End Up Here || CTH & LRH

When I wake up next to you I wonder how did we End Up Here?

Copyright to @_calumsnude_
We wrote this, and didn't steal it from anyone.


6. Chapter 6

While Luke and Rylie where on there date, I spent the whole time with Calum.
When Rylie and like left, I fixed my hair and went to Calum's room.
I nock on the door and Calum answers.
"Hey, come on in," Calum said.
"Okay, so what are we going to do first?" I asked him.
"Well I already ordered a pizza for us. Now we have to pick out a movie for the red box," he said.
"Okay I will go to the red box and call you to tell you what in there. Here's my number," I said and put my number in his phone as he put his in my.
"Okay then text me when you get there," he said.
"Okay,"I said and left.
I get to the redbox, and there is nothin I want to watch. I told Calum what was there.
*Okay came back and we will go to the movies instead* his text said.
*Okay. I'm coming.*
I get back to his room and he is putting some clothes on to hind from the fans.
"Do I look like Calum Hood?" He asked playfully.
"Not at all," I said with a giggle.
I was starting to worry about Rylie so I text to see how everything was going.
"It's going great. That is until we get to wherever he is taking me," she texted.
We get to the movies, and look to see what was on.
I want to watch Unfriended. Me and Rylie were going to go and watch it but I going to watch it with Calum.
The movie was so scary. I was basely hiding in Calum's arms the whole time.
"That was fun," he said.
"Yea but I was basely on top of you cause I was so scared," I said and laughed.
"Yea that is one reason I liked it," he said with a chuckle.
When we get to the car, he rushes over to open my door for me.
"Thanks," I said.
"Your welcome," he said and gave me a kiss.
We get back to the hotel at 11 and Rylie and Luke isn't back so I went into Calum's room.
Calum got on Netflix so we could watch supernatural.
"I didn't know you had Netflix," I said to him. "We could of watch it."
"I know but I would have missed you crawling on top of me cause you were so scared," he said.
"That's true," I said.
"You know. You never told me what your favorite song was by us," he said with a smile.
"Oh I didn't I thought I did but it's Amnesia," I told him.
"Really that's mine too. What makes you like it?" He asked me while putting his arm around me and kisses my forehead
"When I first got into y'all,I just had a big brake up from I guy I really liked. So Rylie made me listen to that song and I basely put it on repeat," I told him.
"Oh okay. Same here but mine was with a girl," he said.
We watch supernatural until we hard someone come into the room.
It was Luke.
"Well I better go to Rylie to see how it went," I told Calum.
"No stay please, stay with me for tonight," he begged me.
"Okay let me at lease go and talk to her. She is probably fangirling from her date so I'm goin to check on her," I told him," I will come back. I promise."
"Okay," he said.
I get to my room and Rylie has this big ass smile one her face.
"Okay. Tell me everything but when your done I have to go back to their room. Calum wants me to stay in there tonight," I told Rylie.
"Okay. I will tell you everything that happen," she said

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