Show Me Love

He was a stone cold, heartless killer. He didn't care about anyone outside of his family.
She was a warm, gentle, loving young girl. She cared too much.
They were both completely different. Yet so alike.


12. Chapter 11

Bobbie's POV

Justin arrived home last night. I'd missed him like crazy. It was Friday now so I didn't have school again till Monday. I was sitting in my room staring at the ceiling. I really wanted to be with Justin.

I looked over at my phone and as if it knew I wanted Justin he's name popped up on the screen. I rolled over and grabbed it before pressing it to my ear.

"Hello" I smiled

"Hey beautiful"

"It's good to hear from you" I let out a sigh of relief

"I'm sorry I didn't come see you last night. I was so tired when we got back"

"It's fine. Honestly" I cut him off

"I got checked"

"You did? And?"

"And nothing. Like I knew"

"I know. I just wanted to play it safe" I chewed on my thumb nail

"Can I see you tonight?" he asked

"I'd like that" I smiled even though he couldn't see me

"Would you like to stay at the penthouse? You don't have school over the weekend do you?" He asked

"That'd be great and no I don't"

"I'll come get you now" he replied

"Bye Justin"

"Bye Roberta"

I hung up and quickly jumped of my bed. I run to my wardrobe and started rummaging through my clothes. I grabbed something and threw it on my bed. I stripped out of my current clothes and jumped in the shower as quick as possible. Once I was out I pulled some new underwear out of my draw and put it on. It was a black lacy set. It made my boobs look big and the panties were a lacy thong.

I grabbed the jeans of my bed a slid them on. They had little rips that started from the bottom and worked there way up to the top of my leg. I picked up the white crop top sitting next to it and slid it on. It had a high neckline and stop slightly underneath my boobs. Leaving my tummy exposed. I slid on a pair of white high heels that were pointed at the front. I grabbed my purse of the side and my phone before heading downstairs.

When I made it to the car park a group of boys were standing around talking. I felt slightly uncomfortable, I'd seen them around before. They were kind of like the jocks of the college.

"Hey hot stuff" one of them smirked at me

I avoided his gaze and stared at my shoes instead.

"Hey. I was speaking to you" he's voice got closer

"Just leave me alone" I mumbled

I heard the familiar sound of Justin's engine and felt relief wash over me.

"I was just saying hi" he laughed, brushing his fingers against my skin, making me flinch

"I have to go. My ride is here" I tried to push past but they all circled me

I heard Justin's door close and peered up to see him walking straight towards us. Anger was plastered over his face.

"Step away from her now" he growled

"This doesn't concern you" the boy standing in front of me spat

"Oh but it does"

Before I could react Justin's hand collided with the boys face. He pulled his arm back to hit again but I stepped forward. Even though seeing Justin like this was extremely hot and turned me on, I don't want him to get in trouble.

I grabbed his hand with mine and gentle lowered it.

"It's not worth it" I whispered in his ear, slightly pushing him back

I placed my hand in his and gently pulled him away.

"Leave it" I mumbled

When we reached his car we both climbed in. He sat frozen for a moment and in that time I noticed the small cut on his knuckles. I stroke my fingers over it.

"Does it hurt?" I asked


I pulled it up to my lips and placed a small kiss on the cut. Before letting it drop and placing my hand on the side of his face, forcing him to look at me.

"Even though I find it extremely attractive when you get all jealous over me, I don't want you going around hitting everyone" I smiled

"He was touching you" he spat

"He is an exception" I nodded

"I'm sorry if I scared you"

"You didn't scare me" I smiled

"Are you hungry?" He asked

"I could eat" I shrugged

We made our way out of the car park and headed to wherever Justin was taking us. We pulled into a car park of a place called "famiglia"

"It's Italian for family" Justin explain without me asking

We both climbed out his car and I felt him slip his hand in mine.

"You looking amazing by the way" he whispered in my ear as he pulled us inside

I felt a grin creep up my face. Justin went up to the chauffeur and told him his name, we was seated straight away.

"In case you didn't know, Warren owns this" he chuckled

I had a feeling one his brothers owned it.


We had just stepped into Justin's penthouse. I'd only been here once but I loved it. It was incredible. I took my shoes of and placed them next to the front door neatly. As I stood back up I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist, resting on my bare stomach.

"I'm finding it extremely hard to stay away from you when you're showing me so much" he mumbled into my neck

"Would you like me to cover up instead" I teased


"How about this" I smirked, unbuttoning my trousers, I pushed them slightly so that they fell to the floor. I spun round so that I was now face to face with Justin. His hands moved and rested gently on my ass.

"A thong?" he smirked

"I thought you'd like that" I giggled before pecking his lips

"Show me" he growled

I smiled as I pulled away from him and turned around giving him a full on view of my ass. He's hands cupped them and gave a little squeeze making me squeal in delight. He pulled his hand away and slapped my ass making me gasp. I spun around and grinned at him.

"You like it then" I laughed, wrapping my arms around his neck

"I loved it" he smirked, wrapping his arms around my stomach.

His lips attached to mine and they moved in perfect sync. I gently pulled away and headed into the direction of his bedroom. Once I reached the door I pulled my top over my head and turned my head to Justin.

"You coming?" I teased

He looked a bit taken aback when he heard what I'd said before quickly gaining his composure and following me into the bedroom. He unbuttoned he's trousers and let them fall down, his jacket and shirt shortly followed. He placed his hands on my hips and attacked my neck with small gentle kisses.

"God you're beautiful" he mumbled against my skin

I felt my cheeks flush red. I loved how Justin acted around me. He was snappy or cold with me. He was sweet and sensitive. I slowly moved my way back to the bed, gently pulling Justin with me. I fell back on top of the bed and Justin landed on top of me. He used his arms to prop himself up above me.

"I missed you" I whispered in his ear

He moved his face from my neck and looked into my eyes.

"I missed you too" he said just before placing his lips upon mine

I felt his hand travel down my stomach until he reached my black thong. Without warning he stuck his hand inside my underwear, he gently rubbed my clit before inserting one finger. My back arched in pleasure as Justin got faster and faster.

"Mhm. You're wet" he chuckled against my collarbone

I loved the way he spoke to me during our sexual activities.

"Just for you" I purred

"You're killing me" he grumbled

"Just fuck me already" I whispered in his ear

He smirked against my skin and removed his hands from my underwear. I quickly pulled them off before throwing them on the bedroom floor, they were soon joined by Justin's boxers.

I reached out to his member and slowly guided him towards me entrance. He slowly pushed inside and started to move in and out. He slowly got faster and faster.

"Fuck" I squeaked

"Moan my name" he urged

"Oh god" I whimpered as he went deeper

"Just say it" he growled

"Justin" I moaned

I could see the smirk on his face as I moaned his name.

"Let yourself go" he chuckled

I could feel my walls pulsate around Justin's member. He slowly pulled out causing our juices to drip down my legs. Before I could speak Justin's head was in between my legs, cleaning up.


My bare body was pressed against Justin's as I slowly drew circles on his bare chest. We'd gone for a round two not long after round one.

"How was your trip?" I asked

"It was fine" he shrugged

"And your dad?" I bit my lip

"He was an asshole. I had a huge argument with him" he sighed

"I'm sorry" I frowned

"Don't be"

"I don't want you arguing with your family"

"It's nothing. Honestly. He needs to accept that I want to be with you" he kissed my forehead

"What did he say about me being 18?" I asked

"He said I was practically fucking a child"

"How vulgar of him" I gasped

"Don't worry. He'll come around"

I nodded my head before slowly closing my eyes and letting sleep take over.

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