End Up Here || CTH & LRH

When I wake up next to you I wonder how did we End Up Here?

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3. Chapter 3


The lights flashed on, and everyone screamed.
"How you doing Atlanta!" Michael yelled, and the crowd screamed again.

"You walked in, everyone was asking for your name, you just smiled and told them trouble!" Luke sang. "My head spins, I'm pressed against the wall just watching your every move. You're way too cool and you're coming this way, coming this way..."
"How did we end up talking in the first place?  You said you liked my Cobain shirt!  Now we're walking back to your place,  You're telling me how you love that song About living on a prayer!  I'm pretty sure that we're halfway there.  And when I wake up next to you I wonder how, How did we end up here?" the harmonized.

The song soon ended, and we all screamed.
"Thank you guys! We are 5 Seconds of Summer!" Calum said into the microphone.
"This next song Is called Out Of My Limit! Let's go!" Ashton yelled.
They played many other songs, and then the music stopped.
"Okay, this next song is dedicated to two special girls that we met tonight, Rylie and Jade..." Luke said.
"This song is Beside You..." Calum said, and the music started again.
"Jade, Luke dedicated a song to us... I think I'm going to faint..." I said, fanning myself.
Jade giggled. "Rylie, just breathe. I think he likes you, but I don't really know cause you wouldn't talk!"
I rolled my eyes, and sat back down in the chair. "That was the best concert ever..." I smiled.
Jade nodded. "Agreed..."
Just then, the door opened. "Good, you girls are still here."
"Hi, Calum." Jade smiled. "You were looking for us?"
"Yeah, I thought you might have wanted to come hang with us for a while?" he asked.
"Yeah that would be great." I said, standing up.
"Luke was gonna come with me for Rylie, but then he was like, 'But it's so far...', so I left his lazy ass down there." Calum chuckled.
We walked out of the room, down to where the boys' dressing rooms. 
"We're back.." Calum smiled cheekily.
Jade went over and sat next to him, and I looked around the room to see Luke patting the seat next to him.
I walked over and sat down next to him. "Hi..." I said nervously.
"Hey. How did you like the concert?" he asked.
"It was really cool..." I smiled.
"Yeah, it was hilarious when Rylie started hyperventilating after you dedicated the song to us..." Jade snorted.
"Jade, that wasn't funny. I could've died! You were too busy laughing to help me!" I said, but ended up laughing as well.
I looked over to Luke, and he was staring at me intensely.
"Why are you looking at me like that?"
"Cause you are hands down the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, ever..." Luke blushed.
"Awe, Lukey's got a crush..." Michael cooed.
Luke blushed again. "Maybe I do, maybe I don't... Hey, Rylie? Wanna go for a walk?"
I nodded. "Sure, let's go..."
We walked out of the dressing room, and into the long hallway that led around the stadium.
"So, tell me about yourself... Like, how old you are?"
"I just turned 19 in May."
"Older woman, nice." Luke said, and I giggled. "Okay, where are you from?"
"Nashville, Tennessee. Born and raised." I said proudly.
"Any siblings?"
"No, it's just me."
"Got any tattoos?"
"I have an infinity sign on my ankle, and an anchor on my shoulder blade. Why am I not getting to ask you any questions?" I pouted.
"Cause you probably know all the answers to them already." he smiled.
"Okay, fair. Next question?"
"Um, favorite movie and book?"
"Favorite movie would have to be The Breakfast Club or Mean Girls... Favorite book is either The Fault in our Stars or If I Stay."
"Favorite animal?"
"Penguins and Dolphins. I can't choose."
"Favorite bands?"
"5 Seconds of Summer, of course, One Direction, Nirvana, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Blink-182, All Time Low, Falling in Reverse, and Mayday Parade."
"We literally listen to the same music. Favorite youtuber?"
"Pewdiepie, definitely..."
"You are literally perfect... So, um, would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow night? We have to leave the next day, and I want to see you again before we have to go..." I asked, rubbing the back of his neck.
"Yeah, I would like that a lot..." I said, biting my lip.
"Okay, cool... I think we should be heading back now, it's almost 2 in the morning..."
"Jade, Luke asked me out on a date tomorrow night! We are staying just a little while longer... Oh my gosh, I just can't believe it! The Luke Hemmings asked me out on a date!" I said, falling onto the hotel bed.
"Rylie, that's amazing... We'll talk about it more in the morning, I'm so fucking tired... Goodnight." Jade said, and got into her bed.
Just then, we heard yelling and screaming from the next room. And then it stopped. And it stared again.
"What the actual hell?" I asked, sitting up in the bed. "Jade, come with me... I'm going to go ask them to shut the fuck up. People are trying to sleep here..."
We walked out into the hallway, and walked to the next room.
I knocked on the door, and the screaming stopped. The door slowly opened to reveal...
"Luke?" I asked.
"Rylie? What are you doing here?"
"Well, we were trying to sleep, but yawl's big mouths got in the way..." I said, shyly.
"Shit, I'm sorry... We'll be quiet now, but do you two want to come in here?" he asked.
"Yeah, sure..." Jade answered for me.
We went in their hotel room, and stayed there for the rest of the night.
I woke up and looked next to me. Luke.
What the hell? How did I end up here? I don't remember ever coming in here last night.. I look over to the next bed, and Jade and Calum were asleep with Calum's arm wrapped around her.
I slowly got off the bed, and grabbed my shoes.
I slightly shook Jade awake, and told her that we needed to go back to our room...
"Where are you going?" I heard Luke ask.
"We are going to our room to change, and then head out to get something to eat... Y'all are welcome to join us if you like..." I offered.
"No, its fine... I'll see you tonight though..." he smiled.
I nodded. Jade quickly got out of bed, and we walked back to our room.

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Songs I listened to while writing the chapter:
1.) Nothing Without Love- Nate Ruess
2.) MmmBop- Hanson
3.) End Up Here-5 Seconds of Summer
4.) Try Hard- 5 Seconds of Summer
5.) Uma Thurman- Fall Out Boy
6.) Honey, I'm good- Andy Grammer
7.) I Write Sins, Not Tragedies- Panic! At The Disco
8.) Not My Type At All- Jacob Whitesides
9.) Amnesia- 5 Seconds of Summer
10.) Independence Day- 5 Seconds of Summer
11.) The Drug in Me is You- Falling in Reverse
12.) Rejects- 5 Seconds of Summer

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