Adventures at Diana's School for Girls[H.S]

Nina's dreams came true when she got accepted at Diana's School for Girls. Little did she know that she'd find love in an unexpected place


6. See me after class(Nina's POV)

"Oh my gosh did you hear that Taylor dumped Calvin!" said Tay as we walked to English.

"No way!"

"Ya, but apparently she goes through them fast. Gigi and Ellie were telling me about the board."

"The board?"

"Yeah, she's had five boyfriends already this year, and she has this board where she writes humiliating rubbish about all her exes."

"Oh my word, that bitch is crazy."

"I know right, well the board is up in Cowell House, so everyone's waiting until she puts something up tonight."

"I actually can't wait to see this to be honest."

"Neither can I , it's going to be hilarious!" Laughed Tayla

"Squad!" Shouted Roman as we entered the classroom.

"It's about time, where have you guys been?" asked Jamie

"Oh, well Tayla has just been catching me up on all the drama!"

"Speaking of drama, where's Taylor?" I asked

"She always calls off sick the day after the day of the break up. Giving her time to write her bitch post about another failed relationship." laughed Mandi

"Wow, that's dedication! All for some silly board!"I laughed

"No Nina, it's not just any board it's The Board!" said Roman sarcastically

"Oh I'm sorry, I meant The Board!"

We all laughed

"What board?" said Mr Styles as he dropped some papers on the desk.

Why, why did this always happen to me. I always spoke too loudly at the wrong time. He probably thinks I'm so weird.

"Um.. The board.." I couldn't help but feel speechless in his presence. His piercing eyes stared right into mine.

"The board of .. Board of"

"She means board of young students!" said Jamie as she saved me from eternal embarrassment

"Yeah, I just think it's really great that students as the youth get to voice their opinions!" I smiled sheepishly.

"I agree. But moving on, I've marked your essays." He said as he removed his jacket revealing a white shirt exposing his chest as he never seemed to do up the first three buttons.

"Ok, Jamie , nice work!"

"Bodine, well done.!"

"Nice Roman!"

"Great effort Sarah."

I waited patiently for mine to arrive, I worked so hard on it so I mean, I was expecting decent results.

All I could hear was his loud footsteps as he handed back the essays. His footsteps became louder and louder.

I felt someone behind me as a large hand gently touched my shoulder.

I began to heat up knowing that it was Mr Styles. He crouched down to my right and whispered.

"Please see me after class!"

I nodded not being able to let a single word leave my mouth.

How could such a simple gesture have such an effect on me.

I couldn't really concentrate during the rest of the lesson. All I could think about is how nice it felt being that close to him. I was also pretty worried about my essay, I mean I thought it was pretty good.

The lesson came to an end and the class began to filter out.

"You coming Ninz?" asked Jamie as the rest of the girls waited

"No, I have to see Mr Styles about my essay"

"Hmmm, have fun!" said Mandi

"Ya, and no frickle frackling in the classroom, that's gross!" said Roman

"Guys, seriously!" I laughed as they all strolled out of the classroom.

Mr Styles was sitting at his desk, writing furiously. Probably marking some work.

"Um, Mr Styles... you asked me to see you after class." I stood awkwardly as he looked up at me blankly.

"Oh, yes. Ninz. Take a seat I'll be one minute , just need to finish marking the last few questions and I'll be all yours" he smiled as he returned to his work.

He called me Ninz, he gave me a nickname I'm dying. He said he'd be all mine, I wish. It's so sad but I really wish he meant that literally. When I tell my friends what happened this afternoon, I'm really gonna have to spice it up.

"Ok , all done!" He said as he clicked his fingers and looked up at me with a smile.

"So, my essay. Was it bad?" I blurted by mistake.

"Well, let's see. A strong argument, beautiful use of language and vocabulary, Nina I must say, it's far from bad!" He grinned as he handed me the piece if paper.

"90% oh my word!" I screamed as he smiled widely exposing his dimples.

"That's the best in the class, where did you learn to write like that?"

"I mean, I donno actually." I laughed still in shock.

"Well, whatever you're doing , keep doing it cause it's working!" He laughed.

There was an unsettling silence after I finally got over the shock of my results. I figured he probably was wondering when I was going to leave as I'd sat there for a while. He's probably getting irritated so I decided it was probably time to depart.

"Thank you Mr Styles, anything else?" I asked as I stood up.

He also stood up as a frown began to spread across his face.

Oh gosh , did I say something wrong.

He began to walk slowly towards me. My heart started to race as he kept a steady pace as his steps created a musical rhythm.

As he got closer I began to walk backwards keeping an appropriate distance until my back hit into his desk.

"I don't know Nina, is there anything else left for us to do here?" He said as his hands leaned on the desk on either side of me.

"Um..well . I mean you gave me my essay so I think that's all I really came for?" I blushed

"Really?" His face came close to mine.

I closed my eyes waiting to kiss his lips but all he did was merely graze mine with his.

I stood with my eyes closed as he whispered in my ear.

"You of all people know , that some things are too good to refuse!"

I felt him pull away as I opened my eyes in confusion.

" Thank you Nina, that will be all." He smiled as he stepped back and went to his desk.

"Um.. Thank you." Was all I managed to say as I ran out that classroom in a hurry. I'd never been in a situation like that before and I didn't know how to react. All I could think about was they way his lips felt so soft against mine and the way he whispered "some things are too good to refuse". What did he mean be that? And why didn't he mind being so close to me.

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