Adventures at Diana's School for Girls[H.S]

Nina's dreams came true when she got accepted at Diana's School for Girls. Little did she know that she'd find love in an unexpected place


3. Mrs Styles (Harry's POV)

I turned down my music as I sped into the unfamiliar school in a panick.

It was my first day and I was late.

I got some directions from a student as to where the reception was and where to sign in.

"Hi, Im Harry Styles, I teach at St Andrews and I'm part of the exchange program."

"Hmm, I don't seem to have your name here." said the lady behind the desk.

"Well it should be, please I'm late for a class that I don't even know how to get to. Could you please just help me out?" I said as I began to get annoyed

"Ah, Mr Styles, welcome. I'm the headmistress Mrs Edwards." She shook my hand

"Yes, we spoke in the phone."

"Cindy, Mrs Styles is teaching English for this semester. Could you please take him to his classroom."

"Sure" said the secretary as she hesitantly lead me to my new classroom.

I could immediately hear the loud chatter of girls from the corridor.

The bell rang and I walked in hastily.

"Sorry I'm late class, just got held up with my registration at reception."

The class quietened down and watched as I clumsily set my satchel down on the desk.

"As you all know, I am obviously part of the teacher exchange programme and I teach at St Andrews." I said as I leaned back on the desk with my hands at my sides.

"My name is Mr Styles"

The class was painfully quiet.

"Ok, well let me just quickly get sorted then we shall commence with the lesson!" I said as started to look through drawers and organize papers.

I read through the schedule of the semester to find that Romeo and Juliet was the set work for this semester. My favorite play!

"Ok, well before we start with work I thought it would be nice to get to know eachtother. I'm going to go through the register and when I get to your name just tell me something interesting about yourself!" I sat down at my desk and read through the names.

"Ok Bodine..............Caitlin..........Taylor."

"Hi Mr Styles, well as you all know my name is Taylor. Hmm now, something interesting about me well!! I'm gorgeous, always here for a fun time! My boyfriend Calvin , well he's amazing but Mr Styles, he doesn't need to know!" she laughed as two other girls gave her high fives.

"Doesn't need to know what?" I asked

"Well you know!" giggled Taylor

"No, I really don't?"

I was starting to get irritated. I absolutely can't stand her attitude and can already see that she's going to be the trouble causer. If she thinks she's going to get anything extra from me she can think again.

"Ok, now , other Tayla."

"Well, hi guys, my name ends with an 'a' and not 'or'. Um I play tennis and the guitar."

"Thank you Tayla."


"Hey, well I love 5sos cause they're amazing and I like to bake."


"Hi, well I love to sing, dance and act so hopefully you'll be coming to one of my concerts in the near future!"

"Thanks Roman, I'm sure we will!"

"Ok. and last but definitely not least, Nina!"

What a beautiful name

"Hi, um. Well. I'm sorry I really don't know what to say ."

"C'mon , I'm sure there are lots of interesting things about you." I said as I stared into her beautiful dark eyes.

"Well, I donno. I mean I play the saxophone.."

Hmm the saxophone, sexy.

"Wow, that's amazing, you'll have to come and play for me someday." I said.

"Sure of course I will." She blushed and sat back down

"Ok,now ladies our set work for the term is Romeo and Juliet!"

Nina gasped loudly as her face lit up . She turned bright when the whole class turned to look at her.

"My bad guys, I'm sorry." She looked down.

"No,Nina I love the enthusiasm. Romeo and Juliet is a wonderful play. Since you're so enthusiastic, you wouldn't mind helping me hand out the books would you?" I asked

"No problem." She jumped up to collect the books.

I was quite delighted to know that at least one student shared the same love that I had for Shakespeare and it was just a bonus that she was stunningly beautiful.

I fetched a pile of books from the back of the classroom and handed them to her, my hands slowly brushed of hers and I began to feel electricity.

"Nina!" I said

As she stood there looking into my eyes. I could tell she that she felt it too.

"Oh, I'm sorry , uh. Just had a late night, a bit tired."

"Well, make sure you have a good nights rest, don't want you falling asleep in my classes." I said as I snapped back to reality.

"No, don't worry, that won't happen!" She said as she grabbed the books and rushed to hand them out. I could still smell her sweet scent as she exited the store room.

"Ok girls, we have a double I want you to do a research essay for me on the importance of Shakespeare in the times of today!"

The whole class groaned.

"Ah , c'mon girls, I'll be kind, it only has to be about 450 words."

They reluctantly began with the essay.

"Mr Styles!!" said Taylor as she put up her hand

"Yes Taylor"

"Can you please help me"

Taylor ran up to my desk.

What the hell does she want now.

"Well I was just wondering if you could give me extra lessons on essay writing , I'm really struggling" she said as she twiddled her fingers through her hair.

I saw Nina staring at Taylor in utter disgust.

"Taylor, you haven't written anything yet, how am I supposed to help you if you're not trying."


"No, Taylor, you're in grade 11. Look at the rest of the class. They've gotten on with what they need to do, and I suggest you follow their lead."

She irritably walked back to her desk as everyone watched.

Nina looked back down at her paper but couldn't hide the smile on her face when I rejected Taylor.

The bell rang.

"Ok class, times up. I need to collect you essays."

I collected all the essays and the girls went to their next classes.

I watched as Nina was chatting to her friends on the way out. Her tanned skin was glowing, she looked happy. I wanted to know more about her, she is such a mystery to me.

I counted through the essays and found Nina's. I put it on top of the pile to mark first, I'm quite interested to see what her take was on my essay topic.

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