Show Me Love

He was a stone cold, heartless killer. He didn't care about anyone outside of his family.
She was a warm, gentle, loving young girl. She cared too much.
They were both completely different. Yet so alike.


13. Chapter 12

Justin's POV

Me and Bobbie had spent the whole day together. We ordered breakfast in and went out for lunch and then ordered a takeaway for dinner, which we was just finishing. We'd been talking non stop all day. I loved it.

Currently we was sitting at my table eating pizza. I watched as Bobbie licked the sauce and grease of her fingers. Somehow something that would usually disgust me, was really turning me on.

She was wearing one of my tank tops that I sleep in, it was to big for her and the arm slits landed slightly past her boob giving me a really good view of some side boob. And it landed halfway over her ass. It looked great on her and I wanted to do her over the table right now.

"Bobbie" I groaned with pleading eyes

"What" she frowned innocently

"It's taking all my strength to hold back the urge to bend you over the table" I growled, feeling some activity in my pants

"Why are you holding back" she smirked seductively

"What" I widen my eyes

I watched as she stood up and cleared the table of trash before coming towards me and placing her legs either side of my lap, facing away from me.

"Come on" she smiled, bending forward, causing the top to rise up, tempting me further.

I bit my lip before standing up. I slapped her ass and watched as it jiggled. She had a perfect size bum. I grabbed her panties and pulled them down her smooth legs, I was bending down with them, leaving feather light kisses down her thighs. Once the panties were of I began moving my way back up. I reached her back and kissed up her spine, removing her top at the same time, whilst one of my hands wandered into between her legs, slightly pushing them apart. I reached folds and could already feel how wet she was. I felt my pants rocket up. I quickly removed my hands and unbuckled my pants, let them along with my boxers drop to the floor.

"Bend over" I growled into her ear

She slowly bent forward giving me a perfect view of in between her legs. I moved forward and pressed my member into the space. I felt her walls enclose around my member. Enjoying seeing it again. I started slow, to let her get used to it before I started going deep and fast. Literally pounding her.

"Grab my hair" she moaned

I hesitated before grabbing a handful of her hair. I gently pulled on it, causing her to make an inhuman noise. Which turned me on even more. I let go of her hair after a while and gripped onto her waist instead, making it easier for me to go harder and deeper.

"Fuck me" she groaned in pleasure

The sound of our skin colliding with one another was tipping me over the edge. I let myself release inside her before slowly pulling out.

"So good" I huffed

"We're doing that more often" she crumbled on top of the table.

I chuckled before handing her the panties that were discarded to the floor.

"Thanks" she grinned, slipping them on. Probably soaking them

"I didn't clean up" I smirked

She grinned and hoped up on the table.

"Finish up" she giggled, pushing her panties to the side

I quickly buckled the trousers I had been putting on when she spoke, before bending down in front of her entrance. I moved and used my tongue to lick all around her entrance, cleaning her up.

"Mhm" she moaned, pulling at my hair

I grinned before standing back up and pulling her towards me.

"Can I ask you a question?" She mumbled into my chest

"Depends on what it is" I frowned

"Why do you act so different around me?" She asked

"What?" I frowned deeper

"Around me you act so sweet and soft, but around others you're hard and cold" she explained

"I live a life that needs me to be like that" I signed

"I prefer your sensitive side" she smiled at me

"It's only for you" I lent down and connected our lips

"Good" she mumbled against my lips

I chuckled before pulling away and leading her into the bedroom.


I stretched my arms out, making sure I didn't hit Bobbie in the face. We had church at 11 today. I glanced at the time 8:43am. I groaned before rolling out of bed and heading towards the shower. I turned it on and climbed in. I let the water wash over my body for the next 20 minutes before climbing out. I wrapped a towel around my body and walked back into my bedroom. Bobbie was sitting up on the bed. Even now she still looked exquisite. Her face was makeup less, making her look innocent. Her hair was falling out of the bun she'd put it in last night and was curtaining her face.

"You can go in" I smiled at her

"Thanks" she returned the smile

She walked past me and locked the door behind her. I headed over to my wardrobe and picked out a dark blue Armani suit, with a pair of black Armani shoes. I started getting dressed but was interrupted by the sound of Bobbie cursing.

"Is everything ok?" I knocked softly on the door, half dressed

I got no reply so I went back to getting dressed.

Just as I put my jacket on the door opened. Bobbie was standing in front of me wrapped in a towel, her hair was also tied up on her head in a towel, she was holding a bundle of different body washes and perfumes in her arms.

"What are you doing?" I asked

"What are these" she frowned

"Women's wash stuff and that" I shrugged

"Mhm. Well I don't need them nor want them for that matter if there what the girls you used to bring back here used" she spat

Jealous Bobbie was hot.

"I never thought to clear it out" I admitted

"Well you should of" she frowned, clearly she was hurt or offended by this

"Well we can just throw them now" I groaned

"Are you serious about us" she suddenly asked, changing her whole demeanour

"What?" I frowned

She placed the toiletries in the bin before looking at me.

