End Up Here || CTH & LRH

When I wake up next to you I wonder how did we End Up Here?

Copyright to @_calumsnude_
We wrote this, and didn't steal it from anyone.


46. Chapter 46


I fell asleep on the plane so when I woke up we were in California.

"Morning babe," Calum said kissing me.


I rolled over to see what time it was. It was noon.

"Wow. It's that late," I said rolling to face Calum.

"Yea. I didn't think you would ever wake up," he said kissing me.

I got up and went to the bathroom.

Rylie was in there.

"Ry are you okay?" I asked.

"Yea. I'm fine. I fell better today," she said coming out of the bathroom.

When I got do, I went down stairs and got some food.

Every one was down there.

"There's sleeping beauty," Ashton said.

"Shut up. Don't mess with me after I just woke up," I told him playfully smacking his arm.


That night, we all watch Supernatural.

"Why do y'all love this show so much?" Ashton asked.

"Cause it's a good show. And Dean is so fine. But Calum is finer," I said looking at him.

He kissed me.

I ended up falling asleep in his arms.

Sorry short chapter. I'm not felling good. Sorry again.

Love y'all!!!

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