Adventures at Diana's School for Girls[H.S]

Nina's dreams came true when she got accepted at Diana's School for Girls. Little did she know that she'd find love in an unexpected place


5. Pancakes(Harry's POV)

Harry's POV

All I could think about yesterday,was Nina. Her beautiful brown eyes,her brunette hair and her soft angelic voice. I can't believe I'm about to say this,but I can't wait to start my lesson today.

I had just gotten to my English class, and broke down the lesson for today

"As I said the other day girls,I wanted to give you a bit of knowledg on William Shakespeare,so we could get started with that,eh?"

when I looked over the class of girls i couldn't spot Nina anywhere,I must admit , I got a tad a bit worried. She's a boarder , so where on earth could she be...

"Mr Styles..I..Im so sorry I'm late"

I should be so angry,but how could I ever be angry at such a beautiful human being..I had to try play this off subtly..

"Nina,that's ten minutes! Why are you so late?!"

Smooth Styles 😒. Stern but fair..stern but fair.


How the hell am I going to try play this off without punishing her if she can't even come up with an least make up a solid lie,love. Try something

I was about to say all is okay,but she should never do t again,until that brat Taylor,pulled in

"She's late because she went to get a second helping of pancakes. She ate like,I donno , probably five?Some people need to watch their weight a little more,its disgusting"

And some people need to watch what they put in their mouths...I really had to try and save Nina's are on this one,without burning my own

"Is this true Nina?Is that why you were late?"

"Well,I mean,I guess" she's so adorable,I couldn't possibly be or act mad at this girlred

Stern but fair? Fuck it,she's too cue for me to try play like this , and plus I wanted to shut that bitch Taylor up,since I could hear her little comments that she's been whispering to her posse .

"Well pancakes are a good enough excuse for me,They are pretty delicious ,mmm,but you ONLY ate 5?I probably ate about ten!" I began to smile as her face loosened up a little bit,from how tensed up she previously was. She's so stunning,how can someone like her even be real?

She finally replied " Yeah,some things are just too good to refuse"

Oh,if only you knew angel.

"I agree!" And I just had to add my signature smirk,and she became red

This conversation has been going on for too long,and it might start seeming a little dodgy now,so I had to sly my way out of this

"Anyway,Nina we're just about to start reading Romeo and Juliet,but I think we should first start with a bit of history on Shakespeare!"

She immediately smiled the biggest smile I have ever seen.

I gave her a wink,and continued on with the lesson.

I could slightly hear her and her friends starting up a quiet conversation,with Roman being the first to say something I could only faintly here..she talks a hell of a lot and ever so loudly for such a small girl,Jesus Christ..she's a strange one too 😒 sort of reminds me of the lad,Louis.

"Ah,yes please" I hear a familiar voice exclaim, and turn around to see that it was Nina.

"Yes,please?" I replied. What the hell was she saying?

"Yes,I mean. Yes please carry on! Its so interesting" she said with a bit of an awkward smile.

I didn't really have much of a choice of things to reply with,so I just simply gave her a smile and continued with the lesson..

That was totally a slip up 😏.

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