End Up Here || CTH & LRH

When I wake up next to you I wonder how did we End Up Here?

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33. Chapter 33


"Wow, that was fun!" Abby exclaimed.

"Eh, same old, same old." I laughed.

"Hush, you've done that before!" Gracie laughed.

I smiled, and nodded, thinking about the faint memory. Luke and I confessed our love to everyone that night, and it was a truly beautiful moment.

Soon after, the boys ran into the dressing room, sweat dripping off their faces.

"Great show, guys. It was a good one!" I smiled, kissing Luke's cheek.
By the time we got back to the tour bus, it was almost 3.

"I'm so tired..." I yawned. Luke nodded, and we walked back to the bunks.

"Ry, can we sleep in the same bunk tonight?" he asked.

"Lukey... The bunks are too small for two people to sleep in..." I sighed. I looked at him, and saw that he had a frown on his face. I sighed again, "Okay, I guess we can try to do this..." He smiled, and climbed up to the top bunk. I stepped up, and laid next to him. I buried my head into the crook of his neck, and he pulled me even closer to his body. He wrapped his arm around my waist, and slowly fell asleep.

"Awe, look at the two cuties..." I heard someone say, and then a click.

"What the heck? We've only been asleep for like two hours..." I yawned.

"No, it's almost noon..." Jade laughed.

I slowly got out of Luke's embrace, and slipped out of the bunk. I heard Luke groan. "Why did you get up?" He asked.

"Babe, it's noon.." I laughed. " you should get up too.."

Luke shook his head, and buried his face in the pillow. "I don't wanna..."

I giggled, and grabbed some new clothes.  I walked to the bathroom, and quickly changed. I walked to the front of the bus, and sat down with the other guys.

"So, you and Luke are good now?" Ashton asked.

"Yeah, I guess we are." I smiled. "We're both nervous about this though.. We just don't want to lose each other."

"Why would you lose each other?" Gracie asked.

"I don't know.. We've broken up twice, and we've only known each other for a month." I sighed.

"Don't worry about that! You'll both be fine, and I know that for sure..."

"I really hope you're right..."

A few moments later, Luke joined us, and sat next to me.

"Rylie, do you want to join us for a girls day?" Abby asked.

"Yeah, sure, I'd love to!" I smiled.

"Can we go to Forever 21?" Gracie asked.

"Um, do you even have to ask?" Abby giggled.

We walked into Forever 21, and ended up not buying anything. We went to Rue 21 afterwards, and  I bought a reversible Stich sweatshirt. After that, we went to Hot Topic.

"Oooooh Supernatural!!" Jade and Gracie yelled in unison.

I laughed and shook my head. I walked back to the guys band tees, and grabbed a Nirvana and Green Day tee. I also found a Supernatural beanie, and a beanie that said No Way Jose. I walked to another part of the store, and found a flannel that said Music is my Life . Then, something caught my eye. A varsity jacket that said Hemmings 96, like a football jersey. I quickly grabbed one, and went up to the counter to pay, and we left soon after. We walked down farther, and found Charlotte Russe. We bought matching pineapple shoes, and a pineapple headband. We walked across the way to Journey's, where I bought a red pair of Toms. We went to Starbucks, and then decided we needed to head back to the bus.

"Did you have fun?" Luke asked.

I nodded. "Yeah, I could've spent all my money in Hot Topic, but I restrained myself. But I did buy a jacket..." I smirked. I got the Hemmings jacket out of the bag, and showed it to him.

"That's cute, babe... I like that you buy our stuff... It's adorable." he smiled.

I climbed up in the bunk with him, and fell asleep as we were watching Pitch Perfect.




Okay I slowly but surely running out of ideas for this fanfic...


Songs I listened to while writing this chapter:


You and Me- Lifehouse

She's Kinda Hot- 5 Seconds of Summer

This Love- Maroon 5

Stay- Florida Georgia Line

Take Your Time- Sam Hunt

Bad Blood- Taylor Swift

Lollipop- Mika

Dive In- Trey Songz     (throwback to the 5sos video man)

MMMBop- Hanson

I Know- Drake Bell

Back in Black- AC/DC

Crazy Train- Ozzy Osbourne

Cheerleader-Felix Jaehn remix- OMI

Fool's Gold- One Direction

American Beauty/American Psycho- Fall Out Boy

No Scrubs- TLC

Coming For You- The Offspring


stay awesome guys, I love you <3

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