End Up Here || CTH & LRH

When I wake up next to you I wonder how did we End Up Here?

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We wrote this, and didn't steal it from anyone.


49. Chapter 49


"Jade, I don't think I'm going to tell Luke.." I said. "Well, I mean, just yet.. I want to wait for a couple of days to get my mind straight before I can get the words out right."
Luke was in our hotel room, and I had run back to Jade and Calum's room to talk to her.
"Tell him what?" Calum asked.
"I'm pregnant, Cal.." I sighed, feeling tears swell up in my eyes. "I just know he's gonna leave me. No matter how much you tell me he won't, I just know he will..."
"Actually, Ry, he keeps going on and on about how he wants a future with you and how he wants to get married and have 5 kids..." Calum laughed. "It's actually kinda cute how much he adores you..."
I smiled, and wiped the tears away. I gave Calum a quick hug and told him thank you. I went to Luke and my room and changed into some more comfortable clothes.
"What did the doctor say?" Luke asked.
"I just had a stomach bug.. No big deal.." I said.
"Really? That's all? You were throwing up a lot, baby.." He played with my hair, and started to get a worried look on his face. "are you pregnant?"
"What? No!"
His face fell, and he turned over on his side so he wasn't facing me. "Oh okay.. That's good I guess.. Love you..."
"Love you too, baby." I sighed. I grabbed my kindle, and started reading Paper Towns by John Green.
Slowly, I felt myself drift off to sleep.
"John, I have some news for you.." I said, walking into his office.
"Yes, Rylie? What is it?" John asked.
"Well.." I started. "I'm pregnant.. And I don't want this to ruin the band, but I don't know what to do cause my hormones will be out of whack.."
John stood up from his desk, and walked over and say next to me. "Calm down honey. Everything will be okay! We will figure everything out later..."
I smiled, and nodded. "Thanks.."
I walked out of his office, and down to the recording studio. Jade, Gracie, and Tegan all were messing around with the controls, making their voices sound different ways.
I really hope I don't mess everything for these girls.. I guess it's time to tell them... Here's goes nothing....

Okay short chapter sorry! We have one chapter left omg!

Stay awesome! Love you guys!

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