Adventures at Diana's School for Girls[H.S]

Nina's dreams came true when she got accepted at Diana's School for Girls. Little did she know that she'd find love in an unexpected place


9. Some things are too good to refuse(Harry's POV)

Harry's POV

"Nina youre a smart girl,im pretty sure you know what i meant by it"


I wanted to make a move on her right then and there. I've been sitting in my classroom for about half an hour now,thinking,not about general things but only about Nina. I was being such a tease,and I knew that,but I couldn't just pounce on her,not because I wasn't sure whether she was into me or not,oh no,I know she is,but its because I just get such a pleasurable level of satisfaction whenever I tease her. Seeing her cheeks flush bright red while she squirms in her seat trying to hide her innocent little smile. It feels good to me.

I honestly don't know what I want from her. I can't choose between casual sex or a proper and serious relationship. Casual sex would be easier,but I actually think I've fallen in love with her , enough to have a serious relationship, but not yet..let me tease a bit more..just a little bit 😏.

Being a man,I think about her a lot. And not all of those thoughts are appropriate, Its crazy what she does to me. My fantasies go from pinnig her onto a wall and screwing her pretty little body senseless, to me holding her tight as she rests her head in the crook of my neck as I pepper kisses all over her forehead.

How does she have such a wild effect on me.

I normally don't fuck around like this because my feelings are never this strong for anyone,I don't know if I'm in love with her,but I know that I want her. So.fucking.badly.

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