Adventures at Diana's School for Girls[H.S]

Nina's dreams came true when she got accepted at Diana's School for Girls. Little did she know that she'd find love in an unexpected place


7. Magnum(Nina. POV)

It had been a few days and nothing else happened between me and Mr Styles. I mean I know it's wrong but I'm kinda disappointed. You don't almost kiss someone and then just pretend like nothing happened. The girls asked me if anything interesting happened that afternoon but I didn't tell them , I honestly didn't expect anything to happen.

In lessons he acted completely normal like he didn't even remember.

I sat glumly in English waiting for our grammar tests to be handed out.

I heard the familiar footsteps trailing around the classroom.

I silently hoped that he would call me after school.

Much to my dismay he dropped the piece of paper on my desk.

"Very nice work Nina!" he said as he swiftly walked back to his desk.

I don't know why he was being so confusing. I guess I must have just over reacted, he probably meant nothing by what he did the other day.

"Nina, what's up with you lately, you seem depressed doll!" said Jamie

"No, I'm fine. Just really tired."

After we did our homework we got changed and took a slow stroll to dinner.

"Hey girls" said Cara as she walked by.

We all waved back.

"She's always so happy isint she?" laughed Tayla

"Yes, unlike Nina, bro you're acting really depressed and weird at the moment!" said Roman

"Ya, what's up?" said Mandi

"Guys, come on. I'm fine. I'm just really tired that's all!"

"Ok relax Nina, just tryna look out for you!" said Tayla

"Thanks guys, but I promise you in fine. And I'm excite cause it's pasta for dinner tonight woop!" I screamed

"Pasta, pasta!" We all laughed

We went to dish up our food, magnums for dessert, maybe life isn't so bad.I dished up a fair amount due to my sadness and sat down at the table.

"Woah Nina, hungry much?" Laughed Mandi

"Shame guys, don't hate on her just because she's more hungry than you guys!" defended Tayla as she sat down with twice the amount of food I had.

"Bruh, speak for yourself!l laughed Mandi

"Thanks Tay!" I smiled

"You're welcome."

I began to dig in when I noticed a group of gorgeous men enter the room.

"These exchange teachers really know how to heat up a room, I see what you mean!" whispered Cara as she walked past me

I nodded and smiled at her in reply.

Then I saw Mr Styles walking with the group of teachers.

He was wearing a green shirt with a black SnapBack and skinny jeans. I liked it, he looked younger and less serious.

I subtly watched him in between mouthfuls as he gracefully sat down with the rest of the lads.

He looked radiant, as he took a sip from his water bottle as he laughed along with the lads. I watched him use elaborate hand movements as he described something to his friends. My eyes dropped to him prominent jawline that twitched as he chewed.

"Nina, have you read the board yet?"


"Bro you have to, you will die!" Laughed Roman

I began to laugh as she described how pathetic the rant about Calvin was. As soon as I looked straight ahead I saw the beautiful familiar eyes begin to look at me.

I gave an awkward smile thinking he would stop but he didn't, his face was serious, as if he was concentrating.

Maybe he just blanked out and I just happened to be in front of him. Well that's what I thought.

I carried on eating, trying to ignore the sharp eyes laid on me.

I looked up to see a cheeky smirk appear on his face as his dimples began to show. Then he winked. The quick movement felt like a bullet to my heart.

I felt my face go blood red.

I stopped eating. I'm sorry but after the pancake story I will not let him think that I'm a pig.

I distracted myself for a while chatting to Perrie and Ellie about our upcoming camp.

I looked up again, to see an empty space. I was hoping to see him sitting there looking at me with his cute smile, but he was gone. Even though it made me really uncomfortable I liked it, it was the most attention I had had from him in days.

I desperately scanned the room looking for him. He was no where to be seen. I don't understand I literally looked away for a few seconds.

I stood up to clear my plate. Well that's the excuse I used to get myself away from the table to find him.

I stood up and starting walking towards the bin. I bumped into something hard but comforting.

I recognized the husky scent.

I nervously looked up to see Mr Styles looking down at me with a huge grin.

"I am so sorry, I didn't see you there." I squealed.

"Good evening Nina.!" he said as if to ignore my last comment.

"Hmm, why didn't you finish you're food!" He said frowning while looking at my dish.

"I'm, I'm just full." I replied

"Are you sure?" He asked

"Yeah, I was just going to clear my plate." I blushed

"Oh, so you wouldn't mind..." He said while reaching for the magnum on my tray.


"I thought you said you were full?" He questioned

"Yeah, I am. Take it." I said, not too convincingly.

He took it regardless moving close as he reached over to grab the ice cream.

He stared me in the eyes while I helplessly watched him tear open the packaging with his teeth and put the ice cream into his mouth.

"Mmm, so good! Thanks Nina!"

"Goodnight girls!" He said to Tayla and Roman as they walked up to me.

I don't know why he makes me feel this way, I literally can't move, can't speak, when I'm in his presence. It's actually a problem.

"Nina, is it just me or did I just see Mr Styles seductively eat an ice cream in front of you?" Laughed Roman.

"Ya, what was he talking to you about?" Laughed Tayla

I fortunately gained enough composure to make up an excuse.

"Oh no, he was just telling me some boring facts about magnums. Turns out one magnum is only equivalent to two teaspoons of sugar!" I grinned

"That not scientifically correct..." said Jamie as she walked past hearing our whole conversation.

"Sorry guys, feeling sick gotta go, I'll catch up with you later!"

"No, but about that fact!"

"I donno , ask Mr Styles about it." I said as a ran away avoiding the situation.

I ran up to my room.

I hadn't called my mom in a while so I phoned her to let her know that everything was going great, I had to tell her every single detail of my day, well obviously not every detail.

I was so confused by the mixd signals Mr Styles was sending out, but I liked the attention from him and hoped that he wouldn't go back to normal the next day.

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