"Am I just another whore to you?" She asked, seriously

"How could you think that? I've told you I've never experienced this with anyone!" I defended

"I know. It's just... I just I get insecure. You've slept with a lot of people Justin" she sighed

"I know. But none of them meant anything to me. I haven't got a fucking hard on for anyone else since meeting you!" I admitted

"Really?" She asked with hope

"Yes really Bobbie. I've never put so much on the line to be with a girl. Hell I've never wanted to even be with a girl" I stared at her

"Sorry" she mumbled looking at the floor

"Don't be sorry. I should of thrown them out ages ago. I'm sorry" I smiled stepping towards her and engulfing her in a hug.

She hugged back before pulling away and slowly letting her towel fall to floor. I shifted my eyes from her face to her boobs before quickly glancing back up.

"It's ok, you can look" she chuckled

I grinned and stepped closer to her, my left hand reached out and cupped one of her perfect breasts. I placed my lips on hers whilst giving her breast a gentle squeeze. I pulled away and stared into her eyes.

"Bobbie what has gotten into you? On the day of the Lord as well" I smirked

"Don't act like you don't love it" she teased, pulling out of my arms.

I walked over to my bed and sat on it and watched as Bobbie walked around my room.

"I didn't bring something for church" she gasped

I chuckled.

"I got my mother to drop something of late last night. It should be hanging up" I smiled

"Thanks" she grinned

I watched as she slid her thong over her smooth tanned legs, then moving onto her bra. She clasped it behind her back and headed towards the wardrobes. She opened them and found her outfit hanging up.

As I watched her run about my room. I realised something. Something that I didn't even want to admit to myself but knew I couldn't stop it any longer. I was falling for the women in front of me. And I was falling hard.

I watched as she pulled on the frilly white blouse, buttoning it up as she went along. It was fitted but still suitable for church. She left the top button undone, showing a small amount of her chest, nothing inappropriate. She then slid on the tight black pencil skirt. It stopped just before her knees and hugged her body in all the right places. I bit my lip as she slid on a pair of white louboutins sending me over the edge. I was using all my strength to not attack her right now and rip all her clothes off. She slowly pulled the towel from her head, causing her hair to fall down her back.

"Do I have time to dry it?" She asked, snapping me out of my daydreaming

I checked the rolex on my wrist. 9:57am. We would need to leave in exactly 33 minutes to arrive on time.

"How long will it take?" I asked

"15 minutes" she smiled

"Yeah we've time" I nodded

She grabbed her bag and pulled a hairdryer out of it. She waved it around her head, drying her wet hair.

15 minutes later and she was finished. Her hair fell down her back in loose curls. I liked her natural hair, it looked nice. I watched as she reached for her makeup bag.

"Don't" I called at her

"Why?" She frowned

"You look amazing without it" I smiled

"Don't be silly" she laughed

"I'm serious" I insisted

"Just some lipstick then" she muttered to herself

She grabbed a red tube from the bag and slid it across her lips before puckering them together.

"I'm ready" she smiled, walking to the front door

"You know, you kind of look like a hot teacher in your outfit" I smirked, as we walked down the stairs together

"And what would you know about hot teachers" she laughed

"I've fucked enough to kn..." I began but stopped half way through when I saw her expression

"You've fucked your teachers?" She gasped

"Well not all of them" I shrugged, feeling ashamed about it now for some reason

"That's disgusting" she cringed

"I'm not like that now" I frowned

"I know. But I don't want to know about all your conquests. Especially if they include teachers" she shuddered

"What about you" I smirked as we walked out of the front door and into the street

"What about me" she frowned

"Well you look like a hot teacher, can I do you?" I messed with her

"Well. I guess we will have to wait and see how good you behave" she teased


Church was shit as usual. And of course we had to go back to my parents house for dinner. Lily was at church as well so Roberta had someone to talk to.

"Justin!" Someone called

I spun around to see my mother walking towards me

"Hey Ma" I smiled

"Where have you been all weekend?" She frowned as her heels clicked across the marble floor until she reached me

"With Bobbie" I admitted

I watched as my mothers eyes lit up at the mention of Bobbies name. She adored her.

"Really? Did you guys have fun" she grinned

"Ma please don't" I groaned as I reached into the fridge for a beer

"I'm really happy for you Justin" she smiled

"You make it sound like we just got married" I chuckled

"You never know. You might" she teased

"Stop Ma" I rolled my eyes

"Ok ok. Now go mingle" she showed me out of the kitchen.

"Justin?!" A voice called, it belonged to someone I really didn't want to see right now

Damn. I guess I was popular today. i turned to see my dad.

"What" I frowned

"Why is Roberta here?" He asked

"I'm not going into this again" I spat

"You will if I say you will" he sternly replied

I stared at him. My eyes full of anger.

"Don't look at me like that. You know it won't last much longer" he shrugged

"Why can't you be fucking happy for me? I've never seen a girl for this long before. Surely that proves just how serious I am?"

"We will see" he shook his head

I didn't care what my dad said. No one and I mean no one would keep me away from Bobbie.

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