me

"Don't be like that, let me say hello" he sidestepped Jeremy and held his hand out

"Roberta, this is Conall. He was an family friend" he spoke "Conall, this is Roberta, my niece"

I didn't even bother to question the fact he called me his niece. "It's nice to meet you" I nodded, shaking his hand

"Very nice" he smirked, his hand tightening around mine

Jeremy snatched my hand away, and grasped Conall's, applying a painful amount of pressure.

"She's of limits" he warned

"Is she spoken for?"

"Yes. So keep your hands to yourself" he snarled, whilst somehow keeping a calm expression

"Jeremy. I'm a big man. I can do what I want. You might run everyone else, but not me"

It sounded like Jeremy and Conall have known each other for a long time. It was clear that Jeremy was in control of the situation here, but Conall was still trying to fight for dominance. No one seemed to bat an eyelid at what was happening in front of them.

"I can do what ever I want Jeremy" he sneered "would you like to go out sometime?" He asked, turning to me

"No thanks" I answered

"I can make you feel real good" he smirked, sliding his arm around me and roughly squeezing my ass, causing me to yelp in pain

I heard the click before I saw it. Jeremy was pointing a gun at Conall, who had retracted his hand.

"I told you not to touch her" he growled "If you ever act like that again, especially with my family, I will kill you"

Conall nodded but didn't say a word.

"You may leave" he spat, pushing him back slightly

No one seemed to of witnessed what had just happened. It was the strangest feeling.

We waited in line for another 10 minutes before we got our pizza. We carried it back in silence. Not mentioning what had just happened once. We finally reached the box and I headed straight for Justin.

"What did you get" he smiled

"Lots" I replied bluntly

"What's wrong?" He frowned

"Nothing" I smiled falsely

He raised an eyebrow but I spoke before he could.

"I got you something" I laughed reaching into the bag, I pulled out the hat and pulled it on his head before he could refuse

"And this" I smiled holding up the t-shirt

"I don't wear hats" he groaned

"You'll wear it because I'm wearing one" I laughed

"Fine" he rolled his eyes

"Let's go out our tops on" I nudge towards the bathroom

"Seriously?" He laughed

"Yes" I smiled, holding my hand out

We walked towards the toilets and before I could go in my own toilet, Justin had pulled me in with him.

"I've never fucked in a toilet" he whispered in my ear

"And you never will" I laughed

"You sure" he smirked, his hands resting on my waist, slowly running it

"Well, maybe, if you're a good boy" I grinned

"I can do that" he smiled, unbuttoning his shirt

I pulled my top over my head and sat on Justin's lap. He's hands roamed over my body, gently cupping my boobs. He gave a small squeeze, making me moan.

"Oh fuck it. Let's be quick" I giggled, standing back up

I kicked my shoes of and unbuttoned my jeans, I hurriedly pulled them of whilst Justin unbuttoned his pants, he pushed them down, along with his boxers. I pulled my panties of and positioned myself above him.

"Ready?" I asked

"Always am" he grinned

I slowly pushed down onto his member and moved up and down. Justin attacked my neck in kisses whilst I tugged on his hair. He placed his hands on my waist and moved me up and down quicker.

"Nearly" he mumbled into my collarbone

"I'm ready" I moaned

Within minutes we had both reached our climax. We cleaned ourselves up before sorting out our clothes. Instead of putting my sweater on I pulled on the t-shirt I had brought, forcing Justin to do the same.

"We look cute" I smiled

He rolled his eyes but swung an arm around my shoulder as we left the toilets. Jaxon was wearing a foam finger and Warren and Cody were hitting one another with the plastic batons.

The atmosphere was clearly different and everyone knew it. Jeremy looked like he was going to pop and Pattie was trying to calm him down.

The game finally came to an end and it was time to leave. Once we got outside it was dark. Justin held my hand as we went down in the elevator. Once we reached the car park, Jeremy pulled Justin aside. I knew this would not end well.

I watched from the car as his face twisted in anger. His lips formed a thin line whilst his eyes turned dark. Even though I was on the other side of the car park I could feel a shiver travel up my spine.

Justin stormed over and climbed in the car beside me. He zoomed out of the parking spot quickly and was soon amongst the highway traffic.

"Are you alright" I asked in a small, worried voice

"No" he coldly responding "I'm taking you home and then I have business to attend"

"Will you hurt him?"

I already knew the answer to my question. Even if it wasn't what I wanted. I didn't want anybody to get hurt.

"Yes" he answered, not bothering to lie to me

"Will you kill him" my voice wavered

"No. But I wish I could. He had no right to touch you in that manner. In any manner for that fact"

"He didn't know we was dating"

"That's still no excuse. He shouldn't touch anyone like that, especially you" he spat

"I hate to admit how turned on this makes me, this whole possessive thing, but I really don't want you doing anything bad"

"Bobble. This is my life. This is who I am, I still can't explain everything yet. But this has to be done" he replied monotone

"Pinching my ass weren't so bad"

"Bobbie please don't. You have no idea what I'm thinking" he growled, pushing his foot on the gas pedal

We stayed quiet for the rest of the journey home. Before I knew it we was outside my dorm.

"I'll pick you up tomorrow?" He asked

"I guess" I shrugged

"Good" he nodded, placing a small gentle kiss on my lips

I climbed out and walked around the car. I turned back and looked at him. "Don't hurt him"

I turned back and headed towards my dorm. I swiped my card to get in and climbed into the elevator.

The whole journey I spent thinking about Justin and Conall. And what Justin would do to Conall. I really hoped he wouldn't hurt him over a small grope. It wasn't worth it. But I'd known Justin long enough to know he would let this go.

I tossed and turned all night. I wasn't worried for Conall. I was worried for Justin. I really didn't want him getting hurt.


I woke up the next morning and just stayed in bed. It was Saturday and I had nothing else to do. I thought a lot about Justin and what he had done. I wanted to know what he'd done, but at the same time I didn't.

At around 12 I got hungry. I headed to the onsite cafe and got myself some waffles and bacon. I grabbed an apple juice before leaving and heading back to my dorm.

As I entered my dorm I noticed a file on the floor. I frowned and picked it up. It was a like a case study from a police station, I'd seen them on my dads desk sometimes. I sat on my bed and started to flip through it.

The first few pages were about someone called Riccardo Conti. Then I found a family tree. Riccardo was at the top. And it branched out, I didn't recognise any names until I got to Jeremy's. Under his name was Warren, Cody and Justin.

I continued flipping through. Words such as murder, illegal trading, drug dealer, gambling, tax evasion, arson, caught my eye, among other things.

There was newspapers clips dated back from the early 1940's. All of them involved the name Bieber. One name caught my eye 'the morettis'. I knew exactly who they were, my dad had in investigated them once when they are in New York.

They were a huge mob family that done a lot of criminal activity. I'm pretty sure they'd killed people but they had never been caught. And yet here in front of me were pictures of Jeremy meeting with them.

There were tons of photos of Justin, along with his brothers. In some they were holding guns, and in others they were covered in blood.

The last page was a newspaper clipping dated for today. A man by the name of Conall O'Blake had been found in an alley late last night. Beaten to a pulp. The weapon was a baseball bat, which was left beside the victims body.

Conall was in hospital. In critical condition. Both his legs were broken as well as his right leg. His jaw had been dislocated and would need to be wired shut. He would need a metal plate in his shoulder as well. They were unsure if he would ever be the same again.

No suspects. No witnesses.

I knew who done this though.

I grabbed my jacket and put the file back together before tucking it under my arm.

Me and Justin needed to speak. Now.

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