Wherever You Are


1. Miss Not Moving On

You're probably wondering who I am and how I got so lucky enough to date Luke Hemmings and make life long best friends with his band mates and Mali-koa Hood, so I'll tell you. My name is Jessica Castionson, but you can call me Jess, I like Jess better anyway. It all started off 5 years ago, when I went to a concert in Sydney, Australia. Only 12 people showed up, but the band was amazing. They were called 5 Seconds of Summer. I got to meet them and I never knew they would be as big as they are now! Luke and I were friends for a year, before we started dating. Luke and I were inseparable, we did everything together. We were like one of those couples, you see on tumblr when it was just us… Although we didn’t go to school together, nor were we in the same grade (he's a year older than me), we still managed to see each other everyday. We were so close, we became a member of the other family. If there was a family event the other was expected to be there. Our moms even became nest friends along with our dads. Jack and Ben became like older brothers to me and I loved them to death, I told them everything and got advice from them about Luke whenever I needed it. When the boys told me they were going on tour with One Direction, I was so happy for them, I literally got to watch that band grow from playing for 12 people to playing for 120,000 people. I couldn’t be more proud of them. Whenever they went on tour, Luke would call me every night and sing me to sleep, and whenever I would really miss him, I would go over to his house and sleep in his bed. Being away from Luke is the hardest thing in the world, so Liz didn’t mind when I would come over and she would always invite me to go with her to see them on tour and I never declined. When Luke's management found out I could sing, they invited me to go on tour with them and be their opening act. It was perfect! I got to travel the world with my boyfriend and his band and share in all the experiences they had. Nothing could have been better! Luke and I were a very modest couple, we vowed to never have sex until we were married, no matter how in love we were, and we kept that promise to each other and our families. We also vowed breakup unless we never really didn’t love each other anymore, and if distance got to much, we made arrangements to see each other or have special Skype sessions. We promised to never let management break us apart; we would refuse to break up. W had so much respect for each other and we were very honest. There was so much trust between us, people were envious of our relationship. We loved each other with all our hearts. When the time came for me to start my own tour, that’s when things got bumpy… Luke and I still called ach other every night and texted all the time, for the first month… Then the six months of hell came around. Luke and I didn’t see each other at all. The calls turned into goodnight texts. Texts turned into 20 - 30 a day. Management turned into a bloody bitch. Management forced us to break up. They threatened our careers. They tore us apart. I remember that horrible day, like it only happened hours ago, even though its been a month. Our fans still didn’t know we broke up, only our families, close friends, and management knows, but it was starting to show. I haven't talked to Luke since that day, the boys are forced to text me that he's fine, but when I call them, they say he's not okay, and neither am I, but they tell me he's getting better. I miss him. I miss the happy me. I miss us. I miss Less.
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