End Up Here || CTH & LRH

When I wake up next to you I wonder how did we End Up Here?

Copyright to @_calumsnude_
We wrote this, and didn't steal it from anyone.


8. Chapter 8


It fucking sucks that I have to leave Calum after what happened last night. It was the best night of my life!

"So what happen after you went back to Calum last night?" Rylie asked on our way to the car.

"Well I get in his room and Luke is there so I climbed into Calum's bed with him. He pulls me close to him and he kisses me. I kiss him back. Then we couldn't stop. Then Luke got up and left. Calum said he probably thought we were about to fuck, so after he left we went back to making out. I know it's moving fast. Really fast. But I don't care it Calum Hood," I told her.

"Yea. That's want Luke was saying. He said that y'all were making out and it kept him up, so he came to our room," she told me.

"I thought that's were he went," I said.

I felt my phone vibrate. It was Calum.

'We have a show in Miami. I will buy you one and Luke said he will buy Rylie one,' it said.

"Oh my god," I said.

"What?" Rylie asked me.

"The boys have a show in Miami and they want us to come. Calum said that he will buy me a ticket to get there and Luke will buy you one," I said.

"Oh my god really tell him that we will be there," she exclaimed.

"Okay calm the fuck down chick," I told her.

'Okay tell Luke that Rylie said that's fine and that we will be there,' I texted him.

'Okay I miss you already 😔,' he said.

'I miss you too. I'm going to be happy to see you. When is it?' I asked him.

'Next Friday night the flight is like two hours long so we will have time to spend before the show,' he said.

"Ugh do you want to drive for the first half of the ride?" Rylie asked me.

"I guess," I said with a sigh.

We changed seats to where I was driving and she was in the passenger seat.

'I will text you later. Rylie don't want to drive. Ugh I don't want to either,' I texted Calum.

'Okay text me when your not driving. Be safe 😘,'he said.

"Okay I will. 😘,' I told him.

After I got done talking to Calum, I was going to tell Rylie about the rest of the night. But I looked over and she was asleep.

So I drove in silence.

A/N- Sorry for a short chapter. I had it longer but as I was looking at it, it didn't save the rest that I added. Sorry again.

